A Review Of The Me, Myself & MMMMitchell Palette

5 Oct 2019

Ever since I started writing my empties posts, I've noticed a massive shift in my mindset. I've done so well with saving money, using the stuff that I already have and reducing the amount of new and unnecessary things that I buy... that was until the Me, Myself & MMMMitchell palette dropped. I know, it's so naughty of me, but honestly, look at it - how could I resist? If this beautifully bright palette has caught your eye too, have a read of this review before you decide whether or not to part with your cash!

If the name of the palette hadn't given it away, this product has been created by MMMMitchell, an unbelievably young and talented makeup artist. At the time of writing, he has over 1.1m followers on Instagram and is pals with the likes of Jeffree Star, so I'd say that he's definitely on his way to good things. His makeup looks are absolute works of art and he's absolutely incredible at what he does, which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to pick up this palette - to support him so that he can continue to flourish.

Another reason why I was so drawn to this palette was the crazy colour selection. Sure, I don't wear rainbow looks every single day, but the colour selection in this palette would be absolutely perfect for costume makeup. I've already used it to create a gorgeously blended rainbow across my lids for Boro Pop Up Pride, and again for a dramatic purple and black smoky eye, so it's perfect for when I want to pack a punch.
Before I get too ahead of myself with talking about colours, let's chat a little bit about all the nuts and bolts of this palette. It's almost designed to be like a book, where you can open it out into the full palette with a mirror separating the two sides. This mirror has a magnetic edge, so you can remove it from the centre and pop it back in when you're done! The oily swirls around the mirror frame match the exterior of the palette, which features the same oily look, plus lots of imagery that mean something to Mitchell. Personally, it's a little bit much for me, but I can understand why he'd want to do something that was totally 'him'. But I can totally imagine this in super sleek, matter black packaging with the palette name printed in that oil effect on the front. I think that would look amazing.

Inside this palette, you receive a total of 32 shades, which is a whopping amount of product! In each pan, there's 2.8g and they're pretty sizeable pans, so you know that you're getting a lot for you £30. It's also worth mentioning that this palette is slightly different from your average eyeshadow palette because it's made up of pressed pigments. This means that you're getting the colours in the purest form, so they're almost guaranteed to pack a punch!
Like any great palette, the Me, Myself & MMMMitchell has a fantastic balance between mattes and shimmers. I know I don't speak for everyone when I say this, but I prefer more mattes than shimmers or metallics. Mattes are ideal for every day use and are fabulous at creating depth without the reflection from shimmers or metallics. If you're on my wavelength, you'll be pleased to know that there are 8 shimmers in this palette, leaving 24 mattes! Shimmer lovers, if you're worried that that isn't enough sparkle for you, just wait until you see how incredible they are.

Something that might have caught your eye is those shade names. Yes, in true MMMMitchell fashion, every name begins with the letter M (apart from Shmoney). I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before and it's totally obvious why he decided to do it, but I think it's so cool and unusual. It definitely adds a little more excitement rather than slapping any old generic name on the pans!

I think I've talked enough about the palette as a whole, so let's get to looking at the swatches. I've done these in groups of 8, otherwise we'd be here all day, going from left to right across each individual side of the palette.
On the left hand side of the palette, we've got:
  • Manchester - a sensational sunshine yellow matte. I've never seen a yellow shade that is quite this pigmented and it's definitely one that jumps out to me as soon as I open the palette
  • Macaroni - a warm mustard matte. I don't have a shade like this in my collection, so it's certainly unique
  • Modest - a soft, warm peach matte. I thought I'd be head over heels for this shade as a base, but it's quite dark on my skin tone. If I'm super light handed, it works really well
  • Melted - a true gold shimmer. You can't go wrong with adding a pop of gold into your palette and this one would be brilliant in the centre of a halo eye
  • Mental - a powerful red-orange matte. How stunning is this shade please? Honestly, I'm a little terrified to wear it, but it's so freaking beautiful
  • Man-Made - a red-toned brown matte. This is a brilliant crease shade!
  • Mixer - a rich orange-yellow matte. Again, this is another unique shade that I don't think I've ever seen before, so it's one I'm looking forward to trying out
  • Muffin - a white base shimmer with a pink shift. This is a truly jaw-dropping shade and it's something that would work best in low light situations because when that light hits it... it's a sight to behold!

