Urban Decay's Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette + Swatches

10 Jul 2016

My goodness, this a post that I thought I would never get to write. When Urban Decay first announced their collaboration with the brand new instalment in the Alice In Wonderland films, I almost screamed. I am a huge, huge fan of Alice In Wonderland and Disney in general, and of course, I'm a fan of Urban Decay (let's be real, who isn't?) However, when the line was actually released, I just couldn't afford the palette and I told myself I didn't really want it until I believed it. I knew how quickly UD's limited edition collaborations sold out, so I just accepted that I was never going to own it. But it turns out my pesky, yet absolutely amazing boyfriend bought the palette for me on the day it was released and planned to give it to me for my graduation! How he kept it a secret for this long, I have no clue, but I am so so happy he did. I can't thank him enough for it and I even did a little cry when he gave it to me.
So let's have a little chat about it shall we? You've probably seen this beauty all over social media, but let me tell you, the pictures just don't do it justice. This palette is jaw-droppingly stunning in real life, and that's just the packaging! The main theme is a matte, vivid, psychedelic design in an array of colours, complete with glossy butterflies and flowers. This is contrasted with the monochrome design under the lid and on the sides of the palette, which features Dali-esque melting clocks and flowers again. I also think the use of quotes just adds a little something to it, my favourite being "We're all mad here" written at the bottom of the gold-framed mirror inside. Already, you can tell that UD have captured the essence of the Alice In Wonderland films in the packaging alone. 
But, it doesn't stop there! Lifting the lid, you'll see a compartment in the middle with two doors, and the quote "I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours" in metallic gold across them. Opening the doors reveals a blue butterfly, who I like to think is Absolem after he's transformed, with wings that flutter as you move the doors. I'll admit, it's gimicky and a little over the top, but this is Alice In Wonderland we're talking about. It makes the palette and the experience of using it just that extra bit more special.

Now let's get on to the bit that everyone wants to see, the colours! Unlike most palettes where you just open the lid and the colours are there waiting for you, these are in a drawer, which I think is extremely cool. On the edge of the drawer, it says "I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I must have changed several times since then," again, in gold metallic, and I think this is a great quote to use with a makeup product. I know I definitely feel like a different person after I've got my makeup on! Using the black tabs provided, you pull the drawer out and you see not only the gorgeous colours, but also the crazy pans that they're set in. When I'd seen pictures of the palette, I thought the pans had metallic, slightly raised edges to create a sort of slope between each of them. I was completely wrong! The pans are actually flat and the colouring of them creates an optical illusion to make it look as though they're raised. I seriously think the designers for this palette need some kind of award!
Each of the colours in a column were specifically chosen to represent a character from the movie. 
So first up we've got Alice's column, which is made up of a fab mix of shades and finishes. The first shade is Looking Glass, a soft pink demi-matte, and it would be an ideal base shade. The next is Reflection, a pale peach matte, which compliments Looking Glass perfectly. Dormouse is a warm brown matte with tiny flecks of gold glitter. I can see this one becoming a favourite, as there isn't an overpowering amount of glitter and the brown shade would be just beautiful to warm up the crease. And lastly, there is Metamorphosis, a dazzling periwinkle blue with light blue micro-glitter. This isn't one I can imagine wearing very often, but I think it's a stunning colour and would be ideal for costume makeup.
The second column is the Mad Hatter's and I think that UD have hit the nail on the head with these colours. The first shade is Hatter, a vivid green with micro-sparkle. Again, I can't see myself wearing this much, but for costume makeup and Halloween, this is a real winner. The next is Gone Mad, an aubergine purple with a pink iridescence, and I'm in love with it! On days I'm feeling a little more daring, I'm definitely going to try and use this to define my outer corners. I also would absolutely love this as an eyeliner, please and thank you, Urban Decay. The third shade is Paradox, a vibrant and warm orange with a gold shimmer. This is one I'm not too sure will look quite right on me, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go. And the fourth shade is Cake, a blue-toned fuchsia with silver micro-glitter. I think this is another one for the costume makeup, but it's still so so beautiful.
The third column is Mirana's or the White Queen's, and this is one for the neutral fans. The top shade is Lily, a very pretty beige with pink iridescence. With having a pink nude dress for graduation, this is a shade that I can imagine myself using for my base on the day. The second shade is Duchess, a peach with pink micro-glitter, and it's the perfect shade to compliment Lily. The next shade is Kingdom, a warm bronze shimmer. This is definitely one of my favourites from the entire palette, as it's extremely wearable and it just warms up my entire look. Lastly, we have Chessboard, a milk chocolate brown matte. Much like the Mad Hatter's column, I feel like Urban Decay have really captured Mirana in these colours. She is a peaceful person and these colours just really reflect that!
The fourth column is Iracebeth's or the Red Queen's. Let's just take a minute to appreciate that first shade, shall we? It's Heads Will Roll, and it's a beautiful vibrant teal with gold micro-sparkle. Although it's one that I don't think I'd wear much, I am head over heels in love with it. It's my top favourite out of them all, I think! The next shade is Bandersnatch, a deep, royal blue matte, which would go amazingly with Metamorphosis. The third shade is Salazen Grum, a muted, metallic crimson, and I haven't fully decided on this shade yet. I think it's seriously stunning, but I'm just not too sure how I would use it. And the last shade is Royal Flush, a pale beige shimmer, absolutely perfect for highlighting the inner corners and maybe even the brow bone. 
And finally, the last column is Time's. He's a brand new character to the Alice In Wonderland world, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what he's like. The first shade to represent him is Time, a beautiful black-navy with iridescent micro-sparkle. I think this would also make a great eyeliner, but I can see this looking really dramatic as a smoked out shade. The next shade is Dream On, a blend of purple and metallic silver, which, used lightly, can be used as just a silver glitter. If the shade you'd used wasn't glittery enough, a gentle pats of this over the top and you are good to go. The third shade is Chronosphere, a dark, metallic bronze, which would look so great with Kingdom. I feel a bronze smokey eye coming on! And the last shade is Mirror, grey taupe with a slight shimmer, and it would be so gorgeous to define the crease with.

As this palette was limited edition, and we all know how quickly UD's limited makeup sells out, it is unfortunately not available to buy anymore. Of course, if you were willing it fork out a ton of money and risk buying a fake, there's always eBay! I'm super duper grateful to my boyfriend for this gift. It's definitely more of a statement palette, not designed for everyday use, but it looks so great up on the shelf.
Whether you own this palette or not, what do you think of it? Which shade appeals to you the most?

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