March 2018 Gratitude List

3 Apr 2018

I feel like I say this a lot, but where the heck is 2018 going? January crawled by, but it feels as though we've whizzed through the past few months! It's only when I sit down to write these gratitude posts that I realise how much I've done over the month and just how quickly it has gone, and March is no exception. It was a particularly busy and packed month, so let's get into chatting about it.

  1. Our holiday to Krakow - if you're new to my blog, then you may not know that J and I went to Krakow at the end of March. I booked the whole thing as a surprise for him for Christmas and it was something that I'd never done before. I was terrified that I'd messed up booking the flights or that something would go wrong with our Airbnb or one of our excursions would be a bit naff, but the whole thing went off without a hitch (even our 25 minute layover from Amsterdam to Krakow - I'm pretty sure I did enough cardio to last me a week). We both had an amazing time and already want to go back. There'll be loads of posts about the trip over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for them.
  2. My birthday - whilst we were in Krakow, I turned the grand old age of 24. I wrote a whole post that was scheduled to go up on the day about 24 things I've learned in those years, so go and give that a read, if you fancy. We spent the day wandering around the shops, visiting the Basilica, going to cat cafe, eating in Hard Rock and having an early night for our flight home the next morning. I had the best day and didn't really want it to end!
  3. Feeling on track with university - in February, I was feeling so disorganised with university and I was struggling to keep my head above water. It felt as though no matter what I did, something would drag me back down and I'd end up anxious about my marks or the quality of work I was producing. I'm pleased to say that I'm finally feeling as though I'm back on track with it all and my grades haven't slipped at all. I think that because I've got so much going on, I sometimes get a bit overwhelmed and it causes me to feel as though I'm not doing as well as I should be, but no more! I'm aiming high!
  4. Running an amazing campaign with the WI - this isn't something that I mention too often on here, but I'm a social media volunteer for Hartburn Village WI, a group that my mum is the president of. In March, I helped her with running a campaign that aimed to collect Easter egg donations for a local charity that helps vulnerable women, children and families. They were hoping for 200 eggs in total and we managed to raise 136 donations and 12 goodie bags from Warburtons, meaning we contributed to over half of their goal. And it's all thanks to a little poster, social media and a couple of mentions on BBC Tees.
  5. Developing an idea for my final project - this might seem a bit boring to some people, but March saw me start to think about my Master's final project that I'll be working on over summer. I either had to do a 15,000 word dissertation or create a multimedia news website and run it for a week. Of course, I was drawn more to the website, even though I've been highly praised for my academic writing, and the cogs have started turning in my brain. I'm excited to put it all together and show you all what I'm working on!

April is another busy month for me with lots of birthdays (happy birthday for today, J!) and things booked in, so I'm hoping that I have another positive gratitude list to share with you in May. I'd love to know what your highlight of March has been!

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