Disneyland Paris September 2017 Photo Diary - Part 3

25 Sept 2017

Woohoo, finally we're on to my favourite batch of the photos - the ones that actually feature a bit of a blue sky! This is my final Disneyland Paris photo diary, which I'm a little bit sad about, but it means that I can start thinking about and planning my next trip. So yes, if you've taken a peek at part one and two of this diary, then keep reading and finish off the trilogy! Oh, there's also a bit of an announcement at the end of this post that you may want to stick around for!

So as you can see, the weather started off absolutely gloriously on our last day. The sky was blue, the sun was out and it was just the right kind of warm. The first day had been a bit sticky warm, but our last was just perfect. Of course, that meant it was prime weather for taking photos of the castle!
We had a little bit of a plan for this day. Because we'd spent so little time in the Studios Park, we were going to have most of the day there, but we still had yet to ride Peter Pan's Flight, a.k.a. my favourite ride, so we got to the Disney Park as early as possible and headed to Peter Pan as quickly as we could. Usually the queues for it are over 45 minutes, but when we got there it was only 25! We couldn't miss the chance, so we got in the queue and managed to ride in the flying boats pretty quickly. It's such a magical ride and an absolute must, no matter how old you are!

Once we'd been on Peter Pan's Flight, we headed to the Studios Park. I'll admit, this isn't my favourite of the two parks but it's well worth a visit. There's some pretty good rides and lots of photo opps, like this one of Walt and Mickey (which I'm sure used to be in front of the Disneyland Hotel) in front of the main walkway.
It's definitely the Toy Story area that is the Studios Park crowning glory. As you walk into it, you're surrounded by giant toys and fairy lights, making you feel like you've been shrunk down. I really wanted to go on the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop while we were here, but unfortunately, it was closed. So instead, we headed for Ratatouille, a ride I had never been on! The queues were always absolutely insane when we checked the phone map, but as we were quite early, there was only a half an hour wait. I don't think J was impressed at having to wait that long, but I'd heard so many good things about the ride and once we'd been on, he couldn't stop raving about it! I definitely recommend braving the queues and riding if you're in Disneyland - it's like nothing I've ever been on before.
We also went on the Behind The Magic Tram Tours while in the Studios Park, just for a bit of a sit down. We weren't expecting much, but we both actually really enjoyed it (I think it's because we're media nerds and enjoy 'behind the scenes' stuff). If you want to go on something for a bit of a chill out, maybe to eat a snack on, then this is the ride for you!
Once we'd finished in the Studios Park, we headed back to the main park for some ice cream. I'd been pestering J the whole trip about getting Ben & Jerry's in the Gibson Girl ice cream parlour and we finally went on the last day! Aren't you just living for the aesthetic? You'll have to wait until my Disneyland food post to find out which flavours we had!
The whole time we'd been there, we hadn't seen the parade, so I was desperate to get a good spot. We figured we were way too early and meandered over to Discoveryland to ride Buzz Lightyear's Lazer Blast AGAIN. We just love that ride so freaking much! This time around, I actually won! (It may have something to do with the fact that the ride broke down for a minute or so, and I was in a prime spot to hit a target over and over again.)
We ended up getting back to Main Street about an hour before the parade started, so we grabbed ourselves a couple of drinks and found some good spots on the pavement near to the castle. As the crowds filled up, we were right in front of where the parade would be passing - we couldn't have asked for better seats!
The part I was most excited for was to see the steampunk Maleficent dragon go past. I'd heard that she was a brand new addition to the floats and if you were lucky, she would breathe fire. Well, I saw her breathe fire twice and it was amazing, especially with the haunting music! Sadly, I was in a bit of a rubbish position to get a photo of the fire, but I'm pretty pleased with this photo of her looming over us.
Once the parade was over, we grabbed a bit of food, went on a couple more rides that we had loved over the trip, visited a few more shops, then headed back to the hotel. We had to be up super early the next morning to come home, so there was no fireworks on this night. I didn't mind though, because all of our days had been so packed that I was about ready to flop down and sleep for about a week. A lot of money was spent and a lot of food was had, but all in all, it was a really fab holiday and something that we both needed. It had been a stressful few month before we left, so a break was well over-due. I actually got a bit emotional one night we were there about how un-stressed I was!
So that announcement? Well, as you can see, J was super brave and popped the question to me while we were away! He didn't do it in the park because he knows how shy I am and how much I hate being the centre of attention, so he got down on one knee in the hotel. I cried and cried and asked if it was a joke, until I eventually said yes! There were lots of tears and cuddles, and now we just have the perfect excuse to go back! As for the ting, I'm absolutely in love with it. I'm not a flashy person, so I knew that when I got engaged, I wanted something a bit more understated and then something a bit more for my wedding ring. He hit the nail on the head! It's a white gold band that weaves around 7 diamonds and it's just beautiful. I couldn't ask for a more perfect proposal or partner!

I think that's a very fitting end to my diaries about the happiest place on Earth. As I've said throughout each post, keep your eyes peeled for my Disney food post and my Disney haul. They're going to be mega posts and well worth a read!

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  1. Disneyland Paris looks so dreamy, I'm also jealous of my family who are out there right now! Also congratulations, I can't begin to imagine how excited you must be! Your ring is gorgeous x

    Shannon | shannonmichelle1.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Ohh I'm jealous of them too! I'm already looking at booking another trip! And thank you so much, I'm currently loving Pinterest for all the inspo x