How I Organise My Work, Blog & Home Life With Mål Paper*

15 Jul 2019

I've made it no secret that my life has been crazy hectic over the past few weeks. In between trying to move house, settle into new responsibilities at work and juggle blog collaborations, I've barely had time to breathe. It's been a total rollercoaster of a time and I wouldn't change it for the world, but I was desperately in need of some help with organisation. I found myself thinking 'I need a PA' to myself way too many times during the day, so in stepped Mål Paper with their incredible Daily Goal Setter*.

As a side note, I thought it would be worth saying that I am pretty terrible at keeping planners going. I usually find myself starting off on a strong foot, but then I find it becomes a bit of chore to keep writing down all my tasks and ticking them off. It's almost like it becomes an extra pressure to achieve everything that I need to get done, if that makes sense. However, I've been using the Daily Goal Setter* for around 2 weeks now, and it's helped me to completely organise almost every aspect of my life, which is exactly what I needed, so I don't see myself giving up with it any time soon.

What makes the Daily Goal Setter different from other planners?

With most other planners, it's mainly just about writing your to do list down and ticking everything off, which is useful for some people, but like I said, it's a format that I find gets stale pretty quickly. What makes the Daily Goal Setter* so much more engaging for me is that it's more about setting goals in a mindful way and with positive intentions. There isn't a huge amount of pressure to achieve everything on your list - instead, you're prompted to write down things that you're grateful for, a daily affirmation and a rating for the day, as well as your to do list. We all know how much I enjoy having a mindful reflection, so this planner is right up my street.

Not only do you have dedicated pages for each day, but there's also areas of the book for planning the week ahead and the entire month, so you can look forward as far as possible and think about how you'd like your time to be spent. The monthly planner has been especially helpful for me when organising blog and Instagram content. You might have noticed that I've had a couple of collab opportunities pop up on my blog lately and it's been so handy to be able to plan in when they'd go live around non-collab posts to break them up.

What do I love about it?

Aside from the much more mental health-focused aspect of this planner, I also think it's absolutely stunning. I love having it out on my desk at work for everyone to see - my manager actually came over to have a look at it and say how lovely it was. In three different colours - black, grey and pink - with beautiful gold foil 'daily goal setter' details on the front and spine, it's a planner that is guaranteed to turn heads. The cover is made from PU faux leather too, so it has a sumptuous and luxurious look to it.

Something else that I love about this planner, and this may sound ridiculous, is the two ribbon dividers that are attached to it. I feel like such a little professional when I place the divider between the pages I'm using and set it back down on the desk. It's just a gorgeous and practical detail! The fact that there's two ribbon dividers also allows you to mark the daily page that you're using as well as the week or month, so it's perfect if you're super organised.

How do I use it?

Like I mentioned, I've only been using this planner for about 2 weeks, so I'm not a total pro in all the ins and outs of using it, but the way that I do works for me and has really helped me to clear my head of clutter.

For me, the daily pages are the most helpful. In my job, I find it difficult to plan the whole week ahead because my tasks vary so much. I sometimes put in a couple of things that I know are necessary for the week, but I find it much easier to add any tasks that come in whilst I'm working into the daily page that I'm using. That way, I can see clearly what is required of me, rather than doing everything off the top of my head, which is what I used to do. I would often forget to do things or miss out details, but now that I'm learning to write things down, I'm finding myself to be a lot more productive.

In the mornings, I'll take the Daily Goal Setter* out and do the basic information for the daily page, like the date and the day. Then I'll fill in the '3 things to be grateful for section' and the affirmation. These are the two bits that I have struggled with the most, which is odd because my gratitude lists are my quickest posts to write. However, I think it's easier to pick out things to be grateful for from a month, rather than for just one day, but as Mål Paper describe in the instructions pages of the planner, these can be as general or as specific as you like - for example, "I am grateful for my health."
I then fill out my to do list with my concrete tasks for the working day, which are usually things like 'Do Facebook Live bundles' or 'Work on CC blog content for w/c *date*', and then as the day goes on and more tasks come in, I'll write them in.

Mål Paper recommends - the ABCDE method by Brian Tracy. This is a prioritisation method where you label things based on the letters of the alphabet. So A tasks are the most important, and you add a number based on their importance, so A1 would be the most important with A2, A3 and so on being less important, but more of a priority than B. You must complete all A tasks before moving on to the B tasks, which are also numbered like the As. You must complete all B before moving on to C, and so on. This is a method that I'd like to explore, but I'm currently most comfortable with just ticking tasks off as I go. 

For blog and house work, I find that the monthly planner is a lot more helpful. I'm able to schedule in blog posts or any sort of house-based appointments so that I can visualise my month ahead. Again, this used to be more of an off-the-top-of-my-head situation, which isn't great or healthy, so this works a lot better.

Why would I recommend it?

If you haven't been able to tell by the rest of this post, I absolutely love my Daily Goal Setter* and I would highly recommend it to anyone that's in the market for a new planner. When I say that it has changed my life, I mean it. My mind was in total chaos before the handy book fell into my lap - I felt as though I couldn't keep up with my work or my blog deadlines, and I was starting to feel really miserable. I needed some way to get everything out of my head, otherwise I was going to burn out.
The planner gives you a practical solution to your organisation problems, whilst promoting a positive mindset and the setting of goals that are achievable in order for you to feel grateful for achieving them. It's a brilliant concept and I feel so lucky that Mål Paper reached out to me. They came just when I needed them to! I now can't imagine organising my life without the Daily Goal Setter*, so if you've found yourself in a similar stressed out situation like me, you should absolutely check this planner out.

What are some of your best life organisation tips?

All items that are marked with a * have been sent to me or gifted by a PR company for review purposes.

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