My Autumn Makeup Bag Essentials

5 Oct 2018

We're well and truly into autumn now. There are leaves falling from trees across the UK and we're past the halfway point in Bake Off (I've still not decided whose team I'm on - maybe Ruby's?), so by my standards, that means it's autumn. And with the change in season comes a change in the makeup I'm putting on my face. There's no doubts about it, autumn is my favourite time of the year because I live for the browns and berry tones, as well as all the warm knits and cosiness. I know, stereotypical blogger, right? I wanted to put together a little list of the makeup products that have been essential to me so far this season, and the things that I tend to use each year. I realise that several of the products in this post have featured already on this blog, but hear me out and let me tell you about why they're my must-haves for autumn.

I am a creature of habit when it comes to foundation. My skin is very particular in that I have normal cheeks, a spot-prone chin, and an oily T-zone, even though my nose is sometimes dry. That just doesn't make sense, does it? One of the only foundations I've found that works well with this jumble of skin types in the No7 Beautifully Matte (shade Cool Vanilla). I like to wear the Beautifully Matte Light in spring and summer because it's a bit more glowy, but even that picks up on my dry nose patches, whereas the completely matte version doesn't. It makes my skin look completely smooth and flawless, and for me, autumn is all about the matte skin look. We've left that dewy, overly-highlighted look in summer, it's time to tone it down a little for the cooler months. Applied with a sponge over a moisturised and primed base, it looks unbelievable and it lasts all day without any sliding about!

You guys know me, I'm a cat flick liner type of gal. Seriously, if I don't have my liner on, I don't even think I look like myself. My heart still lies with the Soap & Glory Supercat liner, but recently, I've been obsessed with the No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Liner (shade Black). For the longest time, I was terrified of using anything outside my felt tip liner comfort zone, but I got this as a freebie and I've built up a little stash of them since. I find it so easy to apply and because it's got a thin brush, you can get super close to the lash line to apply the tiniest amount. It doesn't dry out quickly, it's super black and it doesn't dry completely matte, so keeps a little bit of dimension, making it a fab liner for autumn.
My palette collection is getting a little out of hand lately, but over the past couple of weeks, it's the Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha palette that I've been reaching for. I did a whole review of this palette last year, but I am still completely head over heels for it. You can see from the image above how much kick up is on it from all the usage, but it's just brilliant for this time of the year. It's packed full of warm nudes with some slightly cooler tones in there, and berry shades to make your eyes pop. Plus, there's a row of metallics that completely steal the show. They're fab for all over the lid or for halo eye effects. It has absolutely everything you need to create a range of eye looks, so this is a must have for the season. What makes it even better is that it's only £19 for 25 shades - such a steal.

I love dramatic lashes. I don't think an eye look is complete unless you've got the lashes to match, and for me, wispy barely-there lashes just don't make the cut. I want high volume, lengthy black lashes that frame my eyes perfectly, and that is what I get with Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara. This is a cult favourite and for good reason! I've never met a mascara that gives me the results that this baby does. I only need to go in with one coat to get those dramatic lashes I was talking about, and if I'm feeling daring, I sometimes do two coats, just for the ultimate length and volume. It looks especially good with a cat flick created by the No7 liner - they are a match made in heaven.
Another cult favourite that quickly picked up attention is the Conceal & Define by Makeup Revolution (shade C1). Again, I have a little first impressions review of this guy if you'd like to check that out, but basically, this is one of the best concealers I've used. As I predicted in my first impressions, this has become my go to concealer and I can't imagine doing a full face of makeup without it. This shade is perfect for brightening up my under eye area and it blends out so smoothly. It's matte, making it ideal for autumn, but not flat and you can lay other products on top of it beautifully. It really is something that I recommend everyone tries out. Plus, it's been compared to Tarte's Shape Tape, but costs a fraction of the price, so you won't break the bank to get similar results. Makeup Revolution have just released larger bottles of the concealers and a new foundation to match, so I'm going to have to get my hands on those to try! 

And last, but certainly not least, is a highlighter. I know I said that we've left glowy season behind now, but I love just a little bit of a sheen during autumn. Nothing too blinding, just a slight healthy glow, and I've been achieving that with ColourPop x KathleenLights On The Cusp highlighter. This is a cream highlight, which is something that I had never used before trying this product, and it applies like a dream. The shade is somewhere between silver and gold, hence the name, and it's perfect for adding a little bit of a shine to the face. I simply swipe my finger in the pin and gently dab it along my cheeks, popping a little bit on my brow bone and nose as I go. Of course, you can be as heavy-handed or as sparing as you like, but it looks stunning no matter how much you apply, making it my favourite highlighter for the season.

While there are plenty of other products I could recommend for autumn, these are six of my favourites and the top products that I've been grabbing lately. I'm always open to trying new things though, so send some recommendations my way of products that are your essentials in autumn!

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