April 2019 Gratitude List - Over-Achieving & First Class Trains

1 May 2019

Gosh, it feels like an absolute lifetime since I wrote a gratitude list. Does anyone else feel like April was about a year long?! It's not that it dragged, but I definitely can't believe how long the month was. That being said, it was also a pretty month that saw me enter the second month of my new job, the return of Game of Thrones and a whole heap of other stuff, so let's chat about what made me happy during the month of April.

  1. The warmer weather - we all knew that this was going to feature in my gratitude lists at some point, but oh man, that Easter weekend we had was glorious. I've said before that I'm not much for hot weather, but after what feels like years of cold, it was so good to feel some sun on my skin. And I tried to make the most of it! Alex and I headed to Washington WWT on Easter Saturday, our family Easter dinner ended up moving outside for the pudding course and we had a gorgeous saunter to our local park.
  2. Being a bit of an over-achiever at work - when I first applied to my digital content role, I was told that 70% of my job would product copy work, but I have said 'yes' to as many things as possible and tried to learn all that I can. So now, almost 3 months in, I do product copy, write blog posts, stream Facebook Lives from the website, proof read and write email copy, help with print materials, write Facebook and PPC ads, and create I-cards for TV. So yes, I've been a bit of an over-achiever within my probation period, but that has come with its rewards...
  3. Transferring managers and being given more responsibility - Alex insists that I've been promoted, but I'm adamant that I haven't. Basically, because my role has become so much more varied than how it was advertised, I no longer report to the trading manager - instead, I'm working under the digital marketing manager who wants to give me full control of the content area on the company site. She is also keen to get me working alongside our social media agency and learning a lot more about SEO, so the future is really bright!
  4. Celebrating birthdays - the end of March and beginning of April are the birthday months in our family. There are three birthdays in quick succession, including mine, so it's a rather nice time all round! My favourite was probably my mum's because we went out for a lush tea and it was really nice to see my little goddaughters getting involved. It feels like they were too young to fully understand what was happening in other years, so it's lovely to watch them get into the birthday celebrations!
  5. Booking a trip - having that little bit more money every month has been so so nice and because Alex's birthday is coming up, I decided I'd surprise him with a trip. Granted, the trip is a month before his birthday, but I managed to bag him tickets to go to something that he'd had his eye on - we're off to see the New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox in London! We're both so excited to go and I even got us first class trains there, so we're making a real event of it. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled for a post all about it in July!
Wow, I feel like this was a super waffly gratitude list, so if you actually read each point, well done you! It's been an amazing month for me and so far, 2019 has been extra extra kind. Let's hope May is just as lovely.

What was your highlight of April?

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