9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Orange Pip Market

10 Jan 2020

I've been really feeling the Boro love lately. I'm not sure what it is, but there's something in the air that makes me want to shout about the town that I live in more than usual. I realised that there's one aspect that I particularly like about living here that I haven't mentioned too much on my blog - Orange Pip Market. This is an event that I tend to go to every month, and while it's definitely featured on my Instagram story, it hasn't had a dedicated post! Today is the day, readers!

So what is Orange Pip Market? It's an artisan market that was launched by the council a couple of years ago to coincide with the regeneration of Baker and Bedford Street, a.k.a. one of the trendiest parts of town. It's always super popular, thanks to the amount of street food on offer, workshops, classes and entertainment. It's basically like a huge street party in the centre of Boro! This market happens on the last Saturday of every month from April to September between 12PM and 7PM. There's usually a Christmas special too, which has prompted this post!

You might be thinking, 'ok, this Orange Pip sounds like any old market,' but let me give you nine reasons why you absolutely need to come and check it out.

1. It's a great way to support independents

Middlesbrough independents are totally on the rise in my opinion, which is just amazing to see, and one way to support them is to shop at Orange Pip Market. From bakers to crafters, there are tons of bits and bobs to purchase from creators in our area, as well as from further afield. I picked up the most beautiful artisanal jellies for cooking from Briscoe's at the Christmas special, who had come up all the way from the South East!

2. There's a cuisine to suit everyone's tastes

From Greek to Armenian, and from dirty burgers and woodfired pizzas to vegan sausage rolls and loaded chips, there is a street food vendor to suit absolutely everyone's tastes. In fact, I always struggle to choose what to eat because there are just so many! I'm quite partial to a Greek gyros though.

3. You can enjoy live music from local artists

Picture this: you're sitting on a rainbow-painted picnic bench, you're incredibly tasty gyros in your hand and you're bopping your head to the tunes that are meandering their way through your ears from the stage on Albert Road. This could be you at Orange Pip! Each month, there's a line up of live music that you can watch and listen to absolutely free of charge, which is especially lovely in the warmer months.

4. You can get involved in a workshop

Ever wanted to try your hand at yoga? Fancy the look of salsa? Want to get creative with some local artists? These are just some of the workshops that are held almost every month at Orange Pip. I absolutely love watching the salsa and maybe one of these days, I'll be brave enough to get my hips shaking and get involved.

5. There are often special editions of the market

I realise that I've mentioned the Christmas special of Orange Pip throughout this post, but I think I should point out that this isn't the only special they do. Back in September 2019, Pip joined forces with Pop Up Pride to bring a dazzling rainbow spectacular to the centre, complete with special art exhibitions, storytelling and plenty of drag queens. It was an incredible thing to see, so it's worth looking out for the special editions!

6. The Baker and Bedford Street businesses get involved

This area of the town is loved for its micropubs and independent eateries, and almost all of them get involved when Orange Pip is on. You can enjoy drinks discounts, live music within the venues and many of them even bring the bar outside. One of my favourites is The Twisted Lip, but you've got to hurry and get your space inside while you can!

7. It's held in a super trendy part of town

As the previous point said, this market is set up on Baker and Bedford Street, which are two parallel streets that went through a huge regeneration. Before that area was what it is today, the houses were totally empty and kind of sad. But now, they're street with colourful walls, street art, bars, shops, restaurants and so much more to discover. If anyone was visiting from out of town, these streets would be a spot that I'd recommend visiting!

8. It's got literature links

Being an English graduate from Teesside University, I have a soft spot for anything with a bit of a literature link. Obviously, Baker Street is the home of Sherlock Holmes in the novel, so on the Boro street, you'll see references like The Twisted Lip, Sherlock's bar, the mural on the white wall, as well as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Tattoo Studio, giving us more of those Victorian vibes. Orange Pip also relates to Sherlock Holmes, as the short story of The Five Orange Pips features him! If you're a book nerd, you'll particularly love this point.

9. There's always a fantastic atmosphere

Even if you only spend half an hour or so at Orange Pip, it's kind of difficult to not get swept away in the atmosphere of it all. There's just such a positive and bouncy feeling surrounding the whole market, and I don't know whether it's all the food and booze, or just the fact that we have this awesome event in our town, but everyone is just in the best mood!

As you're probably able to tell by this little celebration of Middlesbrough and Orange Pip Market, this is an event that absolutely deserves all the attention it gets. If it's something that's grabbed your interest, make sure you keep you eyes peeled on their Facebook page to find out when the first market of 2020 will be!

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