A Sunny Sunday At Foodies Festival Newcastle

9 Jun 2017

I love a good food festival or farmer's market, and I'd seen so much advertisement for Foodies Festival all over my social media channels, but just didn't look into it too much. Newcastle is almost an hour away from my house and plus, the only day I could go was the Sunday, so I didn't buy any tickets. You can imagine how surprised I was to check my emails and find out that I'd won 4 tickets to the festival that could be used on any day of the weekend! Despite the fact that Newcastle is kinda far away and that Sunday was my only free day, I rallied J, my mum and my sister together, and we all headed up to Exhibition Park for the day.

I'll be honest, I hadn't really heard of Foodies Festival before, which is crazy, seeing as though it's the largest food festival in the UK. It tours all over the country and we were so lucky to have such an amazing event come up to the North East.
We pulled up to the festival just after 11am, so it had only just opened, and we headed into the park where we greeted by a wall of amazing smells and the sound of singing. Everywhere you looked, there were stalls and tents that were filled with delicious goodies, and people bustling about, deciding what to buy. Before we took a walk through the 200+ stalls, we headed to the ticket desk to reserve tickets for Candice Brown's talk. I'm a massive Great British Bake Off fan, so I had no qualms about making the rest of our troupe sit through her presentation. We then took a stroll through the sea of tents.
There was such a wide range of goods on sale, from alcohols and jams to sweets and meat produce. Seriously, any type of food you can think, I can guarantee it was being sold there. Not only was there a lot to purchase, there were also samples absolutely everywhere you looked. I sampled cheese, loose leaf tea, fudge and more! If you weren't filled up with the samples, there was an insane amount of street food to choose from. I am such a fan of street food, so I found it pretty exciting to see all the different things to eat as you walked around.
After we'd had a good wander around the stalls and re-visited the ones that we wanted to buy from, we decided that we should grab some lunch and have a little sit down. By this point, I'd had so many samples that I couldn't face eating lunch, but everybody else decided to get something. Looking back, I wish I'd bought something to try because there was so much choice and a ton of things I'd never tried before. Next time!
My sister went for a eclectic veggie wrap from a Greek place, which was a warm flatbread, rolled up and filled with an array of things, like asparagus, halloumi, tzatziki, peppers and more! She said that she chose a lighter option so that she wasn't too full for tea, but she ended up being ridiculously full from it! It looked absolutely gorgeous though, and some of the meat that Greek stall had on their barbecue looked amazing too.

J got himself a buffalo burger with extra bacon, but he snaffled it down so quickly that I didn't manage to get a photo. He gave me a bite of it though, and I have to say that it was phenomenal. He's got a real thing for buffalo burgers ever since we went to T in the Park in 2013, but has never found one that was as good as the one he had that weekend. The one from Foodies Festival was definitely a contender though!
My mum decided to grab something from a seafood tent that was designed to look a bit like a shack. She treated herself to a lobster sandwich - while I'm not a seafood person, I have to admit that it looked pretty yummy.
And of course, did we go to any sort of festival if we didn't have churros? I'd just like to quickly point out that there were more churros in the cup, but again, J was just too excited about them and started eating before I could take a photo. These churros were particularly good. The outsides were super crisp and the inside was soft and warm. Paired up with the chocolate sauce, they were just pure heaven! Everyone ate their lunch and before we knew it, it was time to go and watch Candice.
To be truthful, Candice wasn't my first choice to win the most recent season of Bake Off, but after my fave got eliminated, I was rooting for her right til the end, so to watch her bake on stage was so cool. We got seats that were a few rows from the front, which gave us a pretty good view. We watched her make a boozy blueberry bakewell tart and listened to her chat about her time on Bake Off and her plans for the future. Seriously, how good does that tart look? Afterwards, she hopped down from the stage to answer any audience questions and have photos. Originally, I was just going to leave the tent and carry on walking about, but my mum was like 'don't be daft, go have a picture with her!' Cue the most embarrassing photo of me, not knowing what to do with my hands and my zero makeup face, next to the coolest baking lady ever. She told me that she was planning on doing a book tour once her recipe book, Comfort, is released, so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for that!
After the baking demo and the awkward photo-taking, we took another walk through the tents to see if there was anything else that we had missed or that we'd like to buy. J ended up buying a small bottle of toffee vodka and a bottle of steampunk gin (I've claimed the bottle when he's finished it all), and I picked up two jars of delicious loose leaf tea. We also got some sausages, toffee sauce and some amazing multi-purpose sauces. It was a pretty good haul, if I do say so myself!
Before we headed back home, we all decided to treat ourselves one last time and get a crepe each. I absolutely love crepes, especially when they're made right in front of you and you get to see all the chocolate melting away. I chose the banoffee crepe, which had banana, biscuit crumbs, chocolate and toffee sauce inside. It was probably one of the biggest crepes I've eaten, and needless to say, it made me feel a little bit sick afterwards, but it was so worth it.
Just before we left the Foodies Festival site, we were each handed an ear of popping corn. I've never made popcorn from scratch before, so I thought that this was a fab freebie! As I jumped back into the car to head home, I couldn't help but think of all the different toppings I could add.

We'd had such a fab day and got so lucky with the weather! It was gorgeous sunshine for the whole time that we were outside, and poured down when we were watching Candice, so we managed to totally avoid getting drenched. I'd absolutely love to visit Foodies Festival again, so next time it's in town, I'll be there! You should definitely check out the festival's site to see where they're headed next. If they're in a city near you, I 100% recommend a visit!

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  1. All that amazing food! I'm starving now and craving a boozy blueberry bakewell tart!
    This looks like such a fun event and I had no idea it even existed!
    Thanks for sharing your experience and congrats on winning the tickets for it - I bet you're glad you used your free day for it :D

    Rachel | Coffee & Avocados

    1. How good does it sound?! I'm not even a drinker, but it just sounds so yummy. You'll definitely have to keep your eye out to see if the festival is coming near you x

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! Look at all this delicious food!

    I had the same thoughts about the sandwich; It looks really good. But, like you, I don't like eating my seafood in the form of sandwiches.

    Also, that cake at the end?! YES PLEASE!

    Looks like such a jol (that's South African slang for a good time).


    1. It all looks so yummy, doesn't it? It was so difficult to stop myself from buying everything! That cake thoooooough - I really should've bought a slice. I'm going to have to start using 'jol'! x