November 2017 Gratitude List

1 Dec 2017

It feels kind of crazy to me that October absolutely dragged on because November was the complete opposite! It went by so quickly that I actually struggled to write this post a little, purely because I could barely remember what had happened during the month. What I also find kind of crazy is that we're in December now. When did that happen? The next time I write one of these posts will be in January... January. I know, scary right? Anyway, without further ado, let me tell you all what I was grateful for in November.

  1. Feeling like I'm on top of things - I had a little bit of a breakdown earlier in the month where I felt so overwhelmed by all the things that were going on - uni, my job, volunteering for the WI, volunteering at the HIV clinic, blogging - all while trying to stay upbeat and happy. It got to a point where I had a big sob about it and questioned whether or not I'd done the right thing by going back to uni. I know now that the answer is yes and that I needed a bit of a breakdown to sort myself out. I know that eventually, all the things I'm putting my effort into right now will come back to reward me at some point. I'm taking the bumps in the road as they come, but right now, I think I've managed to work out a system that lets me fit in all my things without frying my brain.
  2. Having more time for crafts - this ties into the previous point, but because I've got a bit of a system going, it means that I'v managed to add in time for me to do some of my hobbies to keep myself creative and happy. While we all know that I love to bake, you might not know that I'm a crafter. I've been making a bunch of Christmassy things which I'm going to be showing in a post soon, but just know that my mental health has felt tip-top because I've had more time to make things.
  3. Winter woolies - I feel like November was an extremely cold month, especially up North, but because of that, I've been living in big jumpers and cardigans. I've been loving pairing up thick woolies with my dungarees, as you can see in the photos, and throwing on a blanket scarf to battle the frosty air. Honestly, I've been living for it! I could quite happily stay in warmers all year if the weather permitted!
  4. My fella - I've definitely mentioned J in a gratitude list before, but oh man, has he been something else this month. Remember that breakdown that I mentioned I had earlier in the month? He was with there for all of it and told me exactly what I needed to hear to pull myself out of it. He really is a good egg and I don't tell him often enough, but I know that he knows how important he is to me.
  5. Feeling confident about uni - very sorry, but this point also relates back to my crying episode. I was feeling really stuck with uni work, which is what led to wonder if I'd made the right choice in going back, but because I'm feeling on top of it, I'm starting to get a bit confident about it. Not in a cocky way, just in a way that I feel good about what I'm producing and I'm understanding what I'm meant to be doing. I'm thankful that I'm not lagging behind and I haven't been recommended for extra help, so I'm doing something right!
So yeah, let's have ya, December! I hope that this month is just as good to me mentally as November was.

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