November 2019 Gratitude List - Finding Light In The Dark

2 Dec 2019

Gosh, November has been a long month and I'm kind of glad it's over with. It's been a pretty bleak one with a lot of tears and stress, but I'm putting that behind me and looking forward to December. This is probably one of the best months of the year - we've got Christmas, party dress season and the end of the year (which I'm kind of excited about. Bring on 2020!) - so I'm feeling positive about this month, despite the shambles that was November. However, as always, with the start of a new month, I'm looking back on all the things that I was grateful for in the month that has passed.

  1. The Christmas lights - I know for some people, November is way too early for Christmas lights and decorations to go up. For me, I love it. I don't actually have any decorations up in my house yet, but when I'm driving home from work, seeing all the lights just makes me so happy. I'm all for the mega Christmas fans putting their lights up as early as they like! The twinklier, the better!
  2. The patience of my friends - I'll be the first to hold my hands up and say that I was difficult to be around in November. I've had mega mood crashes and times where I've needed to wear a huge fake smile to pretend like everything was ok, and I'm so grateful to have friends that are patient. To use the words of Frank Turner, most days, it feels like I don't deserve them and I wonder why they're still around, but I'm truly grateful that they are. November would have truly sucked without them.
  3. My internet pals - speaking of friends, I was also massively thankful for my little internet squad. My blog was silent for a good three weeks and I didn't check my stats or post much on social media, but when I properly returned, I saw that my numbers hadn't taken a hit and I was welcomed back with so much warmth. In true Olivia, 'I'm gonna speak my mind' style, I came back with a blog post all about my first pill-free month, which is a bit personal, but probably one of my favourite things I've written in a good long while, so make sure you check it out. But yeah, without the little group of people that I chat to and who read my blog, I would've found it tough to come back.
  4. Good food - I ate a lot in November (which you'll probably know if you read my first pill-free month post) - it's hard to resist when all the delicious Christmas stuff starts hitting the shelves. The Snow-Enrobed Oreos are too hard to resist! But one particular thing that I ate during the month that really stood out to me was the festive parmo from The Ship at Redmarshall. You guys know how much I love a parmo and I got to try this out before it was available to the public, and it was heavenly! Go read my review for my full thoughts!
  5. Jumper season - I freaking love a jumper and getting all cosy, so I've been taking full advantage of the chillier weather and digging all of my jumpers and sweaters out. True, the office still gets really warm and I get a bit of a sweat on, but I still love wearing them! Give me a good knit and a pair of jeans, and I'm good to go.

So it's goodbye to November! I realise that this gratitude list isn't quite as meaty as some of my others, but it goes to show that some of the littlest things can be some of the most important, so let this be a reminder to think about what you're grateful for.

Let me know if you've got any special plans for December or anything that you were particularly grateful for in November!

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