On the bottom of the left hand side, we have:
  • Muse - a warm burgundy-brown matte. This is a shade that I would typically gravitate towards for more every day looks. It's a staple shade and it would be perfect for autumn
  • MMMMad - a bright red matte. Listen, I know Jeffree Star thought he perfect red with the Blood Sugar palette, but I actually think that this shade is even better. This red just demands all of the attention
  • Mr. H - a soft peachy-pink matte. This is another fantastic every day shade and it's one that I could see working really well as a transition
  • Meaty - a warm rosy shimmer. This is yet another really unusual shade and it's one that I think could look perfect over the entire lid with some smoky burgundy to blow it out
  • Minnie - a dark, rich red matte. I can see this becoming a staple autumn shade for a lot of people! It has a gorgeous berry tone about it and it would look gorgeous through the crease
  • Morning Glory - a bright, Barbie pink matte. I'm absolutely in love with this colour and scared of it all at once. It's a total Barbie shade that would make sure all eyes were on you
  • Milkshake - a bubblegum pink matte. The name of this shade speaks for itself. Think of strawberry milkshakes and that's the colour you've got!
  • Michelle - a bright pink shimmer. This shade and Morning Glory were 100% designed to be used together. I'm thinking Michelle over the lid and Morning Glory in the crease

Hopping over to the right hand side of the palette, we're starting with:
  • Main - a terracotta matte. Again, another fantastic every day shade for those of us that are a bit scared of colour
  • Monday - a chocolate brown matte. I've really enjoyed using this shade with a light hand as a transition shade. It can be paired with so many colours!
  • Mafia - a deep black matte. It would've been unusual for a rainbow-style palette to not have a black, but I'd say that this isn't the best black shadow I've tried. It's good, but it could've done with being a bit more opaque
  • Master - a bronze shimmer. This looks quite gold in the image above, but in person, it's much more bronzey and autumnal. It's a stunning shimmer that would look beautiful over the whole lid
  • Mardy - a dark forest green matte. Green isn't something I wear too often on my eyes, but by incorporating this shade into smoked out looks, I think I could be converted
  • Shmoney - a punchy green matte. I love this shade so much and in the nicest way possible, it reminds me of that green ghost from Ghostbusters. It's such a cool colour!
  • Meh - a warm mid-brown matte. This is a shade for the neutrals fans and it's one that would work perfectly through the crease
  • Minty - a white base shimmer with a green shift. Like the name might suggest, this shade features a cool peppermint reflect, which is so different to anything I've seen before. It's ethereal and downright magical

Finally, the last 8 on the right hand side are:
  • Marine - a white base shimmer with a blue shift. This is like the sister to Minty, but I find it slightly more muted. The white base shows through a lot more in my opinion, but it still has a fun look to it
  • Moody Mitch - a deep navy matte. I'm really loving navy blue at the moment and more jewel toned shades, so this is right up my street. It's perfect for smoking out
  • Mist - a sky blue matte. This is another shade that jumps out at me as soon as I open the palette. It's fun and so pretty!
  • Miracle - a deep teal matte. I freaking love teal, so this is a shade that I'm absolutely desperate to use, but haven't had the right occasion. I just think it'll add a really interesting pop of colour to the eyes
  • Morgan - a bright purple matte. This shade it the total definition of purple and like Miracle, I think it would make an every day eye look so much more interesting
  • Myles High - a soft lilac matte. Again, I know I sound like a stuck record, but I don't think I have anything quite like this in my collection. It's a bit too pale for me, I think, but it's still completely beautiful
  • Motto - a rich red-toned purple matte. I love the berry tones of this shade and it's another that I think would be gorgeous for autumn
  • Mega - a deep blue shimmer with bright blue reflects. Last, but certainly not least, we have this piece of perfection. I think that this would look stunning in the centre of a halo eye with Moody Mitch on either side

So overall, what do I think? Well, it's pretty clear from these swatches that this palette means business. Because each shade is a pigment, the colour payoff is just insane. In fact, I don't think I own another palette which gives off the same pigmentation as this one. Most of them are really easy to use and feel soft to the touch, but two that weren't particularly great were Minty and Marine. Both of these were more crumbly than the others, so if these were being used in looks, you'd need to do eyes first, followed by face, just to make sure you catch any fallout.

Another shade that doesn't impress me too much is Mafia. Yes, I've got tons of matte black shadows, but by looking at the other shades, you can see just how opaque and pigmented they are. With Mafia, I don't find that it works quite as well, which is a bit disappointing, but like I said, I have other matte blacks that I can use instead.

All of the other shades, however, are just breathtaking and this is definitely a palette that Mitchell should be proud of. I'm totally in love with most of the shades and it's packed full of colours that I've never used or even seen before. Not only do they swatch brilliantly, they also apply really well and I find them extremely easy to blend together. Just take a look at my eyes in the photo below. This was the only palette I used!

Do I think that this palette is worth the £30? Absolutely, and I'm actually surprised BeautyBay didn't charge more. Would I recommend it to people that mainly do neutral eyes? Probably not. While there are plenty of neutral shades, the main focus of this palette is the colour. It's definitely designed for people who want to experiment, people who love bold looks or even professional makeup artists.

What do you think of the Me, Myself & MMMMitchell palette? Is it something you would buy?

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