May 2019 Gratitude List - Music and Lightbulb Moments

1 Jun 2019

Well, this is a bit of a shock, isn't it? I've been totally silent on The Northernist for pretty much the entirety of May, but I have a good reason. When people said that blogging and working full time was difficult, they really weren't joking, but it's especially hard when you work in digital content. I spend all day writing, so when I come home, the last thing I want to do is write, which is a bit sad. I'm going to slowly ease myself back into my blog and I'll be honest, it feels so good to be typing this right now (but don't expect too much too soon)!

So to dip my toes back into the blogging waters, I'm doing what I know how to do best - talking about the things I was grateful for over the past month. May was a crazy one - work got intense and I really struggled mentally, but I'm getting there and there were definitely some great things that I knew I could put into a gratitude list. Take a read!
  1. Feeling more valuable at work - my official title is Digital Content Executive, but when I first started, people were kind of unsure about what my role actually was and what I even did all day. It's been a process, but with my shift in managers, people are finally starting to understand me and the work I do, so it feels like I'm appreciated more. That's not to say that I wasn't appreciated initially, but being able to say what aspects of digital marketing I cover is definitely helping me to explain my role better and feel like part of the bigger picture.
  2. Being full of ideas - despite my mental health taking a knock last month, I was coming up with ideas left, right and centre, both in work and outside. Cogs are turning to transform one of suggestions into a reality at work, I've had an idea for a YA novel and Alex and I are thinking about collaborating a bit more. Yes, I had plenty of "am I too ambitious?" moments too, but the lightbulb moments were constant!
  3. Finding somewhere to live with Alex - we're taking a big step and finally moving in together! It felt like the perfect time - Alex's tenancy at his student flat is nearly up, I didn't like living at home and I'd been staying at Alex's for the past three months anyway, so getting a place together was what felt right. We're so looking forward to actually getting into the house and making it our own. I've been desperate to get a vanity table, so maybe look out for a little 'vanity table tour' post in the future!
  4. Going to Radio 1's Big Weekend - when I found out that Big Weekend was coming to my hometown, I flipped. I knew that we had to go, no matter what. The music was definitely not up my street and Alex reckons he knew no one there because he's too old, but so what? This was an incredible opportunity for our little town and something that just wasn't to be missed. And it was an absolutely amazing time! We managed to bag tickets for Saturday and Sunday, and loved it all. A lot of the acts were great, the food was fab and we even got fairly lucky with the weather. My favourite artists of the weekend were Annie Mac, Stormzy, Two Door Cinema Club and Sigrid. It was definitely something that will go down in the history of the town and I hope that it's helped to sure Boro in a better light.
  5. Having the most supportive other half - Alex has featured heavily in this gratitude list and rightly so. May was so rocky and I spent a fair few nights crying myself to sleep, but Alex was always there if I needed him, even if it was just to hold his hand. Gosh, I'm almost vomming at myself writing this sort of rubbish, but honestly, he keeps me so sane. He's got no clue how loved he is.

Wow, that felt like a really waffly one. If you managed to get all the way to the end of this post, congratulations! You win 50 points! I'm very sorry that I've been gone for so long, but hopefully this post has given you a bit of an insight into my life over last few weeks.

I want to know what you enjoyed about May. Tell me what you were grateful for!

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