October 2017 Gratitude List

3 Nov 2017

Wow, I think for once I can open a gratitude list by saying that the month didn't go quickly for me. In fact, I think October has been the slowest month so far this year and boy, did it drag! I can't quite put my finger on why - it might be because it was my first full month back at university, or because I'd been meticulously going over my Halloween baking series plan, or maybe it's just because it was starting to get darker, yet I was feeling more and more tired. Whatever the reason was, I still really loved the month and I'm going to tell you all some of the things I was grateful for.

  1. The crunchy leaves - listen, I am such a kid when it comes to autumn and I've been stomping in piles of leaves whenever I've seen them. There's just nothing better than seeing the ground covered in golden and orange leaves, especially in the morning just as the light is coming through the trees. Honestly, my walks have never been more magical than they were in October!
  2. My Halloween content - I was so proud of every single Halloween-related post that I put up this year. Not only did my baking posts that I'd been planning months in advance go just as I had expected them to, but I also ended up having a collaboration post and an event post go live that added to the spooky season. It's been a month of content that I absolutely loved writing and creating during one of my most favourite times of year, and I'm really hoping that that came across in the posts.
  3. Having a supportive fella - October got a little bit mad in some places. I had a lot going on with kind of too many things on my plate to juggle, but thankfully, I had J to keep my head screwed on. He's pretty good at doing that all time, but I definitely felt the benefit most of last month. He's also been my biggest cheerleader in all aspects of my life - uni, work, blogging, volunteering, hobbies - you name it, he's told me to 'go for it' or gently pushed me to be better. He really is a good egg.
  4. Being given some fab opportunities - I had some really exciting emails sent to me during October, one of which was an invitation to go and see STEPS, a.k.a. my childhood dream come true! You'll be seeing a post about that later in the month, but oh my goodness, I'm so freaking excited about it. I also received my first ever voxbox from Influenster. Now, as someone that doesn't really get how the site works, I almost cried with joy when I saw that I'd been picked for a Marc Jacobs voxbox. I won't talk about it too much here because I've written a full review which will be up on Monday, but just know that it's a good'un.
  5. Discovering my love for making pompoms - this sounds ridiculous, I know, but I love making pompoms. As part of the stuff I do for my mum's WI group, I write a feature on the website every Monday where I review a craft site, blog or YouTube channel. In October, I discovered one that made something really cool out of pompoms (I can't remember what it was now), and I thought to myself 'heck, that looks so easy!' and it actually is. Now I've got balls of wool lying all over the house and an unfinished Halloween garland! I absolutely love making them and I've already planned my pompom Christmas wreath.

So I'd say that it's officially the lead up to Christmas now. Once it's November, I take off my witch's hat and put on my elf shoes, so expect more festive posts coming your way. I'm really looking forward to what the next couple of months hold, even though it's really strange to think that in two months time, it'll be 2018... what the heck?!

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