Patches 'n' Pins Wishlist #3

21 Jan 2018

I need to be stopped. My student loan still hasn't come into my bank account (can someone please explain to me why Masters students have to wait so long?), yet I keep looking at patches and pins online. It's because I've just ironed J's Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam patch on to his denim jacket, and used the last of an Etsy voucher to buy two more patches, one for him and one for me, but it's just never enough! So I thought I'd put together another little wishlist, containing all the patches, pins and stores I've been looking at lately.

The patch you see above is from Space Command, which is an Etsy store. As you can probably guess, all of their items are space-related, and I think that J would love this. It's his kind of colours and he is a massive space nerd.
I also love their Get Lost In Space patch.
I'm a book person and one of my favourite modules on my English degree was Victorian literature, so this pin is perfect for me! Plus, what a badass quote.
I also love their Frankenstein pin and their Lady Macbeth pin.
I feel like this is a patch that will appeal to most 20-somethings. We all need a little reassurance that we're adulting to the correct standard, so this little patch is the perfect reminder that you're doing ok!
Their DIY Diva patch is also adorable, along with the Animalia Bear patch.
I'm totally in love with helloDODO and the two patches that I bought with my Etsy voucher were from there, but there are so many other bits I love, including this pin. It's the right amount of funny, feminist and Beyonce-esque.
The Cool Beans patch is ridiculously cute and the Get Lost enamel pin is right up my street.
This may be a little known fact about me, but I love Studio Ghibli, and of course, Spirited Away is up there with my favourite films from the company. This Kohaku pin is so delicate and pretty, so it's the perfect thing for a Ghibli fan!
Their black glitter Cosmic Ray pin is also stunning.
How cute is this little guy?! I absolutely love the texture of the embroidery and the pastel colours.
This is a shop that I only recently stumbled on, but I'm so glad I did because look at how gorgeous that pin is! I love the style of the writing and the way that the waves have been drawn. So so beautiful!
I also love the Adventure pin and the Explorer pin.
Bears are my favourite animals, particularly polar bears, so this pin appeals to me on a whole other level. I love that it's icy home has been incorporated, giving the pin a bit more depth.
The Sleepy Sloth pin is also adorable and the Rhinoceros Beetle pin is super cool.

How I've managed to sit and link all of these patches and pins without buying any is completely beyond me! There are so many amazing ones on the market right now that it's really difficult not to just spend, spend, spend. At least my clothes will look cooler for it, right?

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