Turtle Bay's New Summer Menu*

25 May 2017

If you cast your mind back to last month, you may remember that I attended the Turtle Bay preview night in my town and fell absolutely head over heels for the place. After all the fun and food at that event, it was only right that I visited again to try out their new summer menu. As always, the restaurant promised all the flavours and spice of the Caribbean, so I couldn't wait to pop down to the Middlesbrough branch and see what was on offer! I also asked J to be my date and he was talking about it all week. He's such a huge fan of meaty meals that are packed full of zing and barbecue flavours, so this is definitely the place for him.

We arrived a few minutes before our booking, but we were shown to our table straight away, which was perfect as we were both so hungry. As it was a Friday evening, the restaurant was pretty busy but everything seemed to be running smoothly. For a semi brand new restaurant, I thought that this was quite impressive!

We were given a drinks menu each, but I knew what I wanted to order straight away. I went for the Watermelon Crush, which is pure watermelon whizzed up with ice. It's so delicious and thirst-quenching (and bright pink) - definitely one of my favourites on the menu. I was surprised when J ordered a mocktail too, as he's usually the type to go for something alcoholic. He chose the Passion Fruit Cooler, which is punchy and tastes like summer in a glass.

Whilst we sipped on our drinks, we perused the food menu, struggling to decide what we'd like to eat. There's so much choice at Turtle Bay, with plenty for people that don't like too much spice, vegetarians and even vegans!
We both opted to have a starter each, but to put them in the centre of the table to share. J chose the Duck Rolls, which were three toasted, rolled flatbreads stuffed (when I say stuffed, I mean stuffed! They were so full of filling that it was almost falling out of the back ends) with shredded duck, sweet onion, soy sauce and chilli. These were absolutely divine and reminded me a bit of Chinese duck pancakes, but a bit bulkier and with more spice. The meat had a beautiful flavour, and while they were a bit spicier than what I'd normally go for, I would definitely have them again.

For my starter, I chose the Jerk Glazed Pit Ribs and these were just something else. I'd told J about how the ribs at Turtle Bay will blow his mind because the meat literally falls off the bone, and he was amazed to find that I was telling the truth. Seriously, if you love ribs, you have to try these. They're baby back pork ribs that have been marinated for 24 hours, so they're tender and delicious. You can either choose from the classic, pineapple or coconut glaze, and I decided to be safe and go for classic, which was a good choice! Again, this dish was something that was much spicier than what I normally go for, but they were so so good.
Our waiter was absolutely fantastic and suggested that we have a game of dominoes while we wait for our main course. He brought the box over to us and explained how to play the Caribbean way, which involved shouting embarrassingly loud, so we just played the traditional, non-shouty way. J somehow managed to get almost all of the doubles and won by a mile, but we only managed one game as our main courses arrived very quickly.
Although we'd spent ages looking over the menu, we both went with burgers. I'd promised myself that I'd try something different and exciting before we went to the restaurant, but no, I chose a burger. I went for the Jammin Lamb Burger (top image) which is a mutton and lamb burger topped off with gem lettuce, tomato, fresh mint and onion salad, and herb mayo in a sweet bun. I'll be honest, the meat patty was a bit overdone, so the outside was a little tough, but the flavour on the inside was so yummy. I prefer my meat medium-rare, but the fact that the meat was well-done didn't stop the flavours of the lamb coming through. The burger also came with a side of spiced fries, which are to die for, and Caribbean slaw.

J went for the Street Shack Burger (bottom image) and I think he made the better choice. This was a pure beef burger with spicy pulled jerk pork, gem lettuce, sweet red onion chutney and herb mayo in a sweet bun, topped off with a pork rind. While he wasn't a fan of the pork rind, the rest of the burger was gone in the blink of an eye. When I asked him what he thought of it, he said that it was some of the nicest pulled pork he'd ever had, so that's pretty high praise! Again, his meal came with spiced fries and slaw. Both were served up on these street-style plates that were adorned in vibrant patterns, just adding to the Caribbean street food vibe that Turtle Bay has.
After our plates had been cleared away, we ordered another drink. J went for a Red Stripe this time, which is a Jamaican lager. I remembered that there was a particular drink that I wanted during the preview event, but the bar ran out of ingredients to make it, so now was my time to try it.

I went for the Berry Smoothy, which is a blend of raspberry and pomegranate with condensed milk and fresh cream. Just look at the colour of it! It's such a gorgeous shade of Barbie-esque pink, and let me tell you, it tasted even better. It was just like ice cream in a glass, so it's perfect to have alongside a spicy meal.

Once we were done and our bellies were almost fit to burst, we headed out of the restaurant, smiling from ear-to-ear. We'd had such a great experience, and even though the restaurant was quite busy, the staff were cool the entire time. Everyone was so helpful and cheerful, which just made our experience even better!

You should definitely check out your nearest Turtle Bay, even if it's just for drinks (erm hello, cocktail happy hour from 12pm-7pm, then again from 10pm), but the food will certainly tempt you too.

This meal was provided by Turtle Bay in exchange for a blog post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love Turtle Bay! We discovered it a few years ago for their happy hour cocktails and fell in love with it!
    We’ve always had delicious food and drinks there.
    We’ll have to go and check it out again soon if there’s a new summer menu!

    Coffee & Avocados

    1. The happy hour cocktail deal is just crazy, isn't it? And there's so much to choose from! You'll definitely have to nip into your local branch and take a look x

  2. YAAAAS GIRL! We're Caribbean and I LOVE when my Grandma cooks traditional food... xx

    mia // https://okaaythen.com

    1. Oh wow, that's amazing! I'd absolutely love to try some genuine Caribbean food. It's probably a lot different to what us Brits imagine, but I bet there's still a lot of spice x

  3. OMG Wow, I need to book a table at Turtle Bay! I love Turtle Bay cocktails (241 after 10 is a favourite for me and my pals) and am still yet to try their food - which is barbaric because it looks absolutely incredible! Those mocktails look and sound amazing too (I could really do with one right now this heat is unbelievable) - Those burgers tho and that dessert, I'm literally dribbing!

    Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reminding me to get my butt there ASAP!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

    1. Oh Josie, thank you so much for your lovely comment, as always! You seriously do need to try their food. You'll be absolutely spoiled for choice and probably end up having to go back again! x