First Impressions Of The Love Island All Heart Loveburst Palette - Is It A Gimmick?

8 Jan 2020

In 2020, us Love Island fans are being completely and utterly spoiled by not one, but two seasons of the sun-drenched dating show. I was beyond excited when it was announced that there would be a 'winter' season in January, based in South Africa, during the height of the African summer, and as I'm typing this, the first episode is just around the corner!

I've made it quite obvious that I'm a Love Island fan and even written a whole rant about the public perception of Love Island's audience, so it was no surprise that I was treated to a palette from the Love Island Loveburst makeup range as an early Christmas present. This range was something that was launched with the fourth season in 2019, I'm assuming after the water bottle and sunglasses merchandise did so well. I'll admit, though, it was something that I only looked at once and then dismissed because it seemed a little bit too gimmicky.

But for this post, I want to give you all my first impressions of the palette and put my feelings aside to give it a fair shot. If you want to find out more about these shadows, the packaging, the price, Loveburst as a whole and my thoughts, keep reading!

What is Loveburst?

Despite sounding a little bit dodgy and seedy, Loveburst is not something that you'll find in the back area of Ann Summers. It's in a fact a cruelty-free makeup range that joined the Love Island merchandise line up in 2019, as previously mentioned. All of us beauty fans know how saturated the makeup market is now, and how many celebs or influencers are starting up beauty businesses, so it was interesting to see Love Island launch their own. With a huge following and loyal audience base, it was a pretty smart move, despite the market saturation!

Currently, there are a handful of products available in the line, including lip paints, a lip balm, cream eyeshadows, a bronzer, a highlighter, a bronzing spray and the Hideaway Eyes palettes. It's a pretty good mix of products to kick off a new makeup line, right? Of course, they're all designed to help you achieve the look of the sunkissed goddesses that grace our TV screens every night over the weeks that are spent in the villa, and while I'd love to write about the other products (which I may end up indulging in), it's the Hideaway Eyes palettes that steal the limelight with this range.

The All Heart Hideaway Eyes palette at a glance

The palette that I was gifted for Christmas was the All Heart palette, which is the warmer of the two Hideaway Eyes palettes. I love a good warm eye, so I was pretty chuffed that this one had been chosen for me. However, before I even got to look at the shades, I was struck by one thing... this palette is absolutely tiny. Because it's so soon after Christmas, the only thing I can think to compare it to is one of the 200g bars of Dairy Milk - think of that size, but then half it slightly. That's how little this palette is.

Size aside, the packaging of the palette is pretty neat. It's a cardboard palette, as opposed to plastic, so it's easier to recycle, and features a holographic Loveburst logo on the front. Opening it up, there are six shades inside, which are nestled in square pans on a holographic base. There's also a teensy mirror on the underside of the lid, so this is a palette that you could quite easily take on your travels.

While all of this is well and good, the price plays a huge factor in whether you'd want to purchase this palette or not. Bare in mind that this is a very small palette and only contains six shades... this palette costs £19. I know, it's kind of steep, especially when you consider the fact that you can buy Morphe palettes with more shades for a similar price. But we'll see whether or not it's worth such a hefty price tag.

The shades

While chatting about packaging and price is all fun and games, we all know that what really counts is the shades and how they swatch. That is how we get a good first impression of a palette after all!

As I said, there are six shades in the All Heart palette and they're all fairly warm. The other Hideaway Eyes palette, Thrill, is fairly cool-toned, with a more purple-mauvey look, whereas All Heart is bronzey and red-toned, which is what I love wearing on my eyes.

From left to right across both rows, we've got:

  • Love & Kisses - a soft, champagne gold shimmer. This is a beautiful colour and would look even more stunning when built up on the eyes. I also think that if you use a light hand, it could make a gorgeous brow bone highlight
  • Skip A Beat - a rusty, terracotta metallic with a pink shift. This shade is pretty unique and I can imagine myself wearing it all over the lid and smoking it out for a bit of drama
  • ILYSM - a warm, matte, mid-brown. This is the first of the mattes in this palette and it's a shade that could work as a good base or ran through the crease as a transition. Considering it's a matte, it's pretty pigmented!
  • Two Hearts - a punchy, copper-bronze metallic. I'm kind of obsessed with this shade and I didn't expect it to be as vivid as it actually is, but it's so freaking beautiful. Again, this is another shade that would be perfect across the lid with smoked out edges
  • I'm Yours - a matte, dark chocolate brown. Again, this matte is so pigmented - even some of the biggest, high end beauty brands struggle with mattes, so this is really impressive. It's a great shade for the outer corner or working into that perfect smoky eye
  • Bae - a deep, matte peach. For me, this shade is a bit of an odd one in a palette like this. We've got five shades that will all work together beautifully and then a random peach one. That being said, it's pretty and it could work nicely as a transition

With three mattes, two metallics and a shimmer, it would be quite easy to create at least a couple of looks from this palette. You've got a good mix of shades with a fair few pairings that would work together really beautifully. Do I think it's the most astounding colour selection ever? Absolutely not. But for a show that centres around an island paradise of sun, fun and love, you can kind of see where they were coming from.

Now that I've given you a run down of each shade, let's look at how they swatch.

How do the shades swatch?

Now, take a look at that image above and tell me that these aren't some amazing swatches. I've swatched some shadows on this blog before and the colours have come out patchy and not so great, but just look at each of those shades. There isn't a flaw with any of them! As always, I haven't done any retouching - just lightened up the background and sharpened - but apart from that, the photo is totally fresh from the camera.

I will say, the texture of these shadows isn't unbelievably brilliant. They're not scratchy or dry, but they aren't like butter either. They're sort of middle-of-the-road texture-wise, but the colour payoff is absolutely there. All I needed was one swipe of each and I was totally blow away by how they came out.

I hate to stereotype, but when I see lines like this from people who aren't strictly beauty-related, I always question whether the eyeshadow palettes will really be any good. It seems all too easy for people to make bad palettes with chalky shades and zero pigmentation, so when a palette like this comes along, it's kind of incredible.

My final thoughts

Do you know what I love? When you go into something with pre-conceived ideas and you come out the other side with your mind completely changed.

Like I mentioned at the start of this post, I thought that the Loveburst range would be gimmicky and kind of rubbish, but I'm totally blown away with the quality of the All Heart Hideaway Eyes palette. The shades aren't super original, but who doesn't love a good warm palette? You can easily create a look or two from just this palette alone, which is something that I'm always keen to find in a palette.

The pigmentation truly is there and I really can't express how beautiful each of the swatches are in person. It's definitely one of those things where you have to try it out for yourself to believe it. I was expecting crumbly, dry shadows, but I was met with shades that only required one swipe for a punch of colour. They're just great!

The two negatives kind of outweigh this for me though. This is a small palette for quite a big price tag, and while the colours are pretty and perform well, they're nothing new or special. Would you want to pay £19 (plus shipping) for a palette that has shades that you could find in almost any neutral palette? Probably not. Unless you're a huge fan of Love Island, I can't imagine this being a palette that many people would reach for if they saw it in a drugstore, because that's the type of place that this makeup would be stocked if it was sold in person.

So while I don't think that the All Heart Hideaway Eyes palette from Loveburst by Love Island is a gimmick, I do think it's something that needs careful consideration before purchasing.

Let me know your thoughts!

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