Breakfast at The Dome, Edinburgh

12 Nov 2018

I've posted a heck of a lot of foodie posts on here over the past couple of years, but breakfast? This is brand new territory for me. Recently, Alex and I were in Edinburgh, and as I'm sure you're all aware, the city is a haven for eateries, both independent and chain. But we got a message from my mum saying that we absolutely had to go to The Dome for a drink and she kindly sent us some money to do so. Unfortunately, we were pretty booked up that day, so we didn't get to The Dome until the day we were leaving, and because our train was at 11:30AM, we could only have breakfast. We definitely weren't complaining though!

As soon as my mum mentioned The Dome, I took to Google to find out what it was all about. Scrolling through all the photos and seeing the type of food that was served, I was so worried that Alex and I would look slightly out of place. With it's grand chandeliers, huge columns and plush furnishings, I thought that we would stick out like a sore thumb, especially because we would be a bit dishevelled from the rain. Those fears didn't go away as we climbed the huge staircase past the massive vases of white lilies, but as soon as we got into The Georgian Tea Room, I knew that we would be fine. Despite the lavish surroundings, there were plenty of people in every day clothes - not a ball gown in sight!
We were shown to a table by a window as soon as we arrived and handed a breakfast menu, and I instantly felt relaxed. The lighting was very soft and I was in complete awe of everything - from the huge windows to the detailed filigrees on the ceiling. Everywhere you looked, there was something to see and enjoy or ponder over. It was difficult trying to concentrate on the food options because I was so busy gawping at everything else! After browsing the menu for quite some time, I made a decision and we placed our order.
In true Alex fashion, he went for a cappuccino, which he described as a "proper" cappuccino. I'm not a coffee drinker, but apparently the foam on top of a cappuccino has to be done just right, otherwise it isn't a good cappuccino. That all sounds a bit too complicated for my liking, so I opted for the pot of China Green. This was a classic Chinese green tea that is infused with jasmine flowers for an intense flowery taste. If you aren't a floral fan, you wouldn't enjoy this tea, but I found it to be really flavoursome and punchy. It was the perfect thing to warm me up on that chilly morning. Despite the room filling up, our food arrived pretty quickly.
Alex opted for the eggs Florentine, which surprised me, as his go-to is eggs Benedict if we ever go out for breakfast. However, when he does have eggs Benedict/Florentine, he finds that many places don't get the hollandaise sauce right, as it needs to have a slight lemony-ness to it, but he reckoned that this one was spot on. As you can see from the photo, the eggs were on top of a bed of spinach on a toasted English muffin, then topped off completely with some spiralling greens. It was an impressive dish and Alex ate up every last bit, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

I was less than adventurous with my breakfast, but I was so stuck with what to have! I didn't know whether I wanted something hot or cold, so I made a quick decision to have the natural yogurt with chocolate shavings and banana on top. Yes, that seems pretty boring from the outside, but it was so yummy! The yogurt was creamy, but tangy, which was contrasted against the sweetness of the banana and chocolate. It worked so perfectly together and it was a joy to eat. Plus, there was loads of it! The image above doesn't show how deep the bowl was, but there was a heck of a lot of yogurt, so I was happily full once I'd scraped the bowl clean.
The pair of us were really pleased with our food and drinks, however, there were other things on the menu that we both wanted to try. I guess that means we just have to have another trip! Of course, before we left, we absolutely had to take a better look at the Grill Room. This is situated underneath the architectural dome itself, so it has the most beautiful ceiling. Not only this, but it has gigantic columns, a stunning bar and the most gorgeous Georgian architecture. I'm sure we both looked like proper tourists, snapping away at the whole place, but how could we not? It truly is a magnificent building and I recommend looking in, even if you don't eat or drink there.
So we'll definitely be back here at some point. Who knows, we might try lunch next time! The Dome is also supposed to especially gorgeous at Christmas with a giant Christmas tree in the middle of the Grill Room, so I'd also love to come and experience that one day! And I'll also say that it can be done on a budget, if that's something you were worrying about through the duration of this post. I think our breakfast came to about £18 all together, which I was surprised at given the location, but was very happy! So absolutely do not hesitate to pay The Dome a visit the next time you're in Edinburgh.

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  1. The Dome is gorgeous isn't it! I can't help but giggle at the thought of you turning up in a ball gown though ;-)