Products I've Recently Used Up - Empties #2*

10 Sept 2019

Guess who forgot that she was kind of into writing empties posts and needs to keep hold of her rubbish to take photos of? Yep, this gal. Some time has passed since I wrote my first empties post and that's not because I haven't used anything up, but because I forgot I wanted to make empties a thing again. My bad! That being said though, I have managed to work my way through a fair amount of products in August, so it's definitely about time that I shared another round of empty packaging with you all.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, it's so lovely to see the new things that people purchase, but I'm more fascinated by what people actually use. I wanna know what moisturiser you're really using every day and what hair care is most used in your shower. Like, I love your new palette, but show me an empty one! The whole 'keeping hold of your trash' thing is also a really good incentive to not buy new things and help our environment a little bit more, so I highly recommend! 

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Dove Apple & White Tea Roll On Deodorant

I said in my last empties that I want to start using roll on deodorant because I want to reduce the amount of aerosols that I use, and I've made that transition! The Apple & White Tea scent is currently my favourite from Dove, along with the Pear & Aloe, and these little roll ons tend to last me two weeks-ish. I think that's because you can feel how much you're putting on, whereas with a spray, it kind of just mists on and you can't be too certain of the coverage.

Will I repurchase?
Absolutely! I have a new Pear & Aloe scent just waiting to be opened.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Divine Dark

This product featured in my last empties post, which goes to show that I use it quite a lot - some might say too much. I find that my hair gets quite oily the second day after washing, which is pretty irritating because I used to be able to go for a few days without having to wash my hair. To avoid over-washing it, this dry shampoo has been pretty handy! I prefer to use the Divine Dark shade because the regular white spray creates a bit of a white cast in my hair, and I'd rather not look like a 70 year old.

Will I repurchase?
I'm not sure yet. I'm going to research into non-aerosol alternatives to see what my options are.

Alberto Balsam Vanilla and Wild Orchid Shampoo

Usually, I run out of conditioner first, but a very sheepish Alex told me that he's been sneaking my shampoo every now and then. It just smells that good! I've loved Alberto Balsam since I was a kid. My grandma used to wash my hair with the Sunkissed Raspberry scent, so the brand holds a fond place in my heart. I saw these new, fancy lines in the supermarket, so I picked up the Vanilla and Wild Orchid scent to try out. I have to admit, while I loved the scent, I wasn't a fan of what it did to my hair. It always felt greasy after washing and kind of lank, so it wasn't my favourite.

Will I repurchase?
No, there are other scents that I prefer and that I know won't make my hair feel dirty.

Wake Eye Gel*

This product was gifted to me a month or so back, and I instantly fell in love with it. It was cooling, it soaked into the skin quickly, it reduced the look of my fine lines and it made me feel more awake after staring at a computer in my desk job all day. It felt luxurious in its glass bottle and a little went such a long way. I could rave about this product all day!

Will I repurchase?
I have another eye cream that I'd like to use up first, then I will consider repurchasing.

Wake Intense Effect Face Cream*

Along with the Eye Gel*, Wake also sent me their Intense Effect Face Cream*, and the two worked together like a dream. Once I'd applied the gel, I'd let it soak in, then add the face cream over top, so it's no wonder that the two have ran out at the same time. Again, this cream soaked into my skin so quickly and it didn't leave me feeling greasy, despite being a fairly heavy cream. It had a light scent and didn't irritate my skin whatsoever. It was a total dream of a dream!

Will I repurchase?
Like with the gel*, I have other creams that I'd like to use up first, then I will consider repurchasing.

Soap & Glory Hand Maid

I've become that person at work. I've got a little selection of hand sanitisers and creams on my desk, just in case I or anyone else want to use them.One of the hand gels I used was Soap & Glory's Hand Maid, which features the original Pink fragrance. This became a favourite of my work besties and so this got used up pretty quickly. It dried quickly and smelled divine, so it's no surprise that everyone was a fan!

Will I repurchase?
100% yes! This was my favourite of all the little products I kept on my desk, so it's definitely on my list.

Bath & Body Works Strawberry Lemonade Pocketbac

This gel had been sitting around my house for goodness knows how long, so it was about time I used it up. I bought this hand sanitiser, along with four others, on a trip to Chicago. My sister and I went a bit mad in Bath & Body Works and loved every second of it - please can we have those shops in the UK? This scent was very sweet, just like the name would suggest. It was very much an artificial strawberry smell, but it had a sort of tang to it. It was delicious and I'm really sad to see it go. This was used up after the Soap & Glory Hand Maid had ran out and absolutely everyone commented on how yummy it smelled.

Will I repurchase?
I'm not sure how easy it would be for me to get my hands on, so I'm going to say no.

Benefit Bag Gal Bang Mascara

I won this mascara as part of a giveaway held by Ellis Tuesday (who's great, you should check her out) a little while back, so it had been sat in moving boxes, just waiting to see the light of day. I'd heard great things about this product, so I was really looking forward to using it! Once I'd used up my beloved Soap & Glory Thick and Fast, I delved into Bad Gal Bang for a go. And I'll be honest, it wasn't my cup of tea! I found I had to do a few layers to get the drama that I liked and it flaked throughout the day. I really liked the packaging though and thought the main component was edgy and cool.

Will I repurchase?
No, I think I'll stick to my favourites for the time being.

L'Oreal High Contour Brow Artist in Ebony

I am massively fussy about the eyebrow products I use and I rarely ever stray away from my one true love, the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil. That was until they stopped selling the Espresso shade and I went into panic mode. I bought the L'Oreal High Contour Brow Artist to see if it could replace the Archery pencil, and sadly, it couldn't. While I did have compliments at work on my brows whilst wearing the L'Oreal, I found that it made them blocky. However, I'm pleased to say that I was being dramatic about S&G for no reason because the Dark Brown shade works perfectly in the place of Espresso.

Will I repurchase?
Nope, especially now that I've found a shade that works in the Archery pencil!

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define

I've been a big fan of this concealer since it was released and remember the days of hunting in Superdrug to try and find my perfect shade whilst it was selling out. Throughout August, I didn't wear much makeup at all, apart from my usual eyebrows and mascara for work, so I must've only had dregs of this left. I love the way it applies and how it looks when blended out with a sponge. It isn't too drying, but I'd love to try the new hydrating formula and see how that works. 

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Will I repurchase?
I don't need to yet because I've got one sitting in my stash.

I feel like this was a really 'productive' empties post. There were so many things in here that I've said I'm not repurchasing or I don't need to yet because I've got other stuff to use first. It's definitely helping me to see what I actually 'need' and what's a bit more of a treat. Hooray for using things up, reducing spending and saving the planet!

What have you recently used up?

All items that are marked with a * have been sent to me or gifted by a PR company for review purposes.

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