My 4 Favourites From Makeup Revolution's High Gloss Polish Line

25 Aug 2019

I talk a fair bit about beauty on this blog, but one thing that gets kind of neglected is nails. A little known fact about me, though, is that I LOVE doing my nails and I used to be a bit of a nail varnish collector. However, for a few months, I'd been giving my nails a break and letting them breathe for a while. That was until I saw Makeup Revolution drop their High Gloss Nail Polish line, and I knew that I had to pick some up to try out!

As soon as you see the name 'Makeup Revolution', I think it's fair to say that the first thing that comes to mind is affordability. Revolution are known for their great quality products with incredibly low price tags, and these varnishes are no exception. At only £3 each, it's kind of difficult to only choose one or two, so I chose four shades to share with you all today!

Despite the low price point, Revolution haven't skipped out on the packaging design. I'm kind of in love with the chunky, cube-shaped bottles with the rose gold R and lid. It feels sleek and luxurious, and it stands out among many other nail varnish brand. Each of these lovely little bottles holds 10ml (0.33 fl. oz.), which is pretty standard in a nail varnish, so it would last you just as long as almost any other brand.
While the colour payoff is super important, I'm also all about the drying time of a nail varnish. I don't want to be waiting about for hours for my second coat to dry - mainly because I instantly need a wee after painting my nails, but also because ya girl's got a life to be getting on with. And even though these varnishes haven't been advertised as quick-drying, I think they dry ridiculously fast. The first coat gets to drying almost instantly, and the second coat takes a little bit longer, which is to be expected, but it's nothing too crazy. Just a couple of minutes or so, making them ideal for people on the move!

It might also be worth me saying that these varnishes are also vegan and cruelty-free. Kinda almost too good to be true, right?

In true Makeup Revolution style, this launch was kinda huge and there were tons of colours to choose from. Like I mentioned, it would be near impossible to pick just one because there are nudes, reds, pinks, neons, greys... you name it, they released it. While I had every intention of picking up three, there were four shades that really called my name and I just couldn't resist!
Life - a bold and punchy sunflower petal yellow. I don't own a single colour like this and I'd been looking for a brilliant yellow. This absolutely ticks all the boxes for me and when I've worn this, I've had so many compliments. It totally demands all of the attention.

Pillow - a perfect Barbie pink. On the website, this looked like much more of a nude pink, so I was pretty surprised when I opened my parcel to find this Barbie Dream House pink staring back at me. However, while it's not something I would normally choose, I absolutely love it. It's like a bubblegum fantasy!

Sage - a mellow, blue-toned green. This is the most pared back of the lot, but possibly my favourite. It's so muted and beautiful, making it perfect for work, but it also has just enough oomph about it that it catches people's eyes. It really suits my skin tone too and the amount of compliments I receive when I wear it is just lovely!

Galaxy - this is a gorgeously unique, blue-toned violet. I would say it verges more on the blue than the purple, but it's a shade that kind of changes every time you look back at it. It's super fun and really 'out there', but I'm head over heels for it.

It's a bit of an eclectic mix I know and to be honest, I probably could have filled up my basket with even more, but no, I'm being restrained for once. Like I said, I think Sage is my top favourite from the four, but ultimately, they were all shades that stood out to me.

Just like the name of the line suggests, these nail varnishes dry down to have the most intense glossy shine. My manager even asked me at one point if I'd had gel nails done and was shocked when I told her it was a £3 nail varnish! Of course, if you're not into a high shine, you can throw a layer of matte top coat over and you'll be good to go. Now that I've said that, I'm kinda intrigued to see how Galaxy looks in matte... watch this space.

For £12 in total, I don't think this was a bad little haul, do you? The Makeup Revolution High Glosses tick off every requirement - cruelty-free, beautiful packaging, great finish, quick drying time, punchy colour payoff and affordable price tag. I'm not entirely sure what there isn't to love! They've helped me to fall back in love with adding a touch of fun to my nails and they've become a big player in my collection.

Let me know what you think of the Makeup Revolution High Gloss Polish line! And which shade was your favourite out of the ones I chose?

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  1. I'm gonna have to pick some of these up xx