August 2017 Gratitude List

1 Sept 2017

 Listen, I could be really sneaky and make up some lie about how J snapped this picture of me as I looked down, being all candid and whatnot, but I actually just wanted to show off my eye makeup. I'm also well aware that I look asleep, BUT MY EYELINER THOUGH. Now that that's all sorted, you know what time it is. We're in a brand new month (hi, September), so let me tell you a bit about the things I was grateful for in August. As a side note, I feel like August went super duper quick - did anyone else find that? I blinked and it was gone!

  1. My best friend asking me to be her bridesmaid - I just had to have this as my first gratitude point, as I've never ever been a bridesmaid before! My best pal, Beth, took me on a walk around the park before handing me a bag with a little bottle of Prosecco, a box and a card inside. The card had the cutest little poem on, asking if I would join the bride squad, and the box had a bunch of little trinkets inside, including a Wedding Day Yankee Candle and bridesmaid hair tie! It was so lovely and while I managed not to cry, I was a bit overwhelmed! She also asked if I would make the cake, which is a massive responsibility, so I hope I can come through for her.
  2. Having the chance to do more things that I love - this sounds a little bit weird and I'm going to have to explain what I mean. My hours were reduced a fair bit at work to make room for my replacement to learn how to do full day shifts, which left me with lots of time to play with at home. There were a few crafty things that I'd been meaning to try for a while, but just never found the time, so I took my opportunity! I had a little go at embroidery (in fact, the top I'm wearing in the photos on this post is the one I embroidered on to), I made two cake stands and made a whole lot of jam with my mum. While having the hours at work would have been nice, it's been so lovely to do the things that I'd been interested in doing for so long.
  3. The month going by quickly - as I mentioned in my little opening paragraph, it felt like August just shot by, and I didn't mind one bit! I don't want to seem l'm wishing the year away, but I just couldn't wait for September to come around. I've got Disneyland and the start of my Masters this month, and I've been so excited for them both! 
  4. Seeing the conkers on the trees - summer is slowly but surely on it's way out and I know this because there are conkers appearing on all the horse chestnut trees in my local park. There's a walkway that heads straight towards the central ornamental fountain and it's lined with horse chestnut trees, meaning that every now and again, a conker will fall and it makes me so bloomin' happy. They aren't at the point where they're smashing when they fall (which is the point when you know that autumn is officially here), but they're getting there!
  5. Finding new gems on Netflix - I think Netflix can be a very confusing place and you have to wade through a lot of rubbish to find something good. Well, I've done a good amount of wading recently and decided to start watching Riverdale, which I'm absolutely hooked on, and I watched the film, What Happened To Monday - it's a brilliant piece of work and I massively recommend it! I have no doubt that I'll end up trying to find something else after I've finished Riverdale, seeing as though Game Of Thrones is over until next season, so if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!
I have such high hopes for this month, considering two massive things are happening for me, but I'm excited to see what other little bits and bobs happen in between.

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  1. Such a sweet idea for a post. I’m excited for the autumnal months, and I so want to grab some conkers for my blog photography, I’ll have to keep an eye open when they fall in the park! Best wishes for a great month ahead. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you, Helen! It's just around the corner now, so I bet the conkers are out in force! x