The Newest Popcorn On The Block

26 Oct 2016

I feel like it's only been a recent thing that popcorn has become a snack choice outside of the cinema, or at least it has been in my little bubble. I'd never really considered having popcorn at home, even when I'm having a film night. I was definitely much more of a chocolate girl, but this new brand has converted me. I first saw Pop Works & Company on a YouTube advert, and I was suckered in by their unusual flavours, but we'll get on to that in a minute.

So Pop Works started out as an American company, but they are gracing our supermarket shelves with four amazing flavours, and I'm hoping they'll release more! With the likes of Propercorn and Metcalfes Skinny doing so well in the UK, Pop Works thought "you know, we need a slice of that!" and here we are! According to Nielsen, there was a 170% retail value sales growth in the UK popcorn category over the five years to the end of 2015, so of course they had to launch over here.

What makes them so special then? To me, it's definitely the flavours. As I mentioned, they have four flavours in UK stores, one being a standard Sweet & Salty, but the other three are like nothing I've ever seen before! There is Sticky Toffee Pudding, Apple Pie and Peanut Butter & Caramel. There's no way you can say you've seen Sticky Toffee Pudding popcorn before! This was actually the first bag I bought and tried, because who doesn't love sticky toffee pudding? I'd convinced myself that it wouldn't actually taste of much, but boy, was I wrong. The kernels that were darker in colour had quite a bitter toffee taste, but the lighter ones were sweet and slightly salty with a definite toffee aftertaste. It was seriously good and so addictive to eat. J actually ended up eating over half the bag himself, even after he tried to hide it from himself! The next bag we tried was Apple Pie, and I am head over heels for this one. There is absolutely no mistaking the apple flavour at all. It's sweet, fruity and delicious. As for the 'pie' part, you get a gorgeous hint of cinnamon which complements the apple beautifully. It's definitely one for this time of the year! I haven't tried either of the other two flavours yet, but how intriguing does the Peanut Butter & Caramel sound?

Interesting flavours, and crispy, kettle-popped kernels make this popcorn completely irresistible. And vegetarians, rejoice, because you can tuck into this too! This company is definitely set to shake up the popcorn market and I would love to see what else they have up their sleeves. It retails for around £1.50 in most supermarkets, so check it out!

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