The Easiest Brush Cleaner I've Used*

20 Aug 2017

Having to clean your brushes - one of the things that strikes fear and dread into the hearts of all beauty lovers everywhere. It can feel like such a task to pull out all of your dirty brushes, give them a good scrub with a cleaning product and leave them to dry. I'm not sure why this feels like such a chore, but it seriously does, so when I saw that Technic Cosmetics were looking for bloggers to try out their brush cleaner, I just had to give it a go. Anything to make this painful process a little more enjoyable is a win in my books!

I'm certain that everyone and their cat has heard about Technic Cosmetics, but if you have no idea what I'm on about, Technic are an award-winning, cruelty free, UK-based cosmetics brand and you can find their products on Amazon, Fragrance Direct, Love Thy Makeup and many more (click here for a full list of stockists). They pride themselves on their quality, their ability to keep their finger on the pulse of the beauty world and their affordability. They are definitely on the lower end of the cost spectrum when it comes to drugstore brands, like GOSH and MUA, but that doesn't mean that they skip out on the quality. The brand boasts a huge range of products from statement highlighters to eyeshadow palettes, and contouring kit to nail polishes, but today, I'm going to be talking about their Solid Brush Cleaner* and two of their brushes*.

First of all, it's worth pointing out that I usually use a gel product to clean my brushes. I have to squirt it into my hand and rub the wet brush bristles around in it, then rinse. Like I said, this is a job that I hate having to do, so you can imagine how dirty my brushes get. Because of that, I have to do a fair few circles in the gel with each brush and by the time I'm done, my skin is red raw and sore! It's not exactly ideal, so when I opened Technic's parcel, I was so excited to find that there was no gel in sight.
Instead, I was greeted by two brand new brushes (which I was stupidly excited about) and a circular tub of brush cleaner. The brushes were sealed up inside their own individual plastic wallets, each with a bit of info on the back. The first one I opened was the Pro Blusher Brush*, which is the big fluffy one with the electric pink handle. I'll admit, this is much bigger than the brush I usually use for blush, but I had absolutely no doubt that I'd use it for something else - maybe for bronzer, thanks to it's tapered bristles. I then opened the Pro Blending Brush*, which is the slender brush with the orange handle. While both the brushes are super fluffy and soft, thanks to their synthetic bristles, this one is ridiculously soft. It's absolutely ideal for softening out a smoky eye! Both of the brushes are quite light, but this is something that I expected from a drugstore line of brushes. That being said, they both feel and work beautifully, so don't let their weight put you off!

But I'm not here to waffle on about how great the brushes are. This post is all about the wonder that is the Solid Brush Cleaner* and let me tell you, I've never used anything like it before. As you can see, it comes in a round tub with a screw lid, and I instantly thought that it would be like a cream. When I removed the lid, I was surprised to see it was full of a solid, clear substance. I swiped my finger over it a few times to see how it felt and it kind of had the consistency of lip balm, which I wasn't expecting at all. I'd read that the product had a cucumber scent, but I could barely smell a thing and I kind of prefer it that way, because then I know that the chances of my skin having a horrible reaction once my brushes are dry will be quite low. Compared to the gels I had previously used, this was like a totally new world.

What makes this brush cleaner even more exciting is that it's ridiculously simple to use. All you need to do is wet your brushes, swirl them on the product and rinse while swirling on your hand or cleaning mat/board. And that's absolutely it! Of course, I had to give it a try for myself and put it to the test with one of my dirtiest brushes.
My contour brush was my weapon of choice (although as I sit typing this, I can see my face powder brush looking at me, crying out for attention) as it was in dire need of a clean. I hardly ever wear a full face of makeup these days because I'd just sweat it off while working in the kitchen, so I just stick to brows and mascara, so I've definitely not used this brush in quite a while. I ran the bristles under warm water and allowed them to get fully covered before tapping off the excess. I then swirled it gently in the Solid Brush Cleaner*, taking a look to see how much pressure I'd need until I started to see results, and I could see my makeup melting off the brush almost instantly. I didn't have to press down into the product much at all! I gave it a good few swirls to get my brush absolutely coated, then I ran the warm water over the bristles as I rubbed the brush against my hand. Absolutely everything that was left on the brush rinsed away - the makeup residue and the lather from the cleaner. I was so impressed and even more so when I checked the brush the next day to see how it had dried to find that it had kept its shape beautifully and didn't have any unnatural or artificial scent to the bristles.

I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was to clean my brush, and plus, I didn't have a sore hand! For such an affordable product, it works amazingly well and has phenomenal results, which is something that I think we can all get on board with. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually excited to clean the rest of my brushes!

Thank you so much to Technic Cosmetics for sending the Solid Brush Cleaner* over to me, as well as the Pro Blusher Brush* and the Pro Blending Brush*. I know that I'm going to get so much use out of each of them and definitely recommend that you take a look!

All items that are marked with a * have been sent to me or gifted by a PR company for review purposes.

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  1. I absolutely hate washing my brushes because it takes ages but this post has really encouraged me to wash them!

    Emily xo

    1. I was exactly the same and I'd put it off for so long, but this cleaner is absolutely amazing! It makes it so much easier x