August 2019 Gratitude List - Honesty & Holidays (#affiliate)

1 Sept 2019

What a quick month August was! I kind of feel like I went to sleep and it all zoomed past, and now I've opened my eyes, it's September. We're literally just under 4 months away from 2020, what the heck? Anyway, before I spiral into some sort of 'help me, life is going too fast' crisis, let's have a chat about what I was grateful for in August. It was a really lovely month with lots of happy moments, so this gratitude list was a total joy to write.

  1. Joining Grow & Glow - you might've already seen me mention Grow & Glow (aff) in my 5 Ways That I Navigate Blogging And A Full Time Content Job post, but I think it might crop up a little bit more going forward. I've managed to get my teeth into the first workshop on G&G and I'm loving it. I'm learning so much more about myself, my blog, my audience and hopefully, I'll be able to put some changes in place to make The Northernist exactly what I want. It's been one of the best things I've ever signed up to and I can't wait to get more out of it!
  2. Having the opportunity for honesty - I am a self-confessed people pleaser. I will work myself into the ground before I tell someone that I'm unhappy or that something needs to change. During August, I was asked point blank how I was feeling and I felt like it was the perfect time to be completely honest. I was reaching the end of my tether and I needed to let it out before I spontaneously combusted, so I said everything that was on my mind and felt so much better for it. In fact, speaking my mind actually made me feel a lot more positive about a few aspects of my life, so the moral of this story is to always be honest!
  3. Having my work recognised - as some of you might know, I work for Crafter's Companion (the company owned by Sara Davies, the newest Dragon on Dragon's Den - I'm still not over it, what the heck), and I do all sorts of content stuff for their, including managing and writing for their blog. Well, that blog has been nominated for an award by Crafts Beautiful magazine! It'd be so amazing if you could spare a couple of minutes to vote here (you don't have to vote for all categories if you don't want to - the blog is number 15). It would mean the world to me to win!
  4. Re-branding - you might have noticed a few little changes around here, such as the colour scheme and my logo. I've been doing a lot of work on my blog and really figuring out where I want it to go, and this new look is something that I've been meaning to do for a long time. I'm so happy with it, and I think it's much more fresh and modern! I've also nailed a niche down, which isn't something that I thought I'd ever do, but after a ton of audience research (thank you to everyone who responded on Twitter and Instagram), I finally understand what I'm doing with my content.
  5. The Bank Holiday - this might be the thing that I was most grateful for in August - the time off. It's kind of amazing what a long weekend off work can do for you, and I'm kind of glad I got in there early and booked the Friday off too. It was 4 days of happiness, productivity and relaxing. It was exactly what I needed. I also got to spend some quality time with my family - you might have seen a little video of us dancing in the garden over on my Facebook page - so it was a gorgeous time all round.

That's my August in a nutshell! Overall, it was a pretty sweet month and it came along with some lovely weather towards the end, so I can't really complain. Let me know how your August was!

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