24 Things I've Learned In 24 Years

28 Mar 2018

Happy birthday to me! Yep, today I'm turning the grand old age of 24, which still feels a little bit weird to say. For some reason, I was comfortable being 23. I felt like it was an age that suited me and I enjoyed saying "I'm 23" if someone asked my age, but 24 feels totally different. It feels a whole lot older than 23 and a bit more grown up... I can't quite explain it! Anyway, to celebrate my birthday today, I thought I'd do a post similar to last years 23 Things I've Learned In 23 Years, but of course, I'll be updating it with some new things that I've learned or things that I remember learning as a child. Some may only be relevant to me, but others are things that I think everyone can take away from this.

  1. Help is there if you need it. I'm an extremely stubborn person and I hate asking for help, but I've learned that you need it in some situations and it's always there if you just ask.
  2. It's ok to skip out on the gym. There have been days recently where I've beaten myself up for missing a gym session. The truth is though, unless you've paid for a personal trainer, you won't get in trouble and your body will forgive you.
  3. Not everybody is going to like you. Personalities clash sometimes and that's totally normal.
  4. Don't over-pluck your eyebrows. Seriously, it isn't a good look.
  5. Work all sides of your personality. This is something that I know a lot of people will relate to, but I often flip from being an all-black wearing, skull-collecting witchy lady to a pink-loving, flower fairy wearing trainers with glittery pink velcro straps. Work every aspect and don't give a damn what anyone else thinks!
  6. Onion rings are the one true vice.
  7. Doing a Master's is hard work. My first semester was a breeze, but second semester has hit me hard and I'm having to grind to stay on top of my game.
  8. Say 'yes' to more things.
  9. Don't feel the need to explain yourself every time. A question that always comes up in conversations with me is why I don't drink/go out out. I'm getting a bit sick of having to go over it time and time again, so I've learned that I don't need to.
  10. Do what you want to your hair. It'll grow back anyway!
  11. Living with a boy is messy and gross at times, but so freaking lovely. J is the messiest person I know, but it's so gorgeous being able to wake up to his smushy face every day.
  12. You can't choose your blood family.
  13. Working with charities and non-profit organisations is something that you love doing. I've worked for a local charity in the past, volunteered for several non-profit services, currently volunteer for a non-profit group and I'm working on projects with two other charities right now. I love doing it and can definitely see myself continuing in the future.
  14. Put yourself in other people's shoes before you judge.
  15. Ice skating just isn't your forte. The amount of times I've almost had my fingers sliced off because I spend more time sat on the ice than skating round is unhealthy.
  16. Pole fitness isn't your forte either, but you love it like nothing else.
  17. The best lighting for selfies is by a window. I'm a selfiephobe and can't seem to find an angle where I think I look good, but I'm learning.
  18. There is such thing as too many cushions. My sofa has become kind of uncomfortable because of the amount of cushions on it. But they just look so darn pretty!
  19. 80s music is the best kind of music.
  20. Cleaning your makeup brushes is the most tedious of tasks. But how satisfying is it when they're all done?
  21. Don't be afraid to confide in people. I have trouble trusting people and for a long time, I didn't want to tell the people I did trust anything, but I'm slowly breaking that wall down.
  22. Book the holiday. Experiences over material.
  23. Some things can be fixed with a steaming cup of tea.
  24. You are exactly where you need to be right now. I struggled a lot with comparing myself to where my mum was at my age, but I've learned that everyone's path is different and I am 100% where I need to be.

I absolutely love writing posts like this, so I'll meet you back here in a year for a 25 things list. Let's not think too much about 25 yet though - that's even scarier than 24! Thank you all for sticking with me for another year of my life!

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