My NYX Custom Pro Palette + Swatches

28 Apr 2017

I confess, I have far too many palettes (especially neutral ones), but I am such a sucker for them! I'm also a sucker for things that can be customised, so when I found out that there was a NYX store near to our hotel in Amsterdam that had custom pro palettes, I just had to go take a look. I'd never been in a NYX store, as we only have a little stand in the local Boots, so I was a bit overwhelmed by all the makeup. I didn't even know NYX had that much! Then I saw the pro palette section... a portion of the wall utterly covered in individual eyeshadows in all kinds of shades, blushes, contour colours and highlights. Honestly, it excited me a little too much!

There was a choice between a palette with 4 slots, 9 slots, or a blush/contour/highlight palette with 8 slots. I was just going to go for a 4, but in steps my enabler boyfriend who convinces me that getting a 9 slot was a good idea. I mean, it was a good idea, but did I really need to get a big palette? No. Did I struggle to choose colours because I was a bit overwhelmed by it all? Yes.
But what you see above is the final product - a gorgeous, 9 pan palette full of gorgeous colours that I chose!
Before I chat to you about the colours and why I picked them, let's talk about the packaging. The palette itself isn't much to look at - it's just black, square and pretty darn compact. It comes with a protective black sleeve, which is ideal ideal if you're taking it travelling and don't want it to get bashed. It has a magnetic closure, so it's super easy to open and close, and I also think it makes it feel kind of sleek. Not only is the closure magnetic, but the pans and the individual shadows are magnetic too, so they just snap right into place! This is ideal if you're someone that's a bit indecisive and can yourself switching out the shadows every now and then. Price wise, this isn't the cheapest piece of makeup I've ever bought, but nor is it the most expensive. Ultimately, it all depends on which empty palette you want and which shadows you go for. For example, the matte shadows are a lot cheaper than the shimmery, prismatic shadows. Because of this, my palette came to €40 (about £35), so while it's not too crazy, I also realise that it's not for everyone's budget.
The first shadow I chose was Vixen from the Hot Singles range. This is a very light, matte beige-cream - it's so light, in fact, that you may not even be able to see it against my ghostly arm. I thought that this shade would be ideal all over the lid as a base, as well as for brightening up my inner corners. It's a heck of a lot more pigmented than I thought it would be, so it'll be perfect for building up other shades on top!
Next up is Sin, which is also from the Hot Singles range. This is one of my favourites in the palette because I just love how sparkly it is. It's a pale pinky beige with flecks of iridescence, making this one perfect for the inner corners again. With a light hand, I think this could also be a beautiful brow bone highlight. It's a lot cooler than the shades I tend to go for (which seems to be a running theme with this palette, now that I think about it), but I'm really excited to wear it!
The last shadow on the top row is Suede, again, from the Hot Singles range. This is a matte light brown that looks a lot warmer swatched than it does in the pan. Either way, this is a gorgeous shade and I chose it because I love to run browns through my crease to give it some depth. I can see myself getting a load of use out of this one.
On to the second row! That first shade is Lust from the Hot Singles range, and it's a deep, pearlescent, chocolate brown. Again, this one looks a lot warmer on my skin than it does in the pan, which I don't mind at all! When I chose this shade, I thought that it would work perfectly with Suede, and really bring out that brown splodge in my eye.
Next on the second row is Fetish, which is the last shade from Hot Singles. This is a stunning, pearly violet purple and it's another of my favourites in the palette. My boyfriend actually picked this one for me because he thought that I could do with switching my looks up a little and use a colour I don't normally go for. I think that this would look so gorgeous just below the lower lashes or used to darken up the crease a little. I don't normally go for shimmery shades in my usual makeup, but I'm so willing to incorporate this!
Last up is Late Night Lingerie, which is from the Nude Matte collection. I chose this colour after J had picked Fetish - I thought they'd go together so perfectly! It's a matte, blackened plum, so it would be amazing for darkening the outer corner. I can see myself going in to use this a heck of a lot!
On to the final row! That unbelievably gorgeous first shade is Sunset Daze, which is the only Prismatic shadow I picked up. Again, this was chosen by J, but this time, I asked him which colours he thought I'd look good in. He went straight for this shimmer, coppery rust and I'll be honest, I've got no idea when I'll wear it, but I bloomin' love it. That pigment is out of this world!
The next shade is Craving, a matte, cool grey from the Nude Matte range. This is yet another shade that J picked because he knows how much I love a smoky eye, so he picked this for me as a transition shade. The boy knows what he's talking about! While this is another very cool-toned colour, I can see myself using it to soften up the edges of a smoky eye or as a transition in my crease.
Last of all is Stripped, the most matte, deep black shadow I think I've ever seen. Every good palette needs a good matte black and I think this one takes the prize. The pigment on this Nude Matte shade is absolutely insane and it's certainly something that I know every makeup lover will be drooling over! I can't wait to get this on my eyelids and see what I can do with it!

I'm head over heels for this little palette and I'm already kind of excited to pick other colours for if I ever want to switch them out. It's a bit of mish-mash in some places (that Sunset Daze is definitely out of place), but I think each colour is so beautiful in its own way. I can't wait to start playing around with the palette as a whole and seeing the looks that I can create with it. Whilst I did pay a fair amount of money for it, it feels kind of special because I got to fill out with all the colours that I wanted. I also can't fault the pigmentation on the shadows, so to me, it was 100% worth the money!

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  1. I so want to create my own NYX custom prop palette! The shades you went for are gorgeous xx

    Lauren |

    1. Now that NYX have a UK site and stores all over the place, I definitely recommend you have a look at making one! There's nothing better than having a palette filled with shades that you know you'll use over and over again x

  2. Love the shades you picked out.. it's got great daytime and nighttime shades.. the pigmentation looks really good on these eyeshadows too! Lust and Sunset Daze are my fave from the palette you created


    1. Sunset Daze is just crazy, isn't it?! I've got no idea when I'll wear it, but it's so bloomin' beautiful. Thanks for the comment, Ronnie! x