Sainsbury's Pinterest-Worthy Stationery

24 Feb 2017

 I'm such a sucker for stationery, but I never ever seem to buy myself any. I could spend hours in Paperchase, just flicking through all the notebooks and wrapping paper, but never whip out my purse to purchase any. But lately, I've been seeing a bunch of photos on Twitter showing the stationery in Sainsbury's, which is all rose gold, pink and marble, a.k.a. a blogger's dream come true. I'd been meaning to get myself down to my local store and have a look, but didn't get round to it until the other day. In fact, I originally went because J said he saw some TU clothes he thought I'd like - listen, don't knock Sainsbury's clothes until you've tried them! After browsing the clothes, I suddenly remembered all the metallic rose gold and marble that I'd seen on Twitter and had to rush on down to the stationery aisle. I was overwhelmed with the amount of things to look at, and I actually ended up buying a couple of bits!
 The first thing that I was drawn to was this gorgeous box of pencils. The pattern on the outside with the triangles of colour contrasted against the white and metallic rose gold lettering appealed to me so much that I just had to have it. It's definitely like something you would see on Pinterest and drool over. I hadn't even looked inside, but when I did, I saw five metallic rose gold pencils looking back at me. I swear, it was love at first sight. They even have rubbers, so it's a total win! I'll get a ton of use out of these guys, especially because I've started to get back into drawing and continuing with watercolour. For £2, you really can't go wrong.
 Next up, I took a look at the planners and notebooks. There were so many to look at, but I was drawn more to this clipboard for to do lists. I absolutely loved the marble background and generous pad of lined paper that it came with, and the fact that it's all held together by a rose gold clip. I thought this was such a unique way to create a to do list and it certainly makes me feel like a girl boss whenever I use it. That's the effect that clipboards have on me! I'm hoping it'll help me to be a bit more organised because I've become a little scatter-brained these past couple of months! This was £5 and I'm certain I'll get a lot of use out of it.
 Speaking of being a bit more organised, I couldn't help but pick up this stunning weekly planner. What is it that we all love about marble so much? It just looks so darn pretty, so when I saw that this planner had a full marble cover with metallic rose gold lettering and spiral binding, I had to have it. It's a long, landscape planner, which is a little unusual and I was worried about how much space there'd be inside to write, but it turns out that there's a fair amount! You get plenty of boxes beneath each day, as well as a to do section and notes section on the flip side. It's the perfect planner for a blogger! Mind you, I was so tempted to buy this weekly planner instead (I may end up getting it, if there's any left). The weekly planner I purchased was £3.50 which is an absolute bargain, considering I'm thinking about using it to get my blogging nailed.
It's very easy to see why everyone has been heart-eye-emojiing over Sainsbury's stationery lately, so it's definitely worth checking out. If you can't get down to a store, take a look at the range on the site - there's loads of products and your local store may not have everything in stock. Seriously, I've spotted a bunch more things I'd fancy having after looking for all the product links! These pieces of stationery were such bargains and feel like great quality, so they're definitely worth checking out.

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  1. Considering I go to Sainsbury's on a regular basis (and used to work for their bank) you'd think I'd know about how great their stationery is these days but nope, this post is my first time seeing it all and I think I'm in love! Whoever designs stationery for Sainsbury's is either a secret blogger or has a Pinterest addiction.

    I hope you're doing well Olivia! xx

    Raise The Waves

    1. That's exactly what I thought too! Clearly, someone on the design team is an avid Pinterest user. It's so bloomin' lovely to look at - I kinda don't want to use it! xx