Urban Decay's Shapeshifter Palette + Swatches

15 Jan 2018

Like every other product or beauty trend, I was crazy late to the party with contouring. I didn't understand bronzer and why people would put a stripe of it on their cheek, and don't even get me started on highlighter. Glittery stuff on your cheekbone sounded so far away from what I was comfortable with, but here I am now, an avid fan of bronzer and making my face look a little more sculpted. My collection of bronzers, blushers and highlighters is still small, but I think that I've just managed to add the crown jewel to it - the Urban Decay Shapeshifter palette (in light/medium). I decided to pick this guy up in the Boxing Day sales (even though it wasn't on sale... it's a habit I really need to kick), as I'd heard so many good things about it and was just gasping to try it for myself. I wasn't disappointed...

Now, I had toyed with the idea of just doing a first impressions of this palette, but I really wanted to try it out for a while and do a proper review. First impressions are all well and good, but I wanna know the juicy stuff! So to start off, this palette was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, which isn't a complaint. I honestly thought it was going to be Naked palette size, but I wasn't disappointed to find out that it was smaller. It isn't too bulky or heavy, and that makes it perfect for travelling with! The packaging is pretty similar to the Naked palettes though, particularly the Naked Smoky. It comes in a cardboard sleeve that's emblazoned with this amazing, beige, holo-esque effect. The palette itself features a similar sort of swirly look, which is so pretty to look at. It's magnetised, so you'll have no worries about it accidentally opening and smashing - perfect for us clumsy beauty lovers. The only thing that makes it different from a Naked palette is that it's double-sided, with each area separated by a flipable mirror.
Seriously, how cool is that? I got so excited when the package came and I was showing J how the mirror separates each side. I could tell that he was absolutely enthralled... but it's such a lovely little feature and it allows for plenty of room for each pan. Speaking of the pans, they're huge! You get so much product in each one, so the price (£39.50) is totally justified. 
So what exactly are in those pans? Well, one side, you have the powders, and there's a dark contour, a medium contour, a light contour and a pearl highlighter, which I've swatched in the photo above. As you can see, each of them is suuuuper pigmented, particularly the darkest contour shade. I'll admit, that particular shade is slightly too warm for me, but I make it work by getting the teeniest amount on my brush and gently applying it to the most hollow part of my cheek. I follow this with the medium shade applied slightly above and overlapping the dark shade, creating a 3D hollowed effect. Sometimes, I'll just use the medium shade because it's so buildable and pigmented that it's all I need, but by adding the dark shade, there's a little more depth. I'll admit, I haven't used the lightest contour shade very much yet, but when I have, it has been directly under the eyes to brighten them up and underneath my contour to make the line a little sharper. Because of it's slightly yellow tone, it's brilliant for brightening, but keeping the skin matte. However, if you aren't all about that matte life, then the pearl highlighter will be your best friend, and this is the best product in this palette for me. It's not chunky in the slightest and looks glowy rather than glittery. Again, it's buildable, so you can use a little bit for a subtle, natural glow, or go absolutely ham for that alien glow.

Each one of the powder products is a dream to apply. I haven't found any of them to be patchy and they all work so well together. The contour shades are so easy to blend out, so you won't be left with an orange, dirty stripe, but a natural, chiselled-looking face. The pigment of each of them can't be faulted and I think that the powders alone make this palette worth buying!
On the other side of the mirror, we have five cream products, with a dark contour shade, a light contour shade, two colour correctors and a pearl highlighter. Now, I've never used a cream product from this area of makeup, so this is a totally new thing for me, but it's definitely something that I think I could grow to love. I'll be real, I haven't used the dark contour shade yet, purely because I'm so scared that I won't be able to blend it out and I'll be left with a big smudge. The colour is so pigmented and it's a little bit scary. When I've had a play with it, no doubt I'll be updating you all on Instagram about how I found it (I'm really getting into Insta Stories). However, I have used all of the others! I've used the two colour correctors underneath my eyes, as I have a little bit of darkness, so by using these two, I've been able to cover them up, paving the way for flawless concealer and foundation. I really like using the light contour down my nose and on the tip - I have a sloping nose without a cute button at the end, so I like to do all I can to give the appearance of one, and this product is great for that! It's especially fab when combined with the cream pearl highlighter, which also looks so gorgeous lightly dotted on the cheekbone. For a blinding glow, I sometimes apply the cream highlighter followed by the powder - I look like a disco ball, I swear!

I find that each of these creams apply best with a finger. I know a lot of people will be like "Olivia, you shouldn't do that, it's so gross," but the warmth from the skin makes applying it to the face so easy. You can use a brush, of course, but I just find that the best results come with the finger. I also find that these are not good on top of powder. By all means, add powder on top of them, but don't apply these over powders. They're all extremely smooth to the touch and, like the powders, they're all super pigmented and buildable!
Overall, I think that this is a brilliant little palette. You get 9 different products, which is pretty amazing for £39.50. The only thing that I think I would change is swapping the pans for refillables. I know for a fact that I'm going to run out of one of the powders before I use up any of the creams, so having little magnetic pans that you can buy individually and slot in when you've used something up would be perfect. But apart from that, this kit is a dream come true. Instead of having to carry around individual contouring products, everything you need is right here in a compact palette. I'd recommend the Shapeshifter to everyone! They also sell it in a medium/dark range, so this could work for a variety of skin tones.

What other contouring products do you think I need to try? I'm particularly loving highlighters at the minute, so any suggestions for those would be great!

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  1. This looks awesome, I had never even heard of it before! Might have to buy it for my sister for her birthday!

    Thank you for your review.
    - Charlotte www.viewsofvenus.com

    1. It would make such a lovely gift! Keep your eyes peeled on places like Debenhams and Look Fantastic because it's sometimes on offer x