Marc Jacobs Beauty Matte Highliners*

18 Jan 2018

I know what you're thinking... Three beauty-related blog posts in a row? I must be coming down with something! But no, I've been so inspired by a whole bunch of beauty bloggers lately to talk more about this type of thing. Beauty is something that I love and I feel like it was a bit neglected on my blog, but 2018 is going to be the year that I throw caution to the wind and talk about all the eyeshadows that I want! However, today isn't about eyeshadows. It's about two gorgeous eyeliners* that were sent over the me by the wonderful people at Influenster and Marc Jacobs Beauty!

I'm sure many of you have heard of Influenster before, or maybe you read about it in my last Influenster x Marc Jacobs post, but for those of us that don't know about it, it's an online platform where you answer surveys and write reviews to build up your profile. If you're lucky enough, you'll receive a "You're In" email and be selected to receive a box of goodies to review! When you receive the box, all you have to do is share it on your social media following Influenster's requirements and test it out. It's so easy to do and you don't have to pay a penny, making it ideal for bloggers that want to try new products and grow their following. If you're interested in getting involved, just click here to sign up!

I am massively into eyeliner. If I'm doing a full face of makeup, I absolutely have to have winged eyeliner, otherwise I don't feel like my look is complete. It's something that's taken a lot of practise, but I feel like I've got the technique down and you can read all about my holy grail liner here! So when I saw that Influenster wanted to send me two Marc Jacobs Beauty liners* to try out. Ever since I tried out the Velvet Noir mascara, I've been completely coveting Marc Jacobs products, so I almost squealed with excitement!
And here they are! I was so eager for them arrive and when they did, I was totally head over heels. Now, I'm not normally one for coloured liners, but as you can see, I was sent two pink shades, but I still thought that they were absolutely gorgeous and couldn't wait to try them out. But before I tell you about how I found them, let me tell you a little bit about the specs of the highliners. Each of them has a net weight of 0.01 oz, so they're super duper light. They come in a sleek box that has the signature black and white Marc Jacobs packaging, and the metallic silver logo. The boxes feel so luxurious to hold, but I'll admit, the products themselves feel a little cheap. I believe the tubes are made of plastic and they're silver with a strip of colour that corresponds to the liner inside. Each tube has the Marc Jacobs logo printed on, and even though they look okay, they just don't feel like a high end product to hold. I don't really know how to explain, but if anyone else received or has used these liners, then please let me know that I'm not alone!

As you can see on the side of the box, these liners claim to be "matte-not-flat, extreme colour, waterproof" and this is something that I'll be chatting about further into the post.
As I mentioned, I received two pink shades and the first that I opened was (Pop)ular*, which is a hot pink with a strong red tone. It truly is a stunning shade and isn't something that I've been daring enough to wear yet. However, I think that it would be amazing as a graphic liner or to trace the edge of a black liner wing. At the time of writing this, I'm about to get ready for a night shift on the bar, and I'm actually contemplating giving it a go. Surely I can get away with hot pink eyeliner on a night shift? This is a colour that I can see looking gorgeous on every skin tone, particularly darker tones.

The second colour is Pink Of Me* - a very pale, powder pink that is almost a couple of shades away from being white. Because of it's very light colour, this has been something that I have loved wearing on my waterline. Not only does it make my eyes look larger, it makes them pop and stand out! It's been a total joy to wear and it's a shade that I just can't fault. I'll be honest though, I've been a bit terrified to wear this anywhere other than my waterline because I'm just not used to such a pale liner. I'm a black liner gal through and through, so the thought of wearing this on my lid is so scary! Who knows, maybe one day I'll brave it!
Something that I particularly love about these liners is that they're extremely creamy and easy to apply. They just glide on to the skin and there's absolutely no tugging at all. Despite their creamy consistency, they dry down to a matte finish in no time at all. They don't feel sticky whatsoever and almost sink into the skin. Seriously, if you rub your finger over a swatch of this product after it's dried down, it kind of feels like it isn't even there. If you want to smudge them out, you totally can, but you've got to be quick! This is perfect for me because I love a matte wing and tend to stay clear of wet look liners. I'd definitely say that this is a matte-not-flat product and that's helped by how pigmented they are. Just take a look at those swatches (which are different to my usual finger swipes or scribbles - I kinda like it!) and tell me that these guys aren't pigmented. Plus, if you don't get the colour payoff you want, you're able to build the colour up because of the matte finish. It's a total win!

Something that may not appeal to everyone is that this product is 100% waterproof, which I put to the test by scribbling a swatch of each shade on my hand and showering. No word of a lie, they were still as vivid after the shower as they were when I applied them. Even J was impressed! So they'd be amazing for nights out, summer holidays and even swimming if you felt like a dip with your super bright liner on. I've also found them to be completely smudge-proof, which isn't something that is written on the box, but definitely should be. It's something that I look for in a liner because I'm a bit clumsy and sometimes wipe my eyes, forgetting that I have makeup on. This will stay completely put, no matter how long it's been on your face!

It's pretty clear that these guys are a total win for me. The only negative thing that I have to say is that the packaging feels a little bit cheap, but the actual quality of the product is far from that. I'd love to give some of the other colours a go - Iron(y) and Fine(wine) have my name written all over them!

Thank you again to Influenster and Marc Jacobs Beauty for sending these little guys over to me. I can't wait to see the future campaigns!

All items that are marked with a * have been sent to me or gifted by a PR company for review purposes.

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  1. That is some stunning shades, dying to try the light pink one!

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  2. Those colours are absolutely gorgeous!! xx

    1. Aren't they just?! They're got a beautiful blue one that I know I'd never use, but looks INSANE xx