My 5 Nail Polish Picks For Autumn/Winter

25 Nov 2017

I know this is a stereotypical thing to say, but autumn and winter are the best time for colours. All the shops are filled with clothes and makeup in deep berry shades, browns, burgundies and mustards, which are the colours that I just live for. Not only do I love wearing them through my clothes and makeup, but also my nails. You may remember that way back in April, I did a post about my nail polish picks for spring, so I figured it was only right that I did a similar post for my favourite time of the year (let's not mention that I didn't do one for summer).

No7 - Ginger. I think the original reason why I bought this nail polish was because there was a 3 for 2 offer on at my local No7 stand, and there was nothing that I needed. Nail polish is always a safe bet, so I asked J to pick a shade for me and this was the one he went for. I already loved the shade in the bottle, but I fell completely head over heels the first time that I wore it. It works so well with my warm-toned skin and has been the shade that I've used most this season. I bet it would look absolutely beautiful on deeper skin tones!

Barry M - Berry Cosmo. I'm not entirely sure that this shade is available from Barry M anymore - I've noticed that they're moving into more glitzy territories with metallics and glitters - but I remember when this shade was first released and I was OBSESSED. It's one of those colours that looks great absolutely everyone and, as the name suggests, it's a gorgeous, deep berry purple. I wish that Barry M would bring more of the classic shades back because I'm starting to miss them all a little! But this one particularly looks good with a matte top coat and would go so well with a metallic bronze feature nail.

Barry M - Gingerbread. Speaking of bronze feature nails, this has been the only sparkly polish that I've been drawn to this season. I tend to stay away from glitters because they're so difficult to remove, but have you seen how pretty this is? How could I keep away? This was a limited edition polish that was released for Superdrug, so I don't think it's available anymore (I promise, next time I do another post like this, I'll try and include polishes that are actually still on the market), but I bloomin' wish it was. It's a glittery bronze shade that reflects slightly orange. It really is gorgeous and has been worn as a feature nail many times this season.

Barry M - Almond. Sorry about the amount of Barry M in this post... I just love their polishes and how affordable they are! I realise that this isn't your typical autumn/winter shade, but hear me out. This polish is a muted beige, lilac-grey, and because it's so subtle, it can be paired with absolutely anything. I've had so many compliments on this colour when I've worn it and it's no surprise because it really is beautiful! It's also part of the Gelly line, which means it has a super shiny finish, so you don't need to add top coat if you don't want to. Again, it also looks stunning with a matte top coat.

The Body Shop - Plum Addict. After looking on the website, it seems as though The Body Shop might have stopped selling nail polish, which is absolutely heartbreaking. Their polishes were some of my top favourite, not only because they're vegan, but because they dry ridiculously fast. They seem to wear for such a long time too! As you can tell by its name, this polish is a plummy purple, another shade that would look amazing on all skin tones. It would look stunning contrasted against light skin, and super rich against dark, so it's a total winner in my opinion! I'm just so sad that the store seems to have stopped selling them.
I definitely don't need any more shades in my collection, but there are so many fab autumn/winter shades out there that it's kind of hard to resist. I don't have a mustard or a deep brown, so I'd love to purchase those before the season is out.
What have been your favourite shades to wear this season?

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  1. The Barry M nail polishes are so lovely! I always drag out Gingerbread for this time of the year :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. Haha that's a smart move, Yasmina! It's the perfect colour for this time of the year xx

  2. I was instantly drawn to the photographs in this blog post, they are perfect of autumn/winter! I adore the colours and what pretty names. I love painting my nails for the festive season too! The Barry M ones look my favourite, and they are cruelty-free too I think. I’m currently wearing a Fearne Cotton nail polish on my toes in an orange metallic glitter shade but haven’t yet painted my nails. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ih wow, thank you Helen! Yep, Barry M are 100% cruelty-free, so it's definitely worth picking some up. I didn't know that Fearne Cotton had nail polishes - I'm going to have to have a look! x