My 5 Nail Polish Picks For Spring

7 Apr 2017

Something that I absolutely love, but don't talk about too much on here, is painting my nails. Of course, now I work in a kitchen, I don't get to wear it as much anymore, but whenever I get the chance, I love to pop a little bit of colour on to them. I even had a blog that was dedicated to nail art! Because of this love for all things nail polish, I thought I'd share some of my favourite colours to wear around this time of the year. I've got so many beautiful shades in my collection, but I've managed to wittle it down to just 5, otherwise this post would ramble on forever!

Model's Own - Nude Beige. I'm not sure how I got this shade into my collection, but something's telling me that it was part of a Glossybox. Anyway, this is one of my favourite polishes to wear all year round, purely because I think it suits my skin tone so perfectly. As you can tell by the name of the shade, it's a beautiful nude colour that dries to a very pale, pinky brown. It has a really gorgeous shine to it and actually dries surprisingly quickly! I really love the formula of Model's Own polishes, so I definitely need to get some more in my collection. I'm not sure how this would look against darker skin tones, but for light to medium skin, this would be fab.

Model's Own - Chrome Rose. I am absolutely head over heels for this polish! This is part of the Model's Own Chrome range and this shade is a beautiful, metallic rose gold. This guy is perfect for both spring and summer, and looks amazing on a feature nail or on every single one of your talons. This polish also dries really quickly, but you've got to be sure to give the bottle a good shake, otherwise the colour doesn't look quite right to me. I think this would look stunning against a darker skin tone, but it definitely complements lighter tones too!

Barry M - Pink Lemonade. I am a huge fan of Barry M's Gelly range and the fact that all the polishes have names related to food, and this guy is no exception! I received this as a Christmas present and I became obsessed with it in an instant. I wore it so much to the office and it got so many compliments! I know that pastels in spring isn't very revolutionary, but believe me, you need this polish in your collection. It's a gorgeous, soft rose blush (basically a blogger's best friend) and it dries with a super high shine. Even though it was released last year, it's one of my firm favourites for this time of the year.

Barry M - Oyster. I don't own too many of the polishes in the Coconut Infusion range, but I love the ones I have, particularly this shade. Each of them have a blend of coconut water and coconut oil to help hydrate your nails whilst still keeping that stunning colour. You may be thinking "a grey for spring, Olivia?" and yes, I think grey is a great colour for all year round! What sets this polish apart from other greys is that has a slight beige tint to it, making a lot softer than other grey shades. It looks gorgeous with other colours, particularly Pink Lemonade, and is ideal for transitioning from winter to spring!

Essie - Maximillian Strasse Her. Last, but certainly not least, is this amazing polish from Essie. I think this might be the only Essie polish I have and it was a gift from my sister. I don't usually gravitate towards green shades, but this is the most beautiful grey-green shade I think I've seen! It's just so different, and can look more green than grey in some lights and vice-versa. I can imagine this to look absolutely fabulous with a gold feature nail and I think it would suit every skin tone. I think I need to get some more Essie in my life - their range of colours is second-to-none, so if you're ever in need of a particular shade, Essie is the way to go!

Tell me some of your shade picks for spring. I'd love to look at more shades and maybe add a few more polishes to my collection!

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  1. That Chrome Rose polish's packaging looks lovely! I'm sure the colour is as equally satisfying! Lovely spring colours. I'm hitting autumn on my side of the world and wearing colours to match the season.


    1. The colour is UNBELIEVABLE - I can't get enough! As much as I love the paler colours that come out in spring, I am definitely an autumn girl. I absolutely love all the darker shades and the deep maroons x

  2. I am loving all the shades you picked out! These are perfect shades for Spring!

    The Blushing Pink