My Current No7 Skincare Faves

12 Jan 2018

When it comes to skincare, I'm the type of person that sticks to what they know. If I've found something that keeps my skin matte but moisturised, then I will usually stand by it for years and years. It's odd, because with makeup, I love to try new things and experiment, but skincare is where I play it safe. However, that all changed just before Christmas. I saw that Boots had a special offer on one of their No7 gift sets - it was literally lower than half price - and I just couldn't help myself! Because of that set, I've been introduced to some products that I've been using religiously since receiving them, so I thought I'd give them a mention.

Now, before I get too far into this chatty post, let me tell you about how I was first introduced to No7. The WI group that I volunteer for take a trip to the local Boots every Christmas for a talk and demonstration on No7. I've been invited for the past two years and every time, I've just felt my love and interest grow for the brand. I now swear by their Beautifully Matte foundation, topped off with either their Perfect Light Loose powder or the Airbrush Away powder. Their bronzers are gorgeous, their mascaras are great and their nail polishes are some of the quickest to dry that I've ever used. But for some reason, I'd always deemed their skincare to be for older skin, and it wouldn't be something that would appeal to me. Well, I was wrong. I've learned a lot from both of the talks that I've been to about their different ranges and there really is something for everyone. But let me tell you about the things I've been using specifically.
I'll start by telling you about the products from the Protect & Perfect Intense range, starting with the advanced day cream. Now, on the No7 page on the Boots site, it says that this range is best for 30-45 year olds, and I have no doubt that it is, but I've found that it works wonders for me. As I'm someone that very expressive with their facial expressions, I was starting to get pretty deep lines under my eyes and some crazy forehead wrinkles when I raise my eyebrows, so I wanted to try something that was going to tackle that. I've been applying the day cream after I've washed my face and I find that it sinks into the skin so quickly. It has a lovely sun cream sort of scent, which will be down to the SPF, but it doesn't linger all day. I honestly thought I wouldn't enjoy using this because I have combination skin (oily nose, oily/dry forehead, everywhere else normal), but I've really found that it hasn't made me more oily in my T-zone area. It's also helped the dry patches on my forehead, which I appreciate massively!

For the best results, No7 recommend that the day cream is used in conjunction with the advanced night cream, which is exactly what I've been doing. I've been applying this just before I go to bed and while it's much heavier than the day cream, it never feels uncomfortable or leaves a residue that I can feel in the morning. It takes it's time to sink in and No7 claim that that's because it's been designed to work the natural repair processes that the body goes through in sleep. The pair of them together have really made a noticeable difference to the lines on my face, particularly those under my eyes. I've noticed that my makeup applies a lot more smoothly in that area and doesn't crease as much through the day, and I think that shows that my eye lines are a lot shallower than they were. They also moisturise my skin to no ends and I've actually never felt like I've looked more healthy or glowy! These are definitely firm faves.
Another product that I've been loving from the Protect & Perfect Intense range is the advanced serum. I received this as part of a free gift for spending so much money on No7 products, and I'm so pleased that I did! Again, this is something that is to be used in conjunction with the day cream and night cream, applying it to your face before the moisturiser. Not only does this aid in making your skin look more youthful, it also makes it feel like silk. Seriously, after I've applied this, I can't stop running my fingers over my cheek. It just makes my skin baby soft! Like the day cream, this is super light and soaks into the skin instantly. I'd never used a serum before, but I can definitely see the difference that it has made to my lines, so this'll be something that I repurchase again and again.

Finally, the last product that I've been loving in this range is the advanced eye cream. Yup, I'm a 23 year old using an eye cream that's designed to reduce wrinkles, but hey, the sooner you start looking after your skin, the better! This is probably my most favourite product that I've mentioned so far. It totally changes the way that the skin around my eyes look, not only in terms of the lines, but also in terms of darkness. I've always had pretty dark undereyes, but this stuff has managed to brighten them up and make me look less tired. It's noticeable almost instantly after I've applied it and I think that's because of the nude colour of the product. I look and feel more awake after patting it into the skin, and it absorbs in a flash. It's absolutely brilliant and something that I don't want to be without!
The last three products that I want to share with you are from the Beautiful Skin range and all three are helping me to achieve just that! The first is the hot cloth cleanser which comes with a muslin cloth. Now, like I mentioned at the beginning, I am someone that likes to stick with what they know, skincare-wise, and that applies heavily to cleansers. I've tried out far too many cleansers that have broken me out and left my skin with that burning feeling, but that's not the case with this No7 one. Because No7 make hypo-allergenic products, the chance of having a reaction is very slim, so this cleanser is a real winner in my books. I'll admit, I haven't used the muslin cloth yet, but I've been enjoying removing it with a facial sponge pad. It feels gentle, yet it removes every scrap of makeup that I was wearing! There's no over-powering scent either, so you can be sure that it isn't harmful for the skin.

The next product is something that I mentioned on my blog such a long time ago (lol that photo), but it still holds a huge part of my heart and that's the micellar water for normal/oily skin. Much like the cleanser, this micellar water is so gentle, but it's King for removing any makeup and leaving me with a refreshed face. Once my face dries, it's left with a matte finish without feeling uncomfortable or sticky. It also has a pump, which is a huge win in my book. There's nothing worse than using up a product that you have to pour too quickly, so this pump helps you to monitor how much you're using and be a bit more precise with it. If you want my full thoughts, you can take a look at this post.

And last, but certainly not least, we have the hydration mask. I'll be honest, I don't particularly need to use this - the only dry area of my face is my forehead and even then, it's only dry when there's cold weather or I'm stressed. As of late, there's been plenty of both of those things, so it was perfect for me to test out and fall in love with. Once the weather picks up, I probably won't need to use it anymore, but will I? Absolutely! This product has a product, just like the micellar water, so it's easy to get a precise amount out. It's also simple to apply, because when you're spreading it on your chosen area, it turns into a much more liquidy state, making it easy to get an even layer. Even though you leave it on for 10 minutes-ish, it doesn't dry down completely, making it easy to rinse off and not giving you that weird, tight face feeling. It's super hydrating and leaves me feeling so glowy. It doesn't feel like a gimmicky mask, like many others that are on the market, but it actually does good stuff for your skin. Plus, look at that cool swirl in the bottle. It's so pretty!

I guess you could say that I've got a bit more structure to my skincare routine and my skin is so happy for it. It's never felt as good as it does right now, so I'm comfortable in knowing that these products are doing a good job! What other skincare products would you recommend from No7?

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  1. I love the No7 skincare range, and bought that set as well. One thing it was missing that I LOVE is the serum from this range. I use the day cream, night cream and hot cloth cleanser all the time.

    1. Ooooh I've got a little sample of the serum and I've been LOVING it! I definitely need to get the full size x

  2. I used to use No7 skincare allllll of the time but haven't in a while - not sure why I stopped! Love Protect & Perfect x

    1. Ahh you might've just fallen in love with something else! That tends to happen with beauty and skincare! x