Mermaid Tagliatelle Bolognese with Seamore*

12 Jul 2017

Don't get freaked out by the title - no mermaids were harmed during the making of this post! Also, can we just take a minute to soak in the fact that I'm during a savoury recipe post today? I've only ever done one other savoury recipe and that was for pork and apple scotch eggs on my Marie Curie tea party post, but today, I've got something totally out there for you all. Trying new things is my jam, whether it be flavours, recipes or foods, so just imagine how excited I was when Seamore sent me a packet of their I Sea Pasta seaweed tagliatelle*. I'd only ever tried crispy seaweed (which really isn't for me), so I was very up for trying it in a totally different form.

Now, you might be like 'Olivia, hold up a second... seaweed tagliatelle?' Yup, that's right, only there's absolutely no pasta involved whatsoever. This "tagliatelle" is just ribbons of seaweed, which makes it 100% vegan, gluten free, low carb and low calorie, so if those are the boxes that you needed to be ticked, look no further! Seamore, their harvesters and partners are all organic certified too, so you can be sure that your body is getting filled with any nasty, unwanted things. The seaweed is grown on the Irish Atlantic coast where the water is rigorously monitored and the seaweed quality is checked constantly to make sure that it is the best it can be. And if none of these things are appealing to you and you've totally been put off by its appearance in the top image, then please keep reading. There's so much more to this pasta than meets the eye (and it actually tastes incredible).

As you've seen, the tagliatelle comes in a dried out form, much like regular pasta, and I'll admit, I did think it looked a bit weird. Obviously, being used to seeing my usual wholewheat penne, these odd gnarly sticks were something to get used to. Another thing to get used to was the smell. As soon as I opened the packet, I was hit with the smell of the ocean, but not like your average seaside walk smell. Imagine that multiplied by ten - it was strong. But don't let that put you off, because the smell seriously doesn't carry into the flavour of the pasta at all! Even J's 'that stinks, I'm not eating it,' turned into 'this is actually pretty good!' so honestly, don't worry about the smell. There are a few ways to prepare the pasta, so if you want that slightly salty edge, you can cook your pasta in boiling water straight away for 15-20 minutes. If you'd like a little bit of seabreeze in your meal, then soak the pasta for 20 minutes in hot water before cooking, or for no seabreeze at all, soak for 45 minutes in cold water before cooking. I'll be honest, I opted for the soaking for 20 minutes in hot water and I had no saltiness to my pasta whatsoever, which was fine by me!
You may have looked at the top image and thought 'for tagliatelle, those strips are tiny,' and that's exactly what I thought until the pasta started to cook. The I Sea Pasta* grows around 5 times in volume - yes, 5 times it's original size - so you really don't need to put too much in the pan. Because it's ridiculously nutritious, you only need about 20 grams per person, which may not seem like a lot, but trust me, it's more than enough! There's a load of omega 3, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre, so eating this stuff can only be good for you.

With all of this in mind, you may be thinking 'but what does it actually taste like?' Hand on heart, scouts honour, it just tastes like regular pasta. That may be hard to imagine, considering that this is a sea veggie, but it's just like eating wholewheat tagliatelle. As it's so full of fibre, the texture is slightly like al dente style pasta, but seriously, it's just like the regular stuff. I'd guarantee that it could fool anyone! So vegans, gluten free people or people just looking for a healthier alternative to pasta, this really could be the answer! On its own, its a bit bland (as with normal pasta), so mixing it with a sauce, oil or dressing is the way to go, which is why I've put together this recipe for mermaid tagliatelle bolognese. It all makes sense now, doesn't it? I used the bolognese recipe from the Seamore site as a base, so feel free to use that one instead if you'd like to give this pasta a whirl!

For 2 people, you will need:
200g minced beef
1 red onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon tomato puree
1 splash balsamic vinegar
1 splash Worcestershire sauce
1 can copped tomatoes
Italian herbs
Parmesan (optional)
  1. Soak the I Sea pasta in hot water for around 20 minutes to reduce the seabreeze taste. If you'd like to keep the seabreeze taste, boil immediately for 15-20 minutes or to eradicate the seabreeze completely, soak the pasta in cold water for around 45 minutes.
  2. Chop the onion and garlic cloves into small pieces, and fry in olive oil until they turn brown. Add the minced beef and fry until cooked through.
  3. Rinse the I Sea Pasta in a colander and pop into boiling water for 15-20 minutes. If you started boiling your pasta at the start, skip this step.
  4. Meanwhile, add in the tomato paste, balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, chopped tomatoes and Italian herbs to your beef mixture. Stir this together and then let it simmer until your pasta is cooked.
  5. Once the pasta is cooked through, rinse it in a colander and stir it through the sauce. (Side note: the water that your pasta was boiling in should be brown. This water is highly nutritious, so if you want to save it, you can add it to soup or sauces for a antioxidant boost!)
  6. Divide the I Sea Pasta and sauce over two plates, and add parmesan if you wish.
While I know that this pasta isn't much to look at, it is seriously delicious and extremely good for you. If you feel a bit iffy about jumping headfirst into the seaweed pasta life, then mix this pasta with regular tagliatelle for your first experience. Not only will it look fab, it'll also taste amazing! If you're just not a pasta person in general, you honestly won't believe how versatile this stuff is. Of course, it's great for making pasta dishes, but you can also use it in tapenades, quiches, salads, curries and even desserts!

Seamore are truly an amazing company, so you should definitely go and check them out. Not only do they sell this gorgeous pasta, but they also have I Sea bacon, which is, you guessed it, seaweed bacon! I haven't tried that out yet, but I bet it's just as scrumptious. A bag of the I Sea Pasta* retails for less tha€5, which is a total bargain seeing as though you don't need a lot for a full meal, but you can also buy them in bulk, giving you a bit of a discount.

It's one of those things that you need to try for yourself to believe how good it is! Thank you to Seamore for letting me try out this pasta - it definitely won't be the last time I have it!

All items that are marked with a * have been sent to me or gifted by a PR company for review purposes.

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  1. At first, as did you, I thought it looked a tad bit odd...but in the end it looks like it ended up well!
    It looks very tasty!


    1. It's a classic case of 'don't judge a book by it's cover' because it looks really odd, but tastes GORGEOUS. I definitely recommend! x