3 Years of The Northernist

1 Jan 2019

Happy New Year, everyone! I realise that I start pretty much all of my "... years of The Northernist" posts like this, but holy moley, can you believe it's 2019? It feels as though 2018 went by so quickly and it's honestly blowing my mind that we're already back to January. However, the start of the year marks my blogiversary! That's right, tomorrow (Jan 2nd) is my blog's third birthday, which is absolutely crazy. I never thought I'd still be loving The Northernist as much as I do, but here we are. Let me tell you a little bit about what 2018 was like for my blog.

In my opinion, I think last year (it feels so weird typing that) was the best for my blog so far. Yes, I know it hasn't been around all that long, but 2018 felt like a pretty mega year for my little corner of the web. It might not have looked like it from the outside because my posting schedule got a little bit out of whack and I became silent for patches of time, but all that aside, 2018 was pretty stellar for The Northernist.

While I have always said that this blog was never created in the hopes of becoming a full time career, last year saw me receive several paid opportunities, one of them being the highest paying project that I've ever been a part of. This blog started out as a little hobby, as a place where I could write about whatever I liked, which it still is, but I'm so beyond grateful and proud that there are companies that like what I do and want to pay me for it. Again, I don't think that I will ever want to take The Northernist full time, but knowing that people like what I do with it and how I write really gives me a little confidence boost with my social media career aspirations.
Something else that happened this year was that I started a new relationship and gained a new blogging buddy from it. You've all seen me mention Alex plenty of times on here, but as he's from the South, he was very keen to start a blog alongside mine called The Southernist. He writes a lot about Middlesbrough news at the minute and we've worked on a couple of projects together, but we're hoping to do a lot more Northernist-Southernist stuff this year. He's already had a one-date-night-restaurant-review-per-month type of idea, so keep your eyes peeled for that in the future. But even though we haven't done a lot of blog things together yet, it's been nice to be able to chat about blog things with someone who gets it.

I think I sort of fell into my niche in 2018, which is something that I didn't think I'd ever do. I wrote a whole post about niches and why I believe you don't really need one, but I feel as though I kind of have one now. First and foremost, I am a North East blogger, but there are quite a few of us up here, so what is it that sets me apart? I write about Middlesbrough quite a fair bit and I think that is something that I have become known for. I also write honestly about my personal life and those seem to be the posts that do 'well', so I think my box is the Middlesbrough lifestyle one. And even though I plan to keep going with those themes because those are the ones I like to write about, I'm hoping to do a lot more beauty content this year. That's the sort of stuff I enjoy reading and learning about, but I've always been somewhat embarrassed to write about it much in 2018, and I think that's because I became so caught up in my Middlesbrough lifestyle blogger content. I also really want to get back into baking because while that content doesn't do too great, it's some of my favourite to produce.

Before I end this post, I'm going to share a few of my favourite posts that I've written from last year. That may be a bit big-headed, but hey, I created some pretty cool content in 2018 and we're celebrating a birthday here, so it's only right that we cast our minds back!

So, like I said, I really think that this has been the best year for my blog so far, but I can't wait to see what 2019 holds. I'm waiting to find out about a collab that should be happening this month that both Alex and I are going to be involved with, so keep your eyes peeled for that, but there isn't anything else in the pipeline yet. I'm terrible for organisation or planning, but I'm hoping that I have another fab blog year.

If this is the first post you're reading from me, hello there, I'm Olivia. Come in, the water's warm! And if you've been here a while, thank you so much for your continued support. There's a little handful of people who read every single post (you know who you are) and it feels so nice to be part of such a cool web gang.

Let's meet here next year, same time, for a four year blog post!

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