Bon Premier Anniversaire, Bistrot Pierre Middlesbrough

23 Sept 2018

If you cast your minds waaaay back to last September, you'll remember that I went along to the media preview night of the brand new Bistrot Pierre that had opened in my hometown. To me, that feels like such a long time ago, so when an email pinged into my inbox, informing me that the restaurant was to celebrate its first birthday last Thursday, I couldn't believe it! While the restaurant still felt brand new to me, I'd also visited several times since the launch, so it had almost become a staple favourite of mine and kind of 'part of the furniture' in the town. The Southernist and I were invited along to the birthday party to celebrate one year of Bistrot Pierre Middlesbrough, so we got our gladrags on for a night of canapes and fizz.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - the food scene in Middlesbrough is so exciting right now. While it's very easy for someone to take a look at Linthorpe Road and be put-off by the amount of takeaways, there is also such a variety of restaurants and eateries aside from the takeaways, with something new popping up each week (or so it feels like). From chain restaurants to independent venues, from Persiand food to authentic Italian, there really is something to suit everyone's tastes. Bistrot Pierre was the perfect addition to this landscape and the location opposite the town hall makes it the prime place to eat before seeing a show, particularly now that the town hall has had its refurbishment.

A couple of months after opening, Bistrot Pierre Middlesbrough earned itself the top spot in 'The 10 Best Restaurants' in the town, which was a great win for the team. What's even better is that you'll still find it in that list to this day, so if you're ever up North, you should definitely try it out!
As per my request to Alex, we were the first ones through the door, giving us time to take photos with ease and chat to some of the people that have made this restaurant such a success. General Manager, Salvatore Savino, spoke about how the past year had been, saying "it's been fantastic, really rewarding. We've developed some great relationships with local business and individuals, it's been great." so it was clear that the restaurant had developed in such a way that had surpassed his greatest expectations. And it's no surprise at all when you consider the quality of the food served and the relaxed atmosphere of the venue. Seriously, honey roasted chorizo and deep fried Brie? How could this place not be popular?

We also discovered that there is also a great deal of exciting things coming to Bistrot Pierre towards the end of the year. Brand Manager, Rebecca Chapman, revealed that the brand new autumn menu will be launching on the 3rd of October and she explained that it will be "all about taking seasonal ingredients and turning them into something beautiful." Want a little bit of insider gossip about what you can find on the menu? How does duck breast with blackberry jus and dauphinoise potatoes tickle your fancy? Or how about an autumn crumble? Both of those have my name all over them! She also added that they have "Beaujolais Day (a traditional french celebration of the end of harvest, taking place annually on the third Thursday in November) and of course Christmas so we'd love people to come and make these occasions a real event with us."
From being able to chat to everyone involved, it was so clear to see how passionate they all were about the Bistrot Pierre and everything that the restaurant stood for. Area Manager, Richard, told me that they are enthusiastic about running the restaurant in the same way that real French bistrots are. The staff are more like a family and everybody that works there now has been there since the day it opened last September, with many of them making significant progressions in their career. He told me about a lovely lady who started as a waitress, but is now the assistant manager, and helping people to progress in this way is something that he is keen to do. And just from looking at the way the staff interact with each other, it was obvious that they do all see each other as a family, making it a lovely environment to be in.
After an evening of prosecco, mocktails and the most delicious canapes I think I've ever had, myself and Alex headed back home feeling inspired and warm-and-fuzzy from the great chats that we'd had. Even though Bistrot Pierre Middlesbrough has become one of our go-to eating spots, we were very much excited for our next trip after learning so much about the year that they'd had and what's coming up in the near future.

Bistro Pierre, Middlesbrough is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and for breakfast on weekends. To find out more or book a table, check out

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  1. This place looks amazing! I feel a little jealous of the food scene you have - there's not many places to go here in Exeter tbh

    1. Oh nooo! I can't say I've ever been to Exeter, but maybe have a little explore in the surrounding areas? x