My New Summer Lipcare Favourite From Maskitec*

8 Jun 2019

I'll be the first person to hold my hands up and say that I don't take the best care of my lips. I love a good moisturiser for my skin and swear by a bit of SPF (us pale girls gotta stick together), but my lips kind of get ignored, which is very naughty. Because of this, my lips are pretty dry most of the time and that's something that's going to change this summer with the help of Maskitec!

There's nothing I love more than working and helping out a local business, so when Maskitec asked if they could send me some lip balms*, I absolutely jumped at the chance, especially when I saw how amazing their scents and packaging were. I meeeean, who could resist Strawberry Daiquiri lip balm? So my lip balms arrived from the HQ in Newcastle and I jumped right into using them.
The first scent I received was Spearmint* and if there's one scent (or foodie substance) I absolutely love, it's mint. Spearmint, cool mint, peppermint, mint chocolate, you name it and I'm all over it, so this lip balm was the one that I gravitated to first. And I'll admit, the scent is really subtle, but it's lovely and fresh, and doesn't linger too long, so if you're not a scent person, this could be ideal for you.

It's also a clear lip balm that just glides on with ease, so you don't get any weird blobs of colour - just a nice coating of sheer balm. It's exactly what I want in a lip balm, so it's been the one that I've reached for time and time again.

However, if you like a bit of colour in your lip balm, you might love the second scent I received - Midnight Plum*. This one is much more 'out there' than the Spearmint*, as it's coloured with deep aubergine mica powder to give you a hint of purple on your lips. As soon as I unscrewed the lid, I was hit with the sweetest, most delicious smell of plum, so this one is definitely more on the daring side.

I'll admit, I love the scent of this one, but I'm terrified of the colour. Because I'm so pale, I'm not sure that the dark colour suits me, but I think it could look gorgeous against deep skin tones or over a lipstick to make it a bit vampier. I'm gonna do my best to make it work for me!
So what are these two little pots of joy made of? Aside from the mica to give the colour, each lip balm is packed full of nourishing ingredients, including bees wax, shea butter and sunflower oil, and it really shows! As soon as you swipe your finger in the pot, the heat of your skin starts to melt the surface of the lip balm slightly, giving you the power to glide the product effortlessly across your lips. In the past, if I've used a lip balm, it's tended to be one of those screw-up-lipstick-style lip balms, and I find that they can drag on your lips slightly, so I find this method of warming theses oil-based balms up with a finger so much better, as demonstrated by my ever-supportive fella (lip balms are definitely unisex).

Each are packaged in these adorable little tins, which I think are much cooler than those lipstick-style lip balms that I mentioned before (is there a proper name for these lip balms please?) and with that incredible Medusa-esque skull on the front, I don't half feel bad ass when I'm giving my lips a bit of nourishment. They're ideal to keep in your pocket, throw in your bag or have on your desk, which is where I've kept mine, so that I always have a reminder to moisturise at work.
So this summer, I'm going to have lovely, juicy lips, all thanks to Maskitec! I find it so much easier and kind of more fun to moisturise my lips with their amazing products, so if you've been looking for that perfect summer lip balm, this is the brand to try!

All items that are marked with a * have been sent to me or gifted by a PR company for review purposes.

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