Looking Ahead To 2017

28 Dec 2016

Another year is coming to a close, so it's about time I did some reflecting on whether or not I stuck to my 'resolutions' this year, and thinking about the things I'd like to achieve next year. I figured I'd get in early before all the "new year, new me" statuses start appearing - don't worry, you won't see any of the here - but I will be talking about self improvement and such!

So, if we go all the way back to January, I wrote my first post (yep, my blog is almost a whole year old!) about some goals for the year, and this is the perfect time to take a look at them to see how well I stuck to them.

Keep negative thoughts and comments about myself to a minimum - I feel like I've actually done ok at this one, but I could have been much better. I've learned a lot about myself over this past year and my body, and I've really learned to love parts that I used to despise. There are still parts of my body that I'm really conscious about and I still need to work on my confidence, but these things will come in time.
Stick at yoga and hula-hooping - I'll hold my hands up, I was very good at this until August, when I started working three jobs and lost all of my free time. This was something that really helped with the previous goal, and I know that if I pick them back up, I'll feel so much healthier and stronger. It's definitely something I need to get back into next year!
Say "no" more - I've found this so hard after years and years of being a pushover. Slowly but surely, I am finding the confidence to put my foot down and stand up for myself, but most of the time, I haven't felt the courage to say "no". There's definitely room for improvement.
Do things that make me feel anxious - This is something that is much easier said than done, and I'll be honest with you, I've found it difficult. Having to go on stage at graduation and applying for an internship were two things that made me anxious and really stand out for me, but I can't think of many other examples. Again, there's room for improvement.
Drink more water - I'm so pleased with my progress on this goal, as I rarely ever drink anything except water now. I may have a fizzy drink on the weekend, but water is the main thing I drink. I'm still not drinking as much as I should, but I've really noticed a difference in my skin since I've started drinking more.

I think these were five realistic targets to set myself for the year, and I feel like I've done okay with them. So again, I'll set myself another five that I think are realistic enough for me to achieve in the year, and when we approach 2018, we'll take a look back on them to reflect.

Keep up the effort with my blog - I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging over the past couple of months. I've found a real love for it and I've absolutely loved my content recently, so I really want to keep it up. As I'll be working full-time next year, I'm aiming for at least five blog posts a month and to be less frightened of going to blog events.
Take up a new hobby - I have several creative hobbies, like sketching, baking and cross-stitching, but I'd love to try something new. I've always taken a fancy to watercolours, so I may give that a go. But I just find that having creative hobbies relieves me of any stress and is a great way to keep my imagination alive, so trying something new will only fuel that further.
Make a start on moving house - J and I have been take for so long about moving out of our house into somewhere a little smaller and cheaper, so we can save for a mortgage. While we love our house and having so much space, it's too big for the both of us and the costs just pile up, so moving out is a very sensible idea.
Visit places that I've never been to before - This is all very much dependent on our funds, but I would love to take time out each month to visit somewhere new. There are so many places that I would love to see, so it's about time that I got out there and did it!
Practise self-love - While this year, I've really learned to love parts of myself, I want to continue this and keep learning more about myself. I want to take time for me and look after myself a bit more. I want to feel happy within myself as much as possible, basically!

I'm feeling optimistic about the year, and while the first 3 months are mapped out for me in the form of a full-time internship, the rest is a mystery, and I'm so excited about all of it. If you'd like to know about all the things I got up to in 2016, you can take a look at this post, and a lot of it was pretty positive for me! I'll see you here, this time next year, to find out whether I achieved these things.

I hope you all had a great year and I'd love to know what you want to achieve in 2017.

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