What I Bought From The Urban Decay x Game Of Thrones Collection + Swatches

4 May 2019

This time, I mean it. The spending ban is happening. But when I saw that Urban Decay were collaborating with Game of Thrones on a collection, I really couldn't resist. Two of my favourite things coming together? Take my money! I'd been eyeing up social media for what felt like weeks, seeing all of the teaser videos and the hype tweets, until the collection finally launched. It had felt like a total lifetime waiting for it to drop - I really was that excited! But now, the bits that I ordered are finally mine, so as you can imagine, I absolutely couldn't wait any longer to share them all with you.

Much like my ColourPop x Disney Villains haul, I like to think that I was reasonably restrained with the Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collection. There were so many different bits and bobs to choose from, including a limited edition vault with the entire collection and exclusive brushes inside, but I managed to steer myself away from it. However, I did have Alex playing the little devil on my shoulder, telling me to get the vault and there was a point where I almost went for it, but no.

The reason why I didn't get more than I probably normally would have is because I realise that I'm a bit naughty when it comes to spending money on makeup, and because of my office job, I'm not getting to use my makeup as often as I did when I worked in the bar. So really, I need to stop growing my collection and just focus on using what I have. That being said, when something as amazing as this launches, it's so hard to resist, but I managed to reduce my purchase to the palette and two eyeliner pencils.
It's kind of ridiculous that I bought the palette because that's the area of my stash that is most out of control, but this is such a collector's piece that I couldn't not have it. As a huge fan of Game of Thrones, it only felt right! As soon as I saw the teaser videos, I knew that it was the one thing that I 100% wanted to pick up.

So, this is a hefty palette - definitely not something that is travel-friendly. It's designed almost like a book, with an amazing embossed exterior that features the swords of the Iron Throne and a spine with gold foil embossing. It feels luxurious and weighty, as well as kind of ridiculous. Much like the Alice In Wonderland collector's palette, it also features a pop-up effect. When you open the top of the palette, you see the map of Westeros and a Dany quote, but by lifting the tab that the quote is on, a 3D Iron Throne is revealed. It's insane and totally unnecessary, but very cool nonetheless.

The actual palette of colours is tucked into the bottom of the box, and you can access it by pulling on the little ribbon tab. It can be fully pulled out so you can put the huge box to one side and pop the thinner palette part on to your desk or vanity for using. This is still fairly chunky and has no protection other than the box it came in, so it really isn't ideal for travelling, but the whole design is absolutely incredible, so it's a must for fans or collectors.

On to the fun bit... the colours. It's worth pointing out the Urban Decay have had a bit of flack over the colour selection for this palette, and it's not difficult to see why. There are only three mattes in a palette of twenty shades... yes, three. That's not ideal for people that like to go for a subtle, barely there look, however, it's quite clear from the rest of the shades in this palette that this is not what it's for. It's definitely more for people who want to play with colour a bit or people who want to display it, so sorry neutral-lovers!

What I love about the shade selection is that it's split into four zones that correspond to different characters. We've got Hardhome, which is all about the White Walkers and the Free Folk beyond the wall, so everything is cool in tone and very icy. Then we've got Winterfell, which relates to the Starks, so we've got earthier shades. Next up is King's Landing, the home of the Lannisters, so all the shades are very regal and rich. Then finally, we have Bay of Dragons, which corresponds to the Targaryens, so the shades are a bit more fun and exotic. Let's have a look at the broken down swatches.

  • Take The Black - a true black with icy blue microglitters
  • White Walker - a frosty pale blue shimmer with a lilac shift
  • Frozen North - a stunning ocean blue metallic with icy silver microglitters
  • Free Folk - a metallic silver
  • Hardhome - a sparkling white transformer shade 

  • Nymeria - a warm terracotta matte
  • Winter Is Here - a dark brown metallic with an iridescent shimmer
  • Weirwood Leaves - a beautiful satin plum
  • The Sight - a metallic emerald green with an iridescent shimmer
  • Winterfell - a stunning antique gold transformer shade 

  • Red Keep - a warm metallic copper
  • Casterly Rock - a deep metallic bronze
  • House Lannister - a matte peach
  • Lannister Red - a matte brick red
  • King's Landing - a blinding pale gold transformer shade

  • Stormborn - an incredible metallic purple with blue microglitters
  • House Targaryen - a beautiful true gold metallic
  • Dothraki - a metallic green-gold
  • Bend The Knee - a soft lilac shimmer with a cool blue shift
  • Bay of Dragons - a cool-toned pink transformer shade

As you can see from this list, this palette is packed full of shimmers and metallics, plus the four transformer shades, which are designed to be used on top of other shadows to change their appearance (but I think they look pretty fab on their own). As I mentioned, this isn't really a palette for neutral, every day shade lovers, but if you like to experiment, it's downright perfect. The consistency of the shadows is pretty spectacular, particularly the majority of the metallics.

One shade that seems to struggle with colour payoff is House Lannister. It came off a bit patchy in my swatch, but I'm going to play with it a little and see what I can do with it. Another shade that I struggled with a bit was Winterfell, which is a shame because it's bloomin' gorgeous. I found it a bit crumbly, but of course, the way to deal with this is to do your eye makeup before your face!

Overall, I think my favourite shade from swatching is either Frozen North or Red Keep - completely opposite ends of the warmth scale, but I can't deny the colour payoff of both or the incredible sparkles and reflects!

I also absolutely love the shade names. I've seen a few people say that there were some key shades that were missed out, but let's be honest, there are so many amazing shade names that were probably in the list that it was a nightmare to wittle it down. Some other names I've come up with are Three Eyed Raven, Hold The Door, Dragonglass and Not Today.

There were four pencils in the collection, but as I mentioned at the beginning, I chose two. It was a pretty tough choice because I loved all four shades, but I had a good think about the colours that I would actually use. That being said, the two that I went for are still kind of "out there", but I'm really excited to give them a proper go and see what I can do with them.

The first shade I was drawn to was Lannister Gold, then after a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing, I picked up The Night King (kind of for the name, kind of for the shade).

The clue is very much in the name for Lannister Gold. This pencil is an incredible, metallic, true gold, and it's something that I can see myself using on my lower lash line for a bit of a statement. I love wearing gold and bronze shades on my eyes, but I've never tried a gold liner out before, so I'm very interested to see how it looks!

The Night King is a tribute to the baddy of the series, and as he dwells in the freezing cold North, the Frozen North pencil is a shimmering teal blue. After doing a blue liner in my ColourPop pigments post, I've loved how blue looks on my eyes, so I can't wait to play with this a bit more.

Now, I have played with these a little bit on the back of my hand and oh my gosh, I've honestly never felt a liner more creamy in my life. Honestly, they just glide. There's no tugging or uncomfortable stabbing - just smooth colour. The payoff is incredible and none of the metallic/sparkle is lost when applied to the skin at all, which makes me even more excited to use them on my eyes.

So, I realise that this was a long post for only three products, but I hope you enjoyed having a peek at this mini haul! Did you pick up anything from the Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collection?

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