May 2017 Gratitude List

3 Jun 2017

In comparison to all the other months, May went by so slowly and I'm not entirely sure why. That's not to say that I enjoyed it any less, but the days just seemed to drag on and on. By the end of the month, I was just ready to say hello to June, and now I can! While May did drag on, it still feels like Christmas was only a couple of weeks ago, so to say that it's June is crazy! But because we're officially in a new month, it's time for me to tell you all what was great about May.

  1. Having my time filled - May was such a busy month for me. It felt like I barely had time to stop and I'll admit, I found myself getting tired quite a lot, but I am someone that loves to be on the go. Having my schedule filled with lots of work, bloggy bits, family events and more made me really happy. I get antsy and grumpy if I don't have enough things to do, so being a busy bee is something that I aim for.
  2. The sunny weather - we had about a week's worth of glorious sunshine here in the UK, and while I couldn't venture into it too much for fear of burning to a crisp, it certainly lifted my mood. I'm not sure what the highest temperature was, but it was definitely over 27c. I know that to many of my blog friends from across the pond, this is like winter, but honestly, that's a scorcher over here! It's cooled down to a much more comfortable temperature now (or at least it has at the time I'm writing this), but I did enjoy the brief heatwave that we had.
  3. Rediscovering Waterloo Road - Waterloo Road was a TV show that was big when I was in my teens and this might sound a bit stupid, but I'm so grateful for my sister digging out our old boxsets. I absolutely loved the programme, so watching it from the very beginning has been bringing back some good memories. It's so lovely to see all of the old characters and say 'they're in such-and-such now!' and to have a bit of a giggle at the cringe-worthy acting.
  4. Having more responsibilities at work - I've been trying my absolute hardest at work lately and it's really starting to pay off. I've started doing full day shifts, which means that I start before any of the other kitchen workers and close on my own. It's meant that I've been given more responsibilities, like checking fridge and freezer temperatures, getting all the equipment ready for the day, and maintaining stock. I've started gaining a heck of a lot more confidence because of all this, and it just feels great! I think I'm doing pretty darn well.
  5. Doing a bunch of collaborations - I realise that a lot of my latest posts have been collaborations, but I've absolutely loved every minute of creating that content and working with those people to get the posts up. Not only does it feel great to have content that I'm ridiculously happy with, but it also feels fab to have my blog seen. It's not always about numbers, but these collaborations have really helped my stats and grown my readership, so I'm extremely grateful to have been involved in them all!
While May just wasn't a patch on April, it was still a great month. I've got high hopes for June, so let's see what's in store!

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