Patches 'n' Pins Wishlist

22 Oct 2016

I've always loved the idea of owning a denim jacket and just coating it in a bunch of patches and pins. There's something so cool about the DIY look of it, isn't there? It would just be so fun to choose where you're going to iron or sew on your patches, and the whole trial and error of placing pins. So when I was kindly gifted a vintage Levis jacket, I was far too excited to buy some bits and bobs to put on it! Granted, the jacket is at least 3 sizes too big, but there's no harm in wearing something over-oversized, especially during this season. I've put together a little list of some pieces that I would love to add, so take a look!

 Dogs and Records Embroidered Patch - Ahoy Kollectiv - €6
This patch just speaks the truth. Pass me a puppy and a vinyl record, and I'll be a happy girl.
I also love the Glow in the Dark No Way Out pin.
 T-Rex Enamel Pin - Designosaur - £7.75
How gorgeous is this little fella? Fun fact: when I was younger, I wanted to be an archaeologist! This little T-Rex looks like he's trying his darn hardest to be scary, but he's just adorable.
I also love this Triceratops pin.
 Frida Katlo - Niaski - £6.50
I really don't think I need to say anything about this. It's Frida Kahlo as a cat, does it get much better?
I also love the Vincat Van Gogh pin.
 Get Lost Embroidered Patch - HelloDODO - £6
I love the colours of this patch and I feel like it satisfies my wanderlusty heart (unless you take 'get lost' to mean 'go away').
I also love this Bee Nice patch and the Dodo pin.

 Male Tears Enamel Pin - PindigoGrrrls - $10
Look at this little lady! She just has no cares in the world, lying in her bath of male tears. Plus, check out that glittery hair. To. Die. For.
I also love the Grrrl Power Glow in the Dark pin.
 Ouija Heart Enamel Pin - Punky Pins - £6
Punky Pins are actually situated in my town, so it'd be great to buy from a local company! I'm in love with this ouija heart and I think it would look amazing on a jacket collar.
I also love the Cuterus pin, the White Rabbit pin, the Pizza pin, and the Unicorn pin.
Welcome To The Upside Down Patch - Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes - £6
I've obviously got to get my love for Stranger Things in somewhere!
I also love the Fragile Masculinity Patch and the Boss Lady pin.

So those are just a few of the patches and pins I've found that I would love to have on my jacket. No doubt I'll keep coming back to this post and use it a bit like a shopping list, purchasing them one at a time. I may have to do an updated patches 'n' pins wishlist in the future though, because the trend of personalised jackets is on the rise, so I can see a whole bunch of gorgeous bits being released soon!

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