December 2019 Gratitude List - Festivities & Intention

31 Dec 2019

Well, ladies and gents, we made it! The final gratitude list of 2019. As you'll know, I tend to do a gratitude list at the start of a new month to reflect on the month gone, but with December it's a tricky one. I figured I'd get it up just before we welcome the new year in, so I can make way for all of my January content! If you've been keeping up to date, you'll know that November was a bit of a tricky one, but I'm pleased to report that December was a much happier month, so let's jump into some gratitude, shall we?

  1. Christmas - ok, so this is an obvious one, but I bloomin' love Christmas and the whole run up to it. This year was different because it's the first year that I've ever worked full time, but I even quite enjoyed the experience of everyone getting festive in the office and the quiet working day that was Christmas Eve. Of course, the day itself was lovely and I love being able to hang out with my closest family, especially the two littles, who truly keep Christmas magic with all the talk of Santa. It was just a really lovely and festive time!
  2. Finding something that is right for me - I hate it when people say something like, 'I've lined up an exciting thing, but I can't tell you about it,' and that's exactly what I'm doing right now. I'm very sorry! I'm hoping that at some point in January, I'll be able to spill the beans, but just know that in this moment, I'm very excited and somewhat relieved. A mystery!
  3. Defining what I want from 2020 - recently, I'm all about intention and taking each day with purpose. Comfy home days have been littered with tasks that I've set myself and at work, I'm trying to become a bit more structured, and that's the approach that I've taken with 2020. Sure, I've done my annual new year goals post, but I've already started taking little steps to help me keep these goals alive throughout the new year. I'm going forward with a motivated mind and every intention of being intentional.
  4. Attending Nightfall - one of my favourite things to do on this blog is shout about local events because Teesside gets such a bad wrap, but man, we've really got it going on and the Nightfall event totally proved it. I'd been waiting for light and art trail event to come around for months and when it finally did, it didn't disappoint in this slightest! It was such an incredible night and I had an impossible amount of fun, but I also felt massively privileged to be able to see Museum of the Moon, a stunning art installation, in my own hometown. It was a big deal for Teesside!
  5. Producing content that I love - while my posting schedule is still kind of all over the place thanks to rocky November and a content-based job that makes me not want to write content at home, I've actually been loving my recent content with all of my heart. Of course, I don't publish posts unless I'm happy with them, but I've been so incredibly happy with what I've been writing over the past few weeks and it's a wonderful feeling. I'm hoping that this continues into 2020, especially because I have a clear idea of the things that I want to talk about!

What a lovely way to see the year out, hey? There's nothing quite like ending it on a good note and I'm looking back at 2019 with positivity. Sure, there were bits that weren't so nice, but there was lots of loveliness in massive helpings in between. I've also managed to keep up my gratitude list series for the whole of the year, which is kind of major, especially with my chaotic posting schedule, so if you'd like to take a look back, you can see all my 2019 gratitude lists here.

For now though, it's lots of love and goodbyes to 2019, and a big warm hello to 2020! I wish you all a happy and healthy new year, and that you achieve all that you're aiming for.

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