The Mexican - Krakow

27 Apr 2018

It's no secret that Krakow is full of amazing restaurants and cafes to eat in. You can get food from almost any cuisine and in all shapes and sizes. In a couple of my recent blog posts, I talked about the traditional Polish food we ate whilst in the city and how we found Hard Rock Cafe, the American-style chain restaurant, but this post is all about a little hidden gem just a short walk from St. Florian's Gate. As the name would suggest, it's Mexican-themed and absolutely to die for! The pair of us were really after Mexican food one evening and a quick Google told us that this was the closest restaurant to our apartment, and we're both so glad we gave it a try!

To be honest, if it wasn't for the Google, we wouldn't have found this place. It was one of those restaurants that has a staff member outside to wave a menu in people's faces, and I automatically move away from anywhere like that. But that being said, this time, you should listen to the menu-waving person - this place is absolutely worth a visit, even if you just go in to look at the decor. All over the ceiling are WANTED posters featuring photos of past restaurant goers. I thought it was just the right amount of tacky and was something that would make customers feel special. There are also chandeliers made from Desperado bottles and great artwork on the walls, including an image of Frida Kahlo, which I had to explain to J.
On the day that we visited, the restaurant had an offer on margaritas, so after braving the vodka shots the day before, I thought "why the heck not?". So I had a strawberry margarita (and a mango one later in the evening) and J had a pineapple one, and all of them were delicious. It had been so long since I'd had cocktails, so I definitely felt a little tiddly after a while!

To start, we had onion rings, of course, because I'm addicted to the things. They were some of the best that I'd ever had - they looked and tasted completely homemade. They didn't have the appearance of those that you get in the freezer section of Tesco. They were hot and crispy and served with a delicious dipping sauce - absolutely perfect starter! For my main course, I ordered chicken fajitas in a mild sauce. I wasn't brave enough to try the next tier of spiciness, but what I had was absolutely delicious and needed nothing more adding to it. J ordered the pork fajitas with added spice and he was in love at first taste. I had a little sample it wasn't crazy spicy, but had a deep and rich flavour. Each of them came in a sizzling dish with strips of onion and green and red peppers, then a side of salsa and soured cream was served alongside. We each had 3 wraps, but there was so much filling in the dishes leftover that we ordered another two each so that we could polish off the rest!
Usually, we would order dessert (because hi, that's the best bit of any meal), but we were so stuffed from the other courses that we'd had, we just had no room left at all! All of this came to less than £20, which is an absolute steal. It's not a secret that everything is rather cheap in Poland because of the exchange rate, so we were more than happy to pay this amount. If we were ever back in the city, we'd quite happily eat there again and I highly recommend that everyone else checks it out if they're nearby.

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  1. Ohmygod, the food looks incredible! Also margaritas - YUM! x