The Christmas Tag

17 Dec 2016

 I get that the point of tags is to be tagged in someone else's post before you write yours, but I haven't been tagged, and I just really wanted to write about Christmas. I absolutely love this time of the year and I could waffle on and on about it for ages, so thank goodness there are only 10 questions here. I tag absolutely everyone because I think it's just lovely to write about Christmas memories and traditions, and I don't want anyone to miss out. So don't wait to be tagged, just go for it! (Yes, you can totally see me in the bauble reflections, and yes, I'm totally in my PJs.)
1. What is your favourite Christmas film/s?
This is super easy for me - my favourites are The Holiday and Love Actually. I bloomin' love a good soppy film to get into the Christmas spirit, and these two are just great. Of course, I love Elf too, which is perfect if you're looking for a bit of a daft or silly film to watch. Unpopular opinion, though... I really don't like Home Alone. Sorry! I can't quite put my finger on why, but I just really don't like it!
2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Always Christmas morning! As my old room at my mum's has been turned into a bit of a junk room, my sister and I have a sleepover in her room on Christmas Eve. We get into bed early and watch a Christmas film, then the next morning, I'm woken up by her whispering "Olivia... Olivia... it's Christmas!" It's very sweet and something we both look forward to! Then we all go downstairs, open our presents, then have croissants for breakfast. I'm not sure how it all started but it's definitely a tradition now.
3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I guess it's not really a memory, as I can't quite remember what happened, but when I was very little, I was given an old-fashioned doll's house that I absolutely adored. I think it's actually still at my mum's somewhere! I loved it so much that I barely ever played with it - I just used to get bits of furniture for it and rearrange it every now and then. But my most recent favourite Christmas memory is probably last Christmas, which was my goddaughter's first Christmas. She was still a little baby then, so it's going to be great this year, as she can walk around and speak a little.
4. Favourite festive food?
Hands down, pigs in blankets or the turkey my mum does. She puts it in a bucket full of water and other stuff the night before, and then when it gets cooked on Christmas day, it's so juicy and tender. I can't find the exact recipe, but this Nigella one is pretty close. I also love a good chocolate log!
5. Favourite gift?
I guess I've already answered this in question 3 with my gorgeous old doll's house, but a recent favourite gift was the toaster that my grandad got me. We'd been grilling our bread to make toast for so long, so to finally have a toaster was a godsend! 
6. Favourite festive scent?
Aaahhh this is so difficult because there are so many gorgeous scents this time of year! If I had to pick just one, I would probably have to say mixed spices, like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Like I've been saying in a lot of my recent baking posts, those are just the essence of Christmas to me. But I also love orange and peppermint, which are a little more subtle than spices.
7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Apart from having a sleepover in my sister's room, we don't have any traditions! I know that it's a thing that a lot of people get pyjamas on Christmas Eve, which my sister and I saw a lot of through school and college. So last year, I decided to buy her a pair of Christmas PJs and some slippers, and let her open them on Christmas Eve. It turns out that our mum had the exact same idea, so my sister ended up with 2 pairs of PJs!
8. What tops your tree?
I don't actually have a tree this year, sadly. Neither J or I will be at our house for Christmas, and in all honesty, we haven't really got room for a tree. But at my mum's, they always top the tree with the same little angel that she's had for years. She's looking a little worse for wear now - the angel, not my mum - but she'll probably keep sitting on top of the tree until she falls apart completely.
9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I can't ever really remember asking for something every year and not receiving it. What I would do is take the Argos catalogue and flick through it, writing down things that interested me as I went. I probably had no idea what half of the things were, but that was how we were encouraged to write Christmas lists! I know that Christmas lists aren't something that everyone does, but we always have in our family - not so much as a "this is what I want," but kind of like guidelines, if you get me?
10. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?
Giving. If I feel like I've bought or made something for someone that I think they'll really love, I get so excited to see them open it. I just love giving people things! I also love being around my favourite people and eating really yummy food.

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