What Do I Think Of Haus Laboratories By Lady Gaga?

18 Oct 2019

Celebrity makeup is one of those things that divides people in the beauty community. It's kind of like Love Island or the way that you eat a Jaffa Cake - everyone has a strong opinion on it, except with celebrity makeup, those opinions tend to be confined to the beauty community. One of the latest celeb beauty brands to hit the shelves is Haus Laboratories, created by the one and only Lady Gaga. I happen to be a humongous, die-hard fan of Lady G's, so of course, I had to get my hands on something from the brand to try out and report back to you guys!

My opinion on celebrity makeup is 'cool, go ahead.' I know a lot of people think it's just a bit of a cash grab or that the market is becoming so over-saturated, which I can understand. But I think if a celeb is truly invested in the brand, like Rihanna is with Fenty, with products that are great for the consumers, then it's all peachy.

Despite having this view on celebrity makeup, I think that this is actually the first 'proper' celeb beauty brand that I've bought into. I say 'proper' because I own a few bits of makeup that were created in collaboration with influencers, but I think they're in a whole category of their own. I wouldn't even say that influencer-owned brands, like Jeffree Star Cosmetics or Lunar Beauty, are in the same realms as celeb brands, but please, if you disagree, let me know!

Right, let's jump into this review. I'm going to break it down into sections because I've got a whole boatload of stuff that I want to talk about, so if you want to skip to the bit where I talk about the stuff I bought, I won't be hurt if you flick past all the other stuff.

The peculiar pre-order

The build up to the official launch of Haus Laboratories was a weird one, to say the least. It had been teased months ahead of its launch (which was in September) and that's cool. I want to be excited about a brand, especially when it's being launched by one of my all-time favourite megastars, so I was liking all the Insta photos and tweets as if Gaga herself could actually see me and think, 'my goodness, what a dedicated fan.' I'm still waiting for her to slide in my DMs, but it's cool, I've got all the time in the world.

Then the pre-order came... in July... for products that were going to launch in September. I didn't really know what to make of it. Sure, a pre-order is great and is another way to get everyone hyped up, but no one had any idea whether the products would be any good, so we weren't too sure on what we were buying into. Usually, I like to look to Google and YouTube for reviews, just so that I can get a sort of generalised idea of what the heck would work for me.

Did I let that stop me? Hell no, I bought into Haus Laboratories in a completely blind way. This was mainly because I was scared of missing out and also because I figured that if whatever I got was naff, it make for a fascinating review.

The 'no rules' concept

One thing I actually love about Haus Laboratories is the 'no rules' concept, which is something that I've started to see creep into the community more and more. With Gaga's brand, she really wanted to bring a sense of 'this makeup can be whatever you want it to be', and encourage people to play with makeup a bit more. This sort of promotion of creativity and really exploring the potential of a makeup product is something I love.

So if you want to use the lip liner as an eyeliner, you totally can. Or if you want to pat out the Glam Attack Liquid Powder Shimmers to highlight the cheekbones, go for it!

The partnership with Amazon

What I found odd was that Lady Gaga chose to partner up with Amazon for her brand launch. I don't think there's anything wrong with it - it just seems like a bit of an unusual choice. It seems like a lot of brands partner up with stereotypical beauty retailers, like Beauty Bay, Look Fantastic or Cult Beauty, whereas with Amazon, it isn't the first website that your mind jumps to when you're having an 'I want to splurge all my money on makeup' moment.

I'm sure that behind the scenes, there is more to the partnership than what we see as consumers, but from the outside, it's a bizarre partnership. I have to admit though, I love seeing Haus Labs mixed into my recommended items, alongside coloured light bulbs and front wheel arches for my car.

The overall look of Haus Labs

Those Insta photos that I mentioned - they were hot. There were cool models with punchy looks that showed off the products on offer in avant garde ways. They definitely pulled me in, even though I'm a basic Betty and rarely ever do anything outside the warm neutrals zone, but a girl can live vicariously through gorgeous makeup models on Insta, right?

Because of all of these photos, we had a bit of a preconceived idea of how this whole brand was going to be. It was going to be the Gaga that the majority of the public know - the 'out there', wild and wacky Gaga that isn't afraid to colour outside of the lines and break a few rules. But when the products landed in people's hands, I was reading and hearing that the packaging just didn't live up to their expectations. It wasn't the bold and crazy packaging that they were expecting. It was simply lots of standard black components with a diamond shape cut into the lids, and a little colour to match the products.

The thing is about this, right, is that Lady Gaga isn't that wacky individual anymore. Sure, she has elements of kookiness about her still, but when did you last see her wear a meat dress or roll cans into her hair? What was the last unusual wig you saw her wear? What was her last controversial music video? She's definitely cooled down a lot over the last couple of years, which might be down to her acting stardom found in A Star Is Born, but all I know is that I was one of the people that didn't expect unusual and unique packaging.

What did I buy?

At the time of pre-order, there were a limited amount of products on offer, with more added once the brand had launched (I would've absolutely bought the eye-lie-ner if that was available for pre-order, but sadly, it wasn't). The main focus of the pre-order was little kits that each centred around a theme and they all contained a Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder, a RIP lip liner and a Le Riot lip gloss. Each were priced at £46, which I thought was pretty steep, considering this was a fresh out-of-the-box brand and no one had reviewed the products yet. But am I a sucker for pretty things? Of course I bloomin' am!

The kit that I went for was Haus of Goddess. I liked the name and I really loved the look of the nude tones that it included. I'm not a big fan of wearing stuff on my lips, so I wanted to opt for something that I thought would suit me if I found the products comfortable to wear, if that makes sense.

Inside this kit was the Aphrodite Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder (RRP £19), the Myth RIP lip liner (RRP £15) and the Venus Le Riot lip gloss (RRP £17). All together, the individual products would have come to £51, so you do get a £5 saving by purchasing a kit, but the price still does make my eyes water a little. The free shipping definitely encouraged me to press the 'confirm' button though!

The Aphrodite Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder

This was the product that I was most excited to try out. I'm a huuuuge fan of making my eyes pop, especially when that involves a makeup product that I have to put zero effort into. What can I say? I'm a lazy makeup fan! With the Glam Attacks, all you need to do is swipe them on, let it dry or buff it out for more sparkle coverage, so it's right up my street.

The shade in question, Aphrodite, is a gorgeous, nude champagne shade that shines back with a multi-coloured pearl effect. It's so hard to describe, but honestly, it's freaking beautiful. It's also impossibly difficult to get a photo that truly captures how sparkly and multi-coloured the glitters in the product are, but take a look at these photos below to get some sort of an idea.
My favourite way to wear Aphrodite has been to swipe it over my lid, then gently pat it out with my finger before it's dried. I find that this really brings out the sparkle and thins out the liquid formula, helping it to dry quicker. I also really like to run some soft brown shades through the crease and on the lower lash line to make the look a little more neutral, which is exactly what I did in the eye look above. Finished off with a cat flick, you've got a gorgeous every day look with a bit of pizzazz with zero effort.

It's fair to say that I'm totally in love with this particular product. The finish is just stunning and with the way that I like to apply it, I get a beautifully even coverage every time. It lasts all day with no glitter fall out and it's a brilliant base for powder eyeshadows too. I honestly can't get enough of wearing it, so if I could recommend only one thing from Haus Labs, it would be the Aphrodite Glam Attack Liquid Powder Shimmer!

The RIP lip liner in Myth

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - me and lip products just don't really get on. My lips are always crusty and gross, so I tend to find anything that's not lip balm extremely uncomfortable to wear. Despite knowing this and knowing that there were two lip products in the Haus Labs kits, I went ahead and ordered one anyway. But after using this lip liner a couple of times, I was pleasantly surprised...

Myth is that perfect 'your lips, but better' shade. It's slightly darker than my natural lip tone and is kind of a neutral rosy-mauve. It's really pretty and a great nude shade if you've got fair to medium skin. It also has a stellar, creamy texture that makes swiping it over your lips incredibly easy. There's no dragging or weird catching on your lips, but it's still a formula that doesn't bleed, despite being so moisture-filled.

It honestly is a fantastic product, but my only niggle is that I definitely couldn't wear it alone. You see a lot of brands saying 'you can wear this as your only lip product', but I still feel like my nasty, crusty lips need extra moisture. And that's where the lip gloss comes into play...

The Le Riot lip gloss in Venus

Right, bear everything that I said about Myth in mind - the need for a bit more moisture on my lips and that gorgeous neutral shade. I think that the Venus lip gloss was created specifically to go along with Myth because of those things.

Venus is a peachy pink, another 'your lips, but better' shade, and it's honestly so gorgeous when swiped over the top of Myth. It brings a touch of dimension and highlight to the rosy-mauve colour, so the pair just complement each other perfectly. I think the gloss could also work perfectly on its own too! Like the liner, it's super glidey and doesn't have that yucky sticky formula that we all dread. It's actually comfortable and so downright pretty.

While neither of the lip products have become something that I'm constantly reaching for yet, I still think they're both pretty fabulous and I'm really pleased I braved buying a kit, just so I had the chance to give them a go. I'm still not converted to wearing things on my lips full time yet, but I have enjoyed wearing these products together on the odd occasion.

Because all of these products came together as part of a kit, it was only right that I put them all on to show you just how they work as a look! As you can see, the final look below is fairly neutral and pared back in comparison to how I usually like to get made up, but I'm totally obsessed with it and can see myself doing my face in a similar way more often.

My final thoughts

For a brand that had a whole load of mystery and a bizarre pre-order date attached to it, I'm honestly floored by the products. Considering I had zero idea or expectations of how the products were going to look, feel and perform, I'm totally blown away with everything that I bought! Because of that, I'm definitely inclined to try more from Haus Labs. The Eye-lie-ner has my name written all over it and I have no doubts that more products will be released over the next few months.

Obviously, the stuff about Amazon and the uber long pre-order wait is a bit strange, but in the grand scheme of things, those are kind of minor now that I've been able to try the products out and build a solid opinion on them. As I mentioned, the Aphrodite Glam Attack Liquid Powder Shimmer is definitely my favourite of the Haus of Goddess kit, and because I love it so much, I'm really eager to try the other shades.

I'm so excited to see what else comes from Haus Laboratories - I'm sure Gaga has some sensational ideas up her sleeve!

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