June 2017 Gratitude List

3 Jul 2017

If you've been here a while, you may remember me using this picture back in January. Yep, this is a recycled photo and I'm a bit embarrassed by it really. June has been such a busy month for me that I haven't had the time at all to schedule in a photo-taking session or even take any myself. I know it's such a first world problem, but I'm normally really organised! Anyway, moving on from the awkward photo situation, let's have a chat about this month. Like I said, it's been so busy for me that I've barely found the time to sit down, but it's also gone ridiculously quick. I feel like I blinked and July was here! As always though, there are a bunch of great things that I want to tell you guys about.

  1. Booking a trip to Disneyland Paris - yes, I will be visiting the most magical place on Earth for the umpteenth time! I'd been pondering over Disneyland for months and then recently, I found an amazing deal. I discussed it with J, we watched a bunch of videos, read some articles and decided to go for it. No doubt I'll talk a bit more in depth about it closer to the time, but we're visiting in September for a couple of days and we're both stupidly excited about it. J almost cried when we booked it, I swear! He's never been before, as he only received his first British passport earlier this year, and has always wanted to, so it's going to be amazing for him! You're never too old for Disneyland.
  2. Falling in love with a lense I never knew I had - this sounds like a bit of a weird one, but stick with me. My mum is a bit of a photographer and she was showing me some photos that she'd taken of my goddaughter. I was absolutely flawed by how crisp they were and how blurred the backgrounds were, so she told me about the lense she used. I just had to get my hands on one, but it turns out that she'd bought me one for Christmas and I'd just never thought to use it. I remember opening it on Christmas day and her describing it as a 'macro', which why I never got much use out of it, but now I'm just obsessed. I used it for my Pride Month Cupcake photos, Cheesecake Swirl Brownie photos and the Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cupcake photos, and I don't think I'll go back to my original set up ever! It really has changed the way I take photos.
  3. The warmer weather - as I sit and write this post, it is extremely gloomy and rainy outside, but I promise, we had a good deal of warmer weather last month and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would've enjoyed it much more if it cooled down on the nights so that I could sleep a bit better, but beggars can't be choosers. It felt as though we got a real hint of summer and I hope that there's more around the corner because, honestly, it's been raining for about three days straight now and I need some vitamin D in my life!
  4. Getting a grip on my money situation - to put it simply, I'm tight with money and I don't really know how that came to be. I've been saving a heck of a lot over the last few years and I don't know whether being such a scrimp has stayed with me, even though I know that I can relax with it now. However, it was booking Disneyland that made me realise that I need to chill out a bit and that money isn't the be all and end all. While I am still saving up for that house deposit (hopefully in the near future), I've managed to chip away a little bit at my tightness, so I may actually be able to treat myself once in a while!
  5. My walks through the park - this one was especially good when it was warmer. It's been amazing to see the gradual transition from spring to summer every day and soak up all the goodness that goes with it. I've particularly enjoyed seeing all of the baby ducks and geese growing up, which is a bit sad, but honestly, I remember when I saw the first group of ducklings on the pond in spring and I was just squeeing all over the place! Not only that, but walking has also helped me to love my body more and gain a bit more energy. I've found myself wanting to get stuff done this month and I think that all the walking I've been doing has helped.
I feel like this month's list will be a bit weird to some people, but hey, each to their own! I'd love to know what you've been thankful for this month, so leave me a little comment below.

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