September 2017 Gratitude List

1 Oct 2017

Oh my goodness me, I have been practically tearing my hair out all month because I've wanted to write this post. But finally, the day is here. My gratitude post to end all of my other gratitude posts is LIVE. September has been the happiest of all the months this year, and my face has looked like it does in that photo above for the majority. There have been crazy big happies and lots of little happies, but I've been stupidly excited to tell you all about them!

  1. Getting engaged - yes, you read that right, I am an engaged lady! If you follow me on Twitter or have read my third Disneyland photo post, this'll be old news to you, but J liked it, so he put a ring on it. It's not something that I talk about much in real life because I'm a bit shy and we like to keep our relationship to ourselves (which is why we didn't announce it until almost a week after the proposal), but online, I could blab on and on about it! He popped the question in our hotel whilst in Disneyland and there were many, many tears - good ones, of course. We're not entirely certain on we'll get married because we want to be in stable jobs and hopefully have a house, but I want to have babies before I'm 30, so that gives us 7 years to sort ourselves out!
  2. Going to Disneyland - this obviously had to be on my gratitude list. I've waited for this holiday to come around for months and now that we've been, I'm addicted to looking at deals so we can go again soon. Because we got engaged there, that's the perfect excuse to go back, right? We had such a fab time and it was everything I wanted in a holiday and more! We'd had a tough couple of months leading up to going away, so we were due a break and we both appreciated it. It's amazing what some gulps of French air and a few handfuls of Disneyland popcorn can do for your mind!
  3. Starting back at university - I'm officially a student again and I couldn't be happier about it. My relationship with university is a bit difficult to explain - when I was an undergrad, I moaned so much about how I wanted to be done and it was all a bit of a pain, but when I left, I wanted nothing more than to go back. I gave it a year to see if those feelings would go away and they just didn't, so now I'm back and studying for my Masters in Multimedia Journalism! I'm aiming high this year and hoping for a First, so if I drop off the radar a little bit, just know that I am grafting my butt off.
  4. Going back to my old job - along with starting back at university came with being given my old bar job back. While life as a bar girl isn't totally glamorous, it was one of the best jobs I ever had, so I was ridiculously grateful to be taken back on. Yes, there will be times that I'd rather not be there or work with some of the people there (I'm not sure if this is just a university bar thing, but is there stupid drama in other bars?) but I've missed being there so much and I'm so ready to roll my sleeves up.
  5. Banishing blogging-block - there are plenty of times in a month where I really struggle with content ideas, but the whole of September has been a breeze in terms of blogging. I felt like writing ideas just came to me so easily and I had pretty much all of the month written and scheduled right at the start. It's been a pretty great feeling! I'm hoping that October will be similar, considering all of the Halloween ideas I've got up my sleeve.
That was my September! I don't think any of the gratitude lists to come in the rest of the year will beat this one - it's been such a good month. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they all hold though!

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