July 2019 Gratitude List - Crafting, Collabs and Companions

1 Aug 2019

Is it just me or was July a total drag? It feels like months since I wrote a gratitude list because July just seemed to go on forever and ever. As a whole, it was a bit of a turbulent month for me and I've found it more and more difficult to get "me time" in, which has made everything seem so much worse. From feeling flat about our home to feeling flat about work, it's been a month of being totally overwhelmed by everything that's been going on. However, there are a few little things that have really kept me going and lifted my spirits, so take a look at my gratitude list for July!

  1. Alex's birthday - this might sound ridiculous, but I love other people's birthdays more than my own. I just really enjoy giving and seeing other people happy, so I was totally buzzing for Alex's birthday, especially because he was in Bristol for it last year, so this was the first that we've officially spent together. We had breakfast at one of our favourite spots, Baker Street Kitchen, lemon birthday cake, a wander in town and a night at the pub quiz. It was totally relaxed, which is what he wanted, and it was so nice to actually spend some proper time with each other.
  2. Taking part in some brilliant collaborations - July was pretty massive for collaborations, which I am so super grateful for. Doing this little blog is amazing in itself, but working with brands and businesses is just an incredible bonus. My favourite from the month was the post and social stuff I did for Make & Mend Festival*. Honestly, we all had the best day out and I think it was something that all four of us needed.
  3. Picking up a new craft - during our time at Make & Mend, we got involved in the papercutting class because we wanted to try something new. I ended up falling completely in love with it, so much so that I bought a kit and completed it at home! I'm currently scouting around for other templates, designs and papers so I can continue this new obsession. There's something so zen about it - like all you're thinking about is making the perfect line or curve with the craft knife, and everything else gets pushed out of your head. I just love it!
  4. Love Island - I know, what a saddo including Love Island in a list of things that made you happy through the month, but listen... I love Love Island. Granted, this season wasn't the best (nothing will ever beat season 2 in my opinion), but I was still just as hooked and I didn't miss a single episode. That little bit of escapism every night was often much needed after a stressful day. I was also really chuffed that ~spoiler alert~ Amber won, but I had been rooting for Tommy and Molly-Mae since they got together, so I was more than happy that they got second place. Who else can't wait for the winter show?!
  5. Pushing myself out of my social situation comfort zone - there was only one instance of this happening in July, but it's a start. I realise how terrible I am at dealing with social situations, and sometimes, even the thought of having to make an order to a waiter freaks me out. I just don't do well with people when I'm not in my 'safe spaces', which are at home or at work. So when I was invited out for drinks for my work pals birthday, I was terrified, but I felt that I couldn't say no. Anyway, I pushed myself, went along and actually enjoyed it. It was so nice to see people outside of the work environment and get to know them a bit better. I'm making a promise to myself to try and do this more over the rest of the year and tell this anxiety to 'do one'.

So that's what my July looked like. It wasn't the most exciting, but it had it's good bits. I'm hoping for a much more positive August (and cooler weather too - is anyone else a total vampire and hating all this sun?). Make sure you let me know what you were grateful for in July!

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