23 Things I've Learned In 23 Years

29 Mar 2017

Happy birthday to me! I turned the grand old age of 23 yesterday and I'm actually really happy about it. I can't really explain it, but I feel really comfortable saying that I'm 23, whereas saying that I was 22 felt weird. I definitely 'feel' 23 and I think I'm going to enjoy being this age (even though, according to Blink 182, no one will like me). Anyway, in celebration of my birthday, I thought I'd share a few things I've learned over the years. I may have learned a few of these when I was 8 and there may be some that I learned when I was 20, but all of them have stayed with me!

  1. People that can't appreciate an amazing animated film with a brilliant story just aren't worth your time. I'm probably going to watch animated films for as long as I live because I think they're bloody fantastic, so don't slate them around me!
  2. Not all males are absolute poison.
  3. Cheese/beans on toast isn't just for students - it's a staple!
  4. You don't have to feel motivated every day. I pride myself on being an ambitious, driven and self-motivated woman, but honestly, there are days where I feel like doing absolutely nothing, and that's totally fine.
  5. If the situation isn't right for you, do something about it. As an example, I knew that my first university course just wasn't for me and I couldn't see myself pursuing a career in that field, so I changed after my first year and now I have a degree that I know I'll use.
  6. Never be embarrassed about your dreams and aspirations. This is something that I only learned recently, but I'm so glad that I did because I can now openly talk about what I want in the future.
  7. Being a twenty-something granny is actually fab. Who cares if people take the mick? I'll be the one laughing when they've got blisters from wearing sky-high stilettos til stupid o'clock in the morning, whilst I'm cosied up with my slippers and a good book.
  8. Always have a spare change fund. All that shrapnel will add up!
  9. Eat the damn cake. As someone that bakes a lot, it's impossible for me to not eat cake, but there was a time where I was so concerned about my body and I didn't allow myself to enjoy good food. Just eat the damn cake.
  10. Actually listening in school isn't 'nerdy'. There is nothing negative about getting a good education and doing well. I like to think that I was a really good pupil - I didn't cause trouble and I got good grades, and I can't understand why that's such a bad thing? Surely there's only positives in learning and being successful?
  11. You'll lose friends, no matter what. Whether it's through choice or just drifting apart, it happens.
  12. Don't try to please everybody. This can be applied to so many situations, but let's face it, not everyone will like you and not everyone will be happy with your actions. I feel like it's something everyone comes to terms with at some point, but feels much better for it.
  13. Crying is ok and not a sign of weakness.
  14. Take photos. For real, once you're out of college, everything whizzes by in such a blur. Take photos with everyone, of everything and everywhere you go so that you can look back on them in the future!
  15. Always work hard. Whether it's in education, work, fitness or hobby-wise, there can only be good things that come from working your butt off.
  16. Take time out when it's needed. In relation to the last point, we all need to let off steam and wind down every now and then, so taking time out for you is important! Light some candles, jump in the bath, read a book - whatever you need to release any tensions.
  17. You are valued much more than you think.
  18. Comparing yourself to others is toxic and unproductive. While looking at other people and their success can give you the kick up the backside you need to get moving, it can have a really negative impact on your life. There is no timeline. We all move at our own pace.
  19. Listening to music that you loved when you were 13 is a-okay. Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco? I'm still a huge fan.
  20. It's healthy to put down the phone.
  21. Sometimes, the best way to perk up your mood is scream-singing to your favourite song in the car.
  22. It's ok to not have your life figured out. As I mentioned before, there is no timeline, so worrying about not having your life together is pointless. I've got no idea what I'm doing and I don't know if I ever will, but right now, I'm ok with exploring my options.
  23. Take life one day at a time. We're not in any rush. There's so much time to do all the things you want to do, so live in the moment!
There are so many more things that I would have loved to include on this list, so maybe if I manage to keep up this blog for another year, I'll do a 24 things in 24 years post (eek 24!). If you've learned anything during your time of being alive, please let me know down below! Thank you to everyone on social media and my bloggy friends for wishing me a happy birthday - let's have a good year together!

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  1. 23 tips for 23 years... I love it! You've learnt some pretty great things- particularly the 'eat the damn cake' one!

    I've learnt that the most important person to please is myself!


    1. Yes! You can't always please everyone, but you sure as hell can please yourself! Thanks for the comment, Steph x

  2. Loved, loved, love this! I can relate to this because so many of these points I've either learnt or I'm trying to master for example take life one day at a time! I future stress too often and I'm trying to work on it.

    With Love Yossy x

    1. Aww thank you, Yossy! You've got plenty of time ahead of you, so taking your life one day at time is key! x

  3. This is a lovely post. I have read few of these. I should make one too. 24 things I have learned in 24 years. Absolutely agree, boys are not all poison. Taking time is also important and having people around that value you is too. xx Corinne

    1. Yes, you should definitely make one - I'd love to read it! Thank you for your comment, Corinne x