Our Second Hand Home: 5 Things I Learned While Painting & Decorating

28 Jun 2019

While I think it'll be super fun to do lots of updates on the house as part of my Our Second Hand Home series, I also wanted to throw in a few fun posts. You know, just so that things don't get too samey. So today, I wanted to dedicate a post to the thing that I have hated doing the most so far - painting and decorating. The only two rooms we've painted so far are our office and the bedroom, and that's enough for me. Alex is determined to do our lounge/dining room (we haven't quite decided what it will be yet), but for now, I'm quite happy to not do anymore. The two upstairs rooms were enough for me to learn quite a few things about myself and the whole art of painting and decorating.

  1. I am more impatient than I thought - I used to think that I was a really patient person. I had myself down as someone who was good at waiting for things, even though I would get a bit antsy if something took too long. With painting, any sort of patience was gone. I was pacing about, getting flustered when areas were drying at different speeds and wanting to move on to the next job with no awareness of what actually needed doing. Don't even get me started on having to do the cutting in... I was probably a horror to be around!
  2. I'm a total perfectionist - I already knew that I was quite the perfectionist, I just didn't realise how much of one I actually was. If I spotted a patch that didn't quite look right, I'd be stewing and stewing on it, until it was dry (which is when the impatience would come out), then I'd steamroll it with as much paint as possible. And the worst bit is that there are still areas that aren't completely perfect and it makes me feel weird. I just want a lovely blank canvas, dammit!
  3. My mind doesn't half wander when I'm left to my own devices - I'm quite the introvert, so when I'm alone, I have little conversations with myself in my head, but I hadn't thought about it too much until I was painting. I found my mind going off to the strangest places and the weirdest things coming out of my mouth. I remember we were doing the wall with the window in the office and I suddenly said, "I just realised all of our family are fire signs apart from my sister." While I'm correct in saying that, I don't know how my brain got to that or what even triggered me to start thinking about star signs. The mind boggles.
  4. Painters and decorators are fit - holy moly, do you have to be fit to paint and decorate as a job. My bingo wings have never burned as much as they have from rolling white paint up and down a wall. My legs were sore, my back was sore - literally everything hurt, and that was only after one day! It's funny because in school and college, we weren't taught much about trade jobs as a career, so I never really gave them two thoughts, but painters and decorators have my total respect now. Wanna lose some weight? Paint the walls of your house!
  5. Alex actually does quite like me - I am a pain in the bum and I have been throughout this whole house move process. I don't handle stress well, so I've done a lot of crying, but on the painting days, I was the biggest grump possible. I was whinging, I was huffing, I was being bossy and there were even periods where I wouldn't talk at all, but my guy was the kindest and most loving person through it all. When I say I was a horror, I mean it. I don't know how I deserved someone like him, but I'm so glad he's around to keep me sane, even if he does want to paint the lounge/dining room.

I'm really loving writing this Our Second Hand Home series so far and this has been such a fun little post to do. I'm certain there'll be more like it in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for that, but for now, I've got a post about furniture donations and a house update in the pipeline! It's all going on!

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