An Evening With Amanda Bell

16 May 2017

Last week, I was lucky enough to pop along to the brand new, elite makeup studio owned by world-renowned Amanda Bell. After having the embarrassment of finding her invitation in my junk mail quite close to the day of the event, I was so worried that I wouldn't have a place, but luckily, the lovely Amanda made sure that there was plenty of room for everyone! I was super excited because it was the first beauty event that I'd been to, so when the day came around, I was just buzzing with the excitement of it all!

I'll be honest, at first, I didn't know much about Amanda, but once I'd done my research, I was really eager to see the space that she had created. With 20 years of experience in the industry, I was sure that this lady knew her stuff and could design a makeup studio to perfection. For many years, she worked in London for the luxury cosmetics brand Lancome, and during this time, she was head makeup artist at the BAFTAs for eight years and transformed models' makeup at London Fashion Week. She was trained by Gucci Westman, a Hollywood, fashion house and magazine favourite, as well as "makeup magician" Fred Farrugia and Oprah Winfrey's personal makeup artist, Ross Burton. She is a serious girl boss, so of course, her space would totally reflect this.
I was actually the first to arrive to the event, so I was able to make as much of the space as I could before it filled up. I entered the turquoise blue door where I actually bumped into Amanda herself! We headed up the stairs, taking a sneak peek in Christian Alexander (definitely check this place out. It reminded me of that wedding dress shop from Bridesmaids!) before going into the loft. The room that you first enter into has a sort of photography studio vibe to it. It was very spacious with plenty of room for lighting, a backdrop and anything else that you may need. For this evening, instead of having all of the photography equipment, there was a table set out with bottles of prosecco, orange juice, elderflower fizz and a range of yummy canapes. I wish I'd asked where the elderflower fizz was from because it was bloomin' gorgeous!
I was then shown into the second room, just to the right of the first - the actual studio - and I just blown away. Whilst the space isn't the biggest, Amanda has utilised it to such a high standard. The first thing you see when you walk in is a long, white table against the wall, surrounded by Venetian-style, perspex chairs and holding huge mirrors, lit by Hollywood lightbulbs. There's a smaller set up of the same kind on the opposite wall for a more personal masterclass experience. Turning around, you'll find a cosy corner, featuring a grey velvet sofa, a white coffee table, a kettle and even a Smeg fridge! Like I said, she utilised this space amazingly well!
Everything was absolutely perfect, from the textured, glittery wallpaper to the white orchids, and from the perfect selfie lighting to the detailed glasses that held essential makeup tools on the dressing tables. It felt just like a princess dressing room that I would have wanted when I was younger (and still kind of want now), so being able to experience the space was just incredible. She managed to nail every little thing on the head, making it the ideal place to learn about and apply makeup. Seriously, the lighting was on point.

Amanda made it very clear that she wasn't looking to do hair or nails in her studio, purely makeup, and the idea behind it was to focus on real people with real makeup. In her masterclasses, she will be encouraging participants to bring along their own makeup and learn how to use it the best of its abilities. That means she won't be forcing high end makeup on to anyone or making people buy products that are out of their budget. You take what you own and she shows you how to use it for a variety of things, like everyday looks or glam evening looks. I think this is such a fab idea because I find it a little off-putting when people try to sell me high end makeup. It's not something that's in my everyday budget but more of a treat, so being able to take along my own is a massive plus.
The whole event was really chilled and laid back, with everyone just mingling, chatting and taking photos. I got to meet a few new people, which was absolutely lovely, and visit a town that I rarely ever go to. Who knew that Norton was so pretty? It felt like a great big sleepover with lots of girls gossiping and chatting, and it was just really refreshing! After a long day at work, it was definitely something that I needed.
To make this event even better, Amanda surprised us all with amazing goodie bags to say thank you for coming! As she's a lady with some pretty cool connections, there were some Charlotte Tilbury bits in the bags, along with a product from a local brand, so I'm pretty excited to try them all out!

If you'd like to visit Amanda Bell's studio, you can find it above Cafe Maison at 117A High Street in the loft. If you'd like to learn about the different masterclasses, then you can click here! It's a really great environment to be in with a wonderful lady to help you get the most out of your makeup. I absolutely loved the event and I can't wait to visit again!

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