The Perfect Spring Palette with Too Faced

9 May 2018

Things have started to heat up in the UK (watch it drop back down to 5c now that I've written that) and because of that, I've been wearing a lot less makeup. It seems daft to write that when I'm doing a whole post about eyeshadow, but bear with me! I may have been wearing less - just my eyebrows and some mascara for a day-to-day look - but I've needed to put a bit more effort in, whether it's for work or events, I've been playing with colour a lot more. I used to be all about the basic browns, but all that has changed since I pick up the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes palette! Despite this guy being totally out of my comfort zone, something just pulled me to it in Sephora and I just had to have it. It's the perfect little palette for spring and let me tell you why!

Considering that I'm usually into a smoked out brown eye look, you may be wondering what it was that actually drew me to this palette? Well, I won't lie, I had seen that peach had become a big trend lately and I was loving all the looks that I was seeing online. I was also seeing a lot of peach tones that looked fairly natural, which was massively appealing to me. I had never used a colour quite like it and I had no idea whether it would look good on my skin tone or against my eye colour, but I threw all caution to the wind and bought this little guy. It also helped that it smelled absolutely scrumptious. When I'd watched or read reviews and saw that people said this smelled like peaches, I kind of thought, "surely not?" But there really is no mistaking that scent! It's so delicious and I can actually smell it for a good couple of hours after applying.
For £33, you get 12 shades and this works out at £2.75 per shadow, which I think is pretty reasonable considering the fact that Too Faced is a high end brand. Usually, I wouldn't spend that much on a palette, but because I was treating myself, it was difficult to resist! I also had no problem with paying that much because the packaging is so damn cute. I love that it has a magnetic opening that kind of looks like purse clasps, except with little golden peaches, and a super sturdy build that feels luxurious to hold. It's all plastic, but that chunky, weighted kind that won't get damaged if handled, so with that and it's small size in mind, it's perfect for travelling with. You also get a great mirror inside that's the size of the whole lid, so there's absolutely nothing to dislike!
Speaking of nothing to dislike, get a load of those colours. Like I mentioned earlier in the post, I was really interested in more natural peachy shades and this palette has plenty, but it also has much bright colours that I've been playing with. It was the lighter colours that I was mostly interested in, but as soon as I started experimenting with the brighter and deeper shades, I fell head over heels. See the swatches below and the little descriptions of each shade for more info!
  • Peach Meringue - a yellow-toned ivory. I find this one to be a little chalky, but it's ideal for a sweep over the lid to create a base.
  • Peach Butter - a creamy peach. Again, this is another shade that I use to sweep over the lid and is the one I tend to use most. It's just a lot closer to my skin tone!
  • Peaches and Cream - a light peach sherbet. This shade is so delicious and with a light hand, it makes for an amazing transition colour. It looks so beautiful when smoked out.
  • Peach Tea - a warm-toned caramel. Like Peaches and Cream, this is a brilliant transition shade and really works for warming a look up.
  • Just Peachy - a true peach. We're getting into brights territory now! I absolutely love this shade, despite how vivid it is, but it's a true peach that would work in the crease or over the whole lid.
  • Fresh-Picked - a burnt peach. This shade is quite similar to Just Peachy, however, it has a slightly darker look to it, making it slightly more brown in appearance.
  • Peach Cobbler - a deep, warm-toned peach. Again, this is like Fresh-Picked, but much deeper with a strong warm tone. The name makes me drool!
  • Peach Punch - a red-toned peach. In the pan, this shade looks quite pink, but when applied, it's much more of a red-orange peach shade. It's beautiful in the crease or over the whole lid.
  • Peach Sangria - a wine tone. This colour is so stunning, but I wish there was more pigmentation! I love to add this to the outer-corner for a bit of dimension. Despite this being a palette of mattes, I'm pretty sure that this shade has a slight shimmer to it, which is pretty lovely!
  • Peach Tart - a deep, warm-toned brown. Again, this is another shade that is perfect for the outer-corner.
  • Just Ripe - a spicy plum purple. This is such a gorgeous shade and I'm looking for an excuse to wear it all over my lid!
  • Chocolate Dipped - a smoky brown. This is the equivalent of a black shade in other palettes - it's an absolute necessity for deepening your looks. I would love for there to be more pigmentation to it, but it does a good job.

I absolutely love all of the shades, but as I've mentioned in the descriptions, some of them fall a little short in some aspects. For example, Peach Meringue is a little chalky and Peach Sangria doesn't have as much pigmentation to it. That being said, I'm enjoying using every shade and the sheerness of some of them is working in my favour because I'm enjoying lighter makeup at the moment! I think that my favourite is Just Peachy - not because it is the shade the palette is named after, but because it packs such a punch! You can't fault that colour and it applies so creamily.

Have you tried this palette or any of the other bits from Too Faced's peach line? What would you recommend?

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  1. I love the peachy tones at the moment as well. Good to see it swatched - the colours are a lot brighter on your skin than I'd have expected